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Grown Man’s Accessories: 13 Things Every Man Should Own

Females take pride in their attire and accessories, but so do men. Here are some essential accessories for every modern gentleman.

grown man accessories

Among purses, sunglasses, makeup bags, totes, and jewelry, women have plenty of accessories to choose from. It’s no wonder no one stops to think about men, since most walk around carrying next to nothing. This is, however, changing in many professional, creative, and casual circles. These days, men have quite a bit to carry. It could be hobby or career-related, but regardless, it’s become quite a common thing to see men with carry-on bags and versatile wardrobes.

Unlike women, who tend to have a habit of carrying all but their kitchen sink around with them, men are more likely to carry the essentials, whether for aesthetic purposes or for more practical uses. You, as a man, may be wondering, “What are the essential accessories I need in my life?”

The accessories every adult man should have

Get rid of that old Velcro wallet you’ve had since high school, along with that ratty old watch. It’s time to step up your accessory game with these manly essentials.

#1 Phone. Sounds pretty normal, but many men forget they can use their phones for more than Snapchat, FaceTime, texts, and calls. These days, a phone can be a personal assistant for keeping track of appointments, reminders, spending, and more. If you’re forgetful or have a hard time keeping track of life, these are some things to consider.

#2 Sunglasses. Also pretty basic, but the point of accessories is to be prepared for anything. You don’t want to be stuck in direct sunlight, squinting and regretful. Sunglasses that are versatile and can be paired with either hoodies or suits are a must. Plus, they add an air of mystery that ladies just love. [Read: 12 getting ready tips for guys going out on a date]

#3 A blazer that can be dressed up or down. This is actually a must for both men and women these days. Men can pair this with a simple, plain t-shirt and dark jeans, and go on a casual date. They can also dress it up with a button-down and slacks for something more formal. This is one of those items in a closet that can be used in a variety of outfits and is always acceptable.

#4 A classic, simple, durable wallet. That wallet with the chain from high school needs to go, if it hasn’t already. All Velcro, cloth, and destroyed wallets need to be thrown out. Adult men need a classic, simple, durable *preferably leather* wallet that can hold all their cards and money. It goes well with anything, does all adult men justice, and gives off a mature, clean-cut impression.

#5 Headphones. Preferably ear buds, because you never know when you need to pack them up. If a man is going to a local coffee shop, his partner’s house, or simply a quiet place to work, he should be able to listen to music or watch videos without bothering anyone.

#6 Coasters, because no adult man should have water marks on his furniture. This can’t be expressed enough: no one wants to date someone who can’t take care of tables, nightstands, or whatever else they’re putting their drinks on. It’s not a matter of vanity; it’s the fact that furniture is an investment meant to last a long time. Ruining it means that your whole place will look trashy.

#7 A laptop to work in a portable setting. This goes for people with desktops. Men should be able to work anywhere, not just on a desktop computer. If the man is a photographer, artist, writer, or anything else creative, this is a given. While a desktop may be more reliable than a laptop, it always pays to have a backup in case your primary workstation conks out on you. [Read: 11 places to meet women who are girlfriend material]

#8 A backpack or carry-on bag. If a man travels often, carries a lot of hobby-related items *like a photographer with 5 lenses and two cameras*, or plans on being out for most of the day and needs a change of clothes, this is a good thing to consider. Although it is a carry-on bag, it isn’t necessarily feminine. There are several edgy, plain, neutral-colored, or manly-patterned duffel bags and backpacks available for men. For instance, Chrome Industries makes several stylish bags for men on the go.

#9 Casual shoes that aren’t sneakers. After a certain age, men should be able to go out casually without wearing sneakers. While sneakers are comfortable and never go out of style, some casual yet upscale options should be used, especially on dates, family reunions, and more formal day-to-day events. This doesn’t mean sneakers shouldn’t be worn–just that sometimes, it’s nice for a man to step up his style.

#10 A reversible belt that goes from brown to black. There is nothing that screams, “I don’t know how to dress myself, so therefore, I must not do my own laundry” more than mixing a brown belt with black shoes, or vice versa. This is why a reversible belt is great: no matter the shoe, you’ve got the right belt.

#11 A portfolio, either for work, or to keep track of special notes. You’ve seen them–the men that carry a leather-bound notebook/binder that they keep their tablets in, along with notebooks, pens, etc. They may seem pretentious, but they’re actually quite useful. These can be used to keep track of work projects, personal reminders, or homework for those in college. [Read: What men think impresses women and what actually does]

#12 A tie that can be paired with most suits. Patterned ties and brightly colored hues are actually not bad, depending on how they’re used, but a basic, easily-paired tie is a must before anything else. That is the foundation to your whole tie collection. It serves its purpose, no matter the suit.

#13 A classic watch. Nothing is sexier than a man who values his time. A classic watch that can be paired with both formal and casual clothes is a must for every modern gentleman. Even if you can always check the time on your phone *albeit only after trying to pull it out of your pants pocket*, investing in a reliable watch is still a more fashionable and appealing option.

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Men can be manly and still be able to carry their essentials around. Whether you work in a technical or creative field, the right accessories give you a more polished and sophisticated look.

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