9 Words and Phrases Every Man Needs in His Arsenal

Looking to be the perfect wordsmith? Here’s why having these 9 words and phrases in your vocal variations will lead to a happier relationship.

words and phrases men need to know

To all the fellas out there: you might think you’ve got all the right moves, but there are always new tricks to be learned when it comes to schmoozing your lady love.

It’s no secret that men are visual and physical creatures. Instead of simply hearing “I love you,” most men would prefer to see the phrase in action. Women, as many men will attest, are verbal creatures who love to talk and to hear you talk. It’s for this reason that, as smooth as you are, there are definitely some words you should be keeping in your boyfriend arsenal to keep your girlfriend smitten. [Read: 50 irresistibly cute things to say to your girl]

What every man should learn to say to their girlfriend

Every word you utter to your girlfriend has the potential to be kept and treasured. Here are some things you should learn to say more, so that your girl has a treasure trove filled with these swoon-worthy lines.

#1 “I’m sorry.” Apologizing is unfortunately a difficult and tricky business. Why? Nobody likes to be wrong, and submitting to an apology can sometimes make our skin crawl. Saying I’m sorry not only means you’ve “submitted,” but it may also feel like you’ve handed all power over to your girlfriend. Pride aside, everyone should learn to say the dreaded “s” word – whether you’re wrong or right.

And truth be told, there will probably be some times where you feel like you’ve done nothing wrong, yet you’ll apologize anyway. That’s because you’re an awesome guy who wants to let his girlfriend know that a bruised ego is a worthy price to pay to keep your relationship intact. If your girlfriend isn’t the type to apologize herself, you may find that your stupendous example will set a pattern in the relationship for mutual respect. Win-win! [Read: 17 super sweet ways to genuinely say you’re sorry]

#2 “I thought about you today.” It’s just after noon at work, and you’re sitting down with a giant cup of coffee and your favorite snack. Your lover knows it’s your lunch break, and suddenly, your phone lights up. You receive a scantily clad picture of your beautiful girlfriend telling you she’s thinking about you. Sexy, right?

As stated in the onset, men and women prefer different kinds of affection. While that might sound like a dream scenario for men, what women want to hear is that you’re actually thinking of them, not just their, uh, assets. Send your girlfriend a text every once in a while, and share a memory, or tell her she’s on your mind. We promise she’ll love you for it.

#3 Something dirty. Alright, alright. So women love words of affection, but they like the dirty stuff too *considering you’re already at that point in your relationship*. If she sends a text and asks how your lunch is, respond with something cheeky like: “Not as delicious as your p*ssy ;)”

You like hearing about how big, thick, and filling your penis is, right? Well, never underestimate how much a woman wants to hear about the wonders of her naughty bits. Tell her how wet she is, talk about her perfect bum, moan when you touch her breasts, and always remind her how sweet and “tight” she feels.

Women secretly love a little bit of dirty talk, so be sure you slip in some naughty words every now and then! [Read: 20 sexy texts to start a sexy conversation]

#4 “Not as _____ as you!” Women are definitely nosy creatures. Odds are, she’s going to want to hear all the juicy gossip from your past relationships, and you will likely indulge her. But beware! This can go down a dangerous path.

While you want to share these things with your lover, you don’t want to make her feel insecure. If she goes down the questionable road of “how was she in bed?” or “did you think she was pretty?” You need to hone the art of the little white lie: cup her cheek and sexily say: “Not as gorgeous/sexy/kinky/awesome as you!” Then kiss her, and hope for the best! If that doesn’t work, then another great word you need to learn is…

#5 “No.” Whether you’re a boyfriend, a husband, or a dad, you probably have a habit of giving in to the princess in your life. That’s sweet and all, but there are definitely circumstances where you need to learn to put your foot down.

Girlfriend keeps asking questions about your ex that will inevitably just hurt her feelings? Say no. Wife overloading you with social plans after a hard work week? Not tonight. Daughter giving you those puppy-dog eyes for mall money you just don’t have? No, no, no. It may seem difficult at first, but saying no in certain circumstances sets a balanced pattern for the future.

#6 “Wear something sexy.” Whether you leave a sticky note on the fridge or call your lover up on the phone, telling her to wear something sexy denotes a definite date night scenario – and women love, love, love a date night!

This is a way to show your girlfriend you’re going to treat her right tonight. It’ll get you major brownie points that will have her wearing a different kind of “something sexy” later that night!

#7 Words of pride. Sure, women want to hear that they’re gorgeous and that they’re a great girlfriend and that they’re awesome in everything they do. But one sure phrase that will really make her heart soar is, “I’m proud of you.” It shows her that you take pride in her accomplishments, while also letting her know that you’re supportive in whatever it is that you’re proud of her for. [Read: 18 foolproof ways to make a girl fall in love with you]

#8 Anything in French. Call it the language of love or call them arrogant, either way if you’ve heard anyone speak fluent French, then you know exactly how sexy it sounds. Every man -I don’t care who you are- should learn a little something seductive in French. Some great examples of simple but sexy phrases are:

“T’as d’beaux yeux tu sais.” – “You have beautiful eyes.”

“Je t’aime.” – “I love you.”

“Tu es la femme de mes rêves!” – “You are the woman of my dreams!”

Just make sure you learn how to pronounce them correctly before trying them out on your girl!

#9 “I’ll do it.” Doesn’t everyone want to hear this sometimes? Let your girl have a lazy day in bed, and let her know you’re going to get it all done, no biggie. Dishes need doing? Kids need tending? In-laws need help? Win the best boyfriend award, and give your girl the night off with the simplest of phrases… and make sure you follow through! [Read: 9 ways to be a more romantic guy]

While actions speak louder than words, words still have that intended effect if you want your girl to fall head over heels in love with you all over again. So make sure you’ve got some of these lines tucked away for those moments when you want to make her feel special!

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