10 Super Fun Things to Do with Your Girlfriend

Whether you’re in a dream relationship or struggling to make things work, the following suggestions can help inject a little fun into your love life. By Philip Hegarty

10 Super Fun Things to Do with Your Girlfriend

So you’ve settled into a bit of a routine. Your evenings consist of plopping yourselves down in front of the goggle box and flicking through the channels desperately trying to find something that can hold your interest and inject a little escapism into you otherwise drab existence.

Communication between you and your girlfriend is limited to squabbling over whether to watch the latest installment of her favorite soap opera or that live football game on the other channel, and afterwards you find yourselves descending into a resigned and uncomfortable silence. [Read: 36 sweetest things to do with your girlfriend]

Activities to bring back the fun

Never fear though, there is always something that you can to do inject a bit of fun into your lives to bring back the sparkle to your relationship and get you looking at each other again like the star crossed lovers you once were.

And it doesn’t have to be expensive either! The following list contains just a few, inexpensive, ideas with which you might persuade your significant other to turn off the TV, ditch the sofa and go and have some fun together.

#1 Cook a meal together. And by this, I don’t mean warming up a tin of soup or throwing together a hastily prepared sandwich. No, what I mean is try cooking something special – something Thai, French or Moroccan – something that’s going to take a lot of time and that’s going to produce a really special result.

Cooking is great as there are so many tasks that you need to allocate between you both, keeping you busy and focused, but allowing plenty of time for chit-chat and pleasant banter. This is especially good for men who struggle with chat after a certain amount of time but, if they have something else to do with their hands, allows them to relax their thoughts a little and respond more naturally in kind. Additionally, you get to eat a gorgeous candlelit gourmet meal together, drink a little wine and then you can succumb to the allure of a romantic evening!

#2 Dress each other up. Sounds a little strange this one, but essentially what is meant is choose each other’s clothes before going out. Arrange a date, and the same day that you are later due to go out together, make to time to have a little shopping trip first. The only difference is that you choose each other’s outfits.

You do have to be quite open-minded about this, and sensible, as she probably isn’t going to be too impressed if you ask her to go out dressed in a corset, mini-skirt and crotchless tights, but try your best to accept the other’s choice and commit to wearing those same clothes on your date. It’s quite scary doing this at first, but it’s fun! And you might just enjoy wearing something that you normally wouldn’t.

#3 Learn a language together. This is another good tip to get some quality, fun time together. Everyone wants to learn a new language, right? But it can be a bit monotonous and tedious doing it on your own. Getting your partner learning with you can not only help you both to progress at a far greater rate than you would otherwise, but you can also do fun things like have “lingo time” every night, where you’re only allowed to use your newly learned language. There can also be something sexy about having her speak a foreign language and, conversely, could make her that bit more attracted to you. Bonus!

#4 Go for a picnic. It doesn’t get much more classically fun or romantic than this. Good weather on the cards? Then get your hamper loaded up, throw it in the back of the car and drive off somewhere where the ambience matches the occasion. Just remember, the trick to a good picnic is in the detail. Make sure the presentation is good, and throw in a couple of fun quirks like homemade fortune cookies with silly or romantic messages, or a fun board game like twister. [Read: 10 fun summer date ideas to try]

#5 Paint each other. You can do this indoors or outdoors or you could even combine it with number 4! But get some cheap paints and brushes, some hardboard or card, and sit there painting each other’s portraits. It doesn’t matter if you have the artistic inclination of a depressed accountant, just give it a try, and try your best. You may be surprised by the result – just remember not to show each other the paintings until you’ve both finished in order to maintain the element of surprise. [Read: 20 fun and unconventional date ideas to try]

#6 Play strip, tell and dare poker. Everyone knows what strip poker is: you lose a hand and have to remove a piece of clothing. Simple. In strip, tell and dare poker, however, there are some altogether new elements. You will need a dice and every time that you lose a hand, you have to roll it. 1-2 and you have to remove an item of clothing. 3-4 and you have to tell your partner a sexual fantasy that she has previously been unaware of. Roll 5-6 and you have to perform a sexual dare, the choice of which is entirely at your partner’s discretion. I’ll leave the rest to your imagination!

#7 Play computer games. I can sense a few raised eyebrows on this one, but give it a try. Computer gaming is fun. We’re all quite aware of that. But gaming seems to have become the sole domain of men, something to exclude women from, as we hide away in our caves on plush leather sofas dedicating as much solo time to it as we can possibly get away with.

But have you considered, rather than creating a divide, that gaming could actually bring you together? She’ll resist at first, but try sitting her down and inviting her to play with you, and I just bet that she’ll be having as much fun as you are within minutes. At the very least, she’ll appreciate you trying to get her involved.

#8 Give her a massage. “I thought this was supposed to be fun for BOTH of us!” I hear you cry. Okay, a massage can be quite a laborious thing to administer, and it does seem a bit one-sided. However, women love massages, which make them both relaxed and, quite frequently, horny.

Do you see what I’m saying? Relaxed AND horny in a woman is a very good thing, and during the massage, you might even put in a sexual request, which might lie a little beyond what she normally would consider. Depending on how good your massage is, you might get a big fat affirmative. Now tell me THAT’S not fun! [Read: How to give a great sensual massage to your girl]

#9 Go bar hopping. Similar to number 7, we sometimes indulge in fun activities that we seem to think are gender exclusive at the expense of a girlfriend’s involvement. Such is hopping from bar to bar, one booze laden tankard at a time, playing drinking games, making lewd comments and acting unconscionably juvenile. This might not seem like every woman’s cup-of-tea, but give it a go. She might just love it.

#10 Try a new sporting activity together. It doesn’t matter what it is, climbing, cycling, jogging, tennis… give it a go. Sport is so good to do together on so many levels. It allows you both to share some valuable quality time, and it does that thing again where it provides a focus, so that your minds are free to attempt conversation in a natural and unfettered way. Obviously, it also has the additional benefit of keeping you fit in a fun and non-laborious manner. Plus, fitness brings its own rewards once you get under the sheets.

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Every couple deserves a bit of fun in their lives and these suggestions may just provide the key to turning a flat and boring relationship into one that keeps the neighbors talking!

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