The 24 Worst Things for Guys to Say or Do on a First Date

Have you ever been guilty of these things guys say or do on a first date? These 24 absolute deal breakers will bring a first date to a screeching halt!

worst things to say or do on a date

A first date can be a nerve-wracking experience. Everyone is at least a little bit nervous before one, but excited too. After all, there are so many ways the evening can go badly, but so much promise if it goes right!

The good, the bad and the great of a first date

First dates are exciting experiences. If the date goes well, there’s the potential to meet the one you’d be spending the rest of your life with. And even if you want to take things slow, it’s a great promise of an exciting few weeks or months of infatuation where both of you could evaluate the possibility of a perfect romance.

And unless you do something very wrong, where you leave your date feeling sour and looking for a quick exit within the first one hour, first dates are exciting and happy events!

But sometimes, in your enthusiasm to impress the new hottie sitting across the table, you could say or do something that you think makes you look cooler, when in fact, it just makes you look creepy or annoying.

It’s not your fault all the time, of course, especially when you don’t really know what works and doesn’t work in your favor on a first date.

24 worst things that a guy can say or do on a first date

Want to impress your date and make no mistakes on a first date? Well, this will definitely help you. After all, most first dates go wrong over the same issues. Knowing what these issues are in advance can save your date. Keep these 24 most common mistakes and avoid them, and you’ll surely have a great time!

#1 All my exes… Relationship history is a natural topic that will likely come up on a first date. You’ll both want to know about past relationships, how long they lasted, and why they ended. It’s okay to talk about this, but keep it brief. Move on to the next topic quickly.

#2 Ex hating. While you’re having your *brief* discussion of past relationships, avoid badmouthing your ex at all costs. Relationships fail, and she’ll understand that. But if you come off as bitter sounding, it will reflect poorly on you. Take the high road, tell her it just didn’t work out, and move on.

#3 Rude boy. For whatever reason, some guys think it makes them look cool or important when they’re dismissive of or rude to waiters and bartenders. They couldn’t be more wrong. It just makes you look like a jerk. Be polite, to them and anyone else you interact with, in front of your date. [Read: 14 charming ways to really impress her on the very first date!]

#4 The S word. It’s not unheard of for a first date to veer into a risqué conversation, but you shouldn’t be the one to take it there. If she takes it that way, and it happens naturally, then fine. But you bringing up sex yourself will seem immodest at best, and creepy at worst.

#5 Sexual interrogation. Steering the conversation towards sex in general is bad enough, but asking her direct, personal questions on the matter is even worse. Whether it’s about her preferences or her relationship history, just don’t ask a woman about her sex life on the first date. There are better ways to find the answers to these questions.

#6 Nobody likes a whiner. There’s nothing worse on a first date than a complainer. Whining about your job, or your friends, or the food and service in the restaurant all make you come off as immature and annoying. You’re on a date with a woman, the enjoyment of her company should trump whatever else is bothering you! [Read: 25 of the biggest dating deal breakers that annoy women immediately]

#7 Decisions decisions! Generally, even the most modern and progressive women still want a guy to make the decisions on a first date. Know where you’re going, and have a few backup places if the first doesn’t work out or if you both decide you’re not ready to call it a night. You don’t want to be in the situation where you decide to move to a bar, and then have to ask her if she knows a good place. Be decisive.

#8 Cheap Charlie. Don’t be cheap. This doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot of money, but don’t go to an expensive restaurant and order the cheapest menu items. She won’t be impressed. If you’re short on money, get creative. Pack a picnic and make it an afternoon date. Just don’t try to be flashy if you don’t have the cash.

#9 Shut your trap. This is a mistake most guys make. They feel like they need to carry the conversation and they never shut up. Just don’t do it. She should do at least half of the talking. You’re just not that interesting.

#10 Open your ears.While you’re letting her do at least half of the talking, you need to listen. Smile, make eye contact, ask questions, and reference what she said later on to show her you were listening. It sounds obvious, but way too many guys fail at this simple task. [Read: 13 rules of etiquette for the modern gentleman]

#11 Mommy issues. Of course, it’s great to talk about family, and women like a guy who loves his mother. But don’t dwell on it too long, or start complaining. Nothing will send a woman running for the hills faster than a guy with mother problems. 

#12 Cockiness. Some guys who lack self-confidence make up for it by being arrogant. It never works, it just makes you seem boastful. By downplaying your better qualities, you will seem modest, and more likeable. Don’t brag or talk too much about yourself. She won’t be impressed.

#13 Snoozefest. Of course, you’ll talk about your job on a first date, and she’ll want to know what it is you do. But don’t get carried away. She doesn’t need to know the technical details or the ins and outs of your work. Do this and she’ll be sleeping in her soup bowl in under five minutes. [Read: 20 ways to perfect your first date conversation like the perfect charmer!]

#14 Pants on fire. Don’t lie. Never lie. Not about your job, your past relationships, or anything else. She’ll probably find out later anyway, and the lies will build until you can’t keep track of them anymore. Honesty really is the best policy.

#15 S-O-A-P. This should be a no-brainer, but take a shower before your date. Comb your hair, shave or groom your beard, and put on clean, pressed clothes. If you show up smelling like a locker room, your first date will be your last.

#16 They can smell you in the kitchen. Nearly as bad as smelling foul, is smelling too nice. If you wear cologne, put on a tiny bit. You might not smell it, but everyone else can. Go easy on the scent, it’s supposed to be subtle!

#17 Wrinkled T-shirt. You don’t need to wear a suit and tie, but you do need to dress appropriately for the venue. There’s no one right way to dress, but you do need to look good. Take some time to prepare your outfit, and make sure the clothes you want to wear are clean beforehand. [Read: 12 Prince Charming traits that’ll leave women swooning!]

#18 Phony distractions. When you’re spending time with a wonderful woman who’s taken the time to be with you, don’t ruin it with distractions like a cell phone. Switch your phone off or turn it on silent, and don’t answer the call unless it’s something you just can’t avoid. And even if you do answer the call, apologize and keep it as brief as you possibly can. After all, even answering a call in the middle of a date can be taken as an insult by some women!

#19 Don’t disrespect her. What constitutes a sign of disrespect? Well, many things, but to top the list is the way you pay attention to her. Don’t ogle at other women, or disrespect her by not paying attention to her or what she says during the date. That’s a sure way to annoy her or even anger her, which will lead to her just clamming up for the rest of the date.

#20 Arriving late for the date. Don’t arrive late for the date, ever! And if it’s because of a reason that just couldn’t be avoided, call her up or text her and let her know just how late you’d be. Letting a girl wonder to herself if she’s been stood up on a date is the worst possible way for her to start the date! [Read: 16 first date tips to win over the girl in no time]

#21 Booze to lose. A man should almost never get drunk on a first date. There are exceptions, where she wants to be drunk too, but usually when a guy gets drunk on a date, he’s doing it alone. And he’s sure to stay alone as a result. Have a glass of wine, but control your intake.

#22 Make her pay. Even women who want to pay their half of the bill usually still expect the man to offer. The world is changing, but not that fast. The man should still try to pick up the check. If she insists, fine, but you’ve got to try.

#23 Great expectations. If a woman wants to sleep with a man after the first date, then that’s all fine. But the fact that you had a date and you paid for dinner doesn’t entitle you to anything. You aren’t owed sex, nor are you owed a kiss. A gentleman won’t push it, and will wait for another night. [Read: How to warm your way into kissing her on a first date without screwing up!]

#24 The L word. It’s fine to say you had a nice time, and even that you like her. But some guys end up professing their love after just one date. Remember, there are few other things that will send her running away faster. Get a grip!

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Avoid these 24 really common pitfalls and silly things guys say or do on a first date, and your first date will be a huge success. Now you’ve just got to find the right girl!

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