All the Things to Say to Turn a Girl On and Sexually Excite Her

You’re into a girl but unsure how to make the next step. A deciding factor? If she’s turned on by you. These things to say to turn a girl on create heat.

things to say to turn a girl on

You want a girl to be sexually attracted to you. Now, you’re not going to turn her on by showing up to her house with dozens of flowers and chocolates, confessing your love for her. That happened to me a couple times, and let me tell you, it doesn’t work. So, save your money, ‘cause that strategy ain’t gonna get you nothing. That’s not how this goes. In reality, you don’t actually have to try that hard, you just need to know the right things to say to turn a girl on and make her swoon for you.

The right things to say to turn a girl on

Whoever said dating is easy is a complete liar. Going on dates isn’t hard, but finding someone you actually connect with can be a challenge. You may have great conversations with someone, but if you’re not sexually attracted to them it means it’s probably going to stay in the friend zone unless your attraction for her grows. [Read: How to escape the friend zone – 13 actions that make you desirable]

However, there are those moments when you meet someone and fall instantly for them. Of course, she may like you or think you’re funny, but you want more than that, right? Don’t use rom-coms as an educational tool for this.

#1 She has to be into you. Listen, before you try any of these lines, you have to get the feeling that she’s into you. If you say these things to a girl that’s not into you at all, they won’t work. You won’t make any difference in the situation. The only thing she may do is distance herself from you. [Read: 18 hints a girl will drop if she is into you]

#2 Actions are even more important. Words are important, but, actions speak louder—trust me. When girls recap their date, yes, we talk about what a guy said to us, but we mainly talk about how he looked at us, touched us—those nonverbal cues. If you say all the right things but aren’t giving off the nonverbal signals, it won’t mean anything. [Read: How to attract women without talking – 12 silent moves to impress]

#3 Focus on traits women are naturally attracted to. You want to focus on emphasizing the traits you have that women are naturally attracted to and the traits you actually have. That way, you don’t try to be someone you’re not. Women like confident and masculine men. Two things that you have in you.

#3 Compliment her. But here’s the thing, actually mean it. Women love to be complimented but not all the time and not when it’s just thrown out there. If she wears a new shirt or had a haircut, verbally let her know you notice these changes. Yes, they’re small changes but that’s the point, she sees you notice the details which turns her on. [Read: How to seduce women with words – A guide directly by a woman]

#4 Use the word “you.” Yes, you. Think about it. When you say, “You make me feel so good” or “You’re so sexy,” you’re not talking about another woman. You talk about this woman. In addition, you’re not talking about sex in general, you make it specific to her. It’s personal, and women love it.

#5 “Next time…” If you already had sex with her and you want to have sex again then use this line. This turns her on because you create a buildup and  a future with you two, whether or not it’s just casual or not. There’s something very sexy about being desired by someone after you already slept with them. [Read: 32 worst things to say to a girl after sex]

#6 “I want to make you feel good.” Bingo, this is the jackpot. It’s a sad stereotype but for many men, they don’t focus on pleasuring the woman. Rather, they’re too busy focusing on themselves. Instead, flip it and let her know that you want to make sure she’s enjoying herself. Then she sees that it’s not just about sex, it’s about a sexual connection.

#7 Ensure her that you don’t have to rush. We don’t want to be forced into doing something we’re not ready for. If anything, you should let the woman decide when she’s ready to do anything sexual. With that said, you’re more likely to get a positive reaction if you tell her that you will take it slow. But be genuine about it. [Read: How to take it slow in a relationship]

#8 Talk about what you want to do to her. Of course, I wouldn’t just say this right after the first date. There has to be some clear sexual chemistry and flirtation going on before you pull out these lines. But when you do, come close to her and whisper in her ear what you want to do to her. Don’t talk about her performing oral sex, it’s not about you, this is about her.

#9 Use texting. Texting isn’t going anywhere, so might as well use it to your advantage. Text her anytime of the day with a sexy message like, “Can’t stop thinking about last night” or “Can’t wait to see you.” They’re cute, they’re sweet, but they’re sexy. This may jumpstart a sexy conversation about what you want to do to each other.

#10 Talk about how she makes you feel. You don’t have to get all romantic, but you can talk about how she makes you feel sexually. Every woman loves to hear how she makes a man feel. It’s an ego boost and turns us on. So, tell her you can’t stop thinking about her body or that she makes you think dirty thoughts all day long. [Read: 25 unexpectedly dirty things to say to a girl and leave her wanting you]

#11 Keep it clean in the beginning. If this is a new girl, you don’t know what her boundaries are. Some women don’t like talking about the vagina as a pussy, while others do. You need to glide carefully with your words and see the language she uses when she talks about sex. You don’t want to offend her early on.

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Now that you know what things to say to turn a girl on, practice. You can do this. It takes some time, maybe a couple slip-ups, but you’ll get the hang of it eventually.

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