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How to Act Cool In Front of a Girl and Banish the Awkwardness

You see her, you like her, but you have no idea what to do. Learn how to act cool in front of a girl for dating success!

How to Act Cool In Front of a Girl

Attraction is a funny thing, and not funny ‘ha ha’. You like a girl, you want her to like you back, and all you can think of is how to approach her, and most importantly, how to act cool in front of a girl and impress her.

Let’s face it, when you find yourself drawn to someone, you simply can’t do anything properly. You drop everything, you trip over your own feet, you’re hyper-aware of everything and as a result, you somehow manage to become someone you’re actually not.

Not the best way to draw your attention to the person who has caught yours!

What you need to know to be a cooler guy

If you want to learn how to act cool in front of a girl, you basically need to be the person you are – be yourself! If she decides she likes you back and you’ve pretended to be someone completely different, you’re going to have to act throughout the entire relationship.

Exhausting and completely unnecessary. However, if you simply be yourself, you can relax, it’s more enjoyable, and you don’t have to pretend at all.

Of course, knowing what you’re supposed to do and doing it are two different things and not at all easy to separate.

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How to act cool in front of a girl

Not sure where to start? Let’s check out these steps you can easily follow.

#1 Just be yourself. I’ve already mentioned this one, but it’s so vitally important that it needs reiterating. Just be you. You’re the best and only version of yourself, so why not rock the world out of it?

When you just be yourself, life is easier, you don’t have to act, you can just be free and flow with whatever comes your way. Of course, if she doesn’t like you in ‘that way,’ it can be crushing. But surely it’s better to know that she’s decided on the basis of who you really are versus a fake version? [Read: How to be yourself, unfake your life and love being you]

#2 Don’t try to be funny, it never ends well. If you’re a naturally comedic person, fine, go ahead and have your own personal stand up show, but it’s rarely a good idea to crack jokes after jokes. It comes off as a try hard and it’s exhausting to constantly try to ‘get’ jokes when you’re not really sure why you’re even attempting it.

If you want to learn how to act cool in front of a girl, only crack a joke when necessary and she’ll appreciate it far more. [Read: How to be funny and make people love your company]

#3 Dress in whatever makes you comfortable. You can only be yourself when you’re comfortable and that means whatever you’re dressed in too. Choose clothes that you like, your own personal style, and your natural coolness will come through. Avoid trying to be hip and fashionable – not every style suits every person!

#4 Avoid playing the ‘hard to get’ routine. If you like her, make it obvious in a subtle way and don’t try the ‘playing hard to get’ routine. I hate that, most girls hate that, and whilst many dating manuals will tell you that it’s the way to go, it’s really not.

Why be aloof when you can be warm and approachable? I think that’s more likely to catch her attention than someone who is desperately trying to avoid it.

#5 Forget the cheesy lines. No girl out there finds it attractive when a guy feeds her cheesy chat up lines, so please, please, forget them! They’re awful, they make you cringe and they’re not going to help you learn how to act cool in front of a girl! A regular conversation is enough, in fact it’s to be encouraged! [Read: How to approach a girl you don’t know and impress her]

#6 Stand up for what you know is right. There is nothing more attractive and therefore cool than someone who stands up for the underdog, who is wiling to take a stand for what they know is right, no matter what anyone else thinks of them. That’s the ultimate in cool!

If someone isn’t being given the chance to speak up and everyone is putting them down, stand up for them. If you see someone who seems down, cheer them up. That’s one of the best ways to learn how to act cool in front of a girl. [Read: 18 qualities of a good man that sets him apart from lesser men]

#7 Just be comfortable. Being yourself and wearing clothes that you’re comfortable in is just the tip of the iceberg. You simply need to be comfortable in the situation and that means not putting her on a pedestal. Most people do this when they see someone they want to impress, but she’s just like you! See her as a human and not a goddess and you’ll far more in control of the situation. [Read: How to be comfortable with yourself – A guide to not giving a f*ck]

#8 Throw her a compliment, just one. Every girl loves it when someone gives them a compliment, so go for it. However, don’t shower her with positive messages, because that’s just going to look very try hard and a little fake.

If you want to learn how to act cool in front of a girl, just pick one feature, a very obvious one, and say it looks good. For instance “that dress is really nice”, or “cool shoes” is enough. Avoid the “your eyes are like the stars” lines because that just falls into the cheesy pick up lines category and I’ve already told you how terrible they are. [Read: How to charm a girl and flatter her into liking you]

Learning how to act cool in front of a girl isn’t about complicated techniques and it’s certainly not about trying to be someone you’re not, it’s just a case of feeling comfortable and not falling into the trap of becoming a little, try hard.

Cheesy links are cringe-worthy, they don’t make you feel comfortable because you know how terrible they sound. Equally, throwing excessive compliments around makes it very obvious what you’re trying to do, to the point where she might think you’re being insincere.

At the end of the day, the girl you’re trying to impress is just a girl. She’s not a goddess, she’s not someone you should be worshiping, she’s a girl who has her faults just like you do. That means she’s probably obsessing over trying to look cool in front of other people, just as you’re attempting to do the same in front of her. [Read: How to have swag – 22 confident ways to look cool doing anything]

I always find the lengths we’re prepared to go to in order to impress other people quite astounding. Why do we do this? Are we that obsessed with being liked and getting the approval of other people? Does this make us somehow better? Of course not!

Learning how to act cool in front of a girl isn’t difficult at all. It’s about allowing your own light to shine. Of course, that means you need to recognize how important and impressive your light is in the first place – it all comes down to self confidence! [Read: How to build self-confidence and realize you’re worth it]

It’s far more cool and attractive if you’re comfortable in your own skin, because when that happens, it’s easier to function without constantly tripping up over your feet or struggling to find the words to say. Trying to act like someone else is too much like hard work, so why put yourself through it when you’ve got enough of your own smarts to show?

Many people want to know how to act cool in front of a girl and spend a huge amount of time trying out different techniques and tactics, but in the end, it comes down the easiest basics there are – just being yourself, being able to feel comfortable in any situation and knowing that the girl you’re trying so hard to impress, is just a human being like you are.

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You may be trying hard to learn how to act cool in front of a girl. But what’s to say she’s not trying to impress you too, but you’re so busy trying to impress her that you don’t notice? It’s entirely possible! Then, you’re basically cancelling out each other’s efforts!

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