10 Spontaneous Romantic Moves Men Should Try on a Date

Dressing to impress and spending on fine dining won’t guarantee dating success. Here’s how to spice up that first date to leave a lasting impression.

romantic moves for men

So, you’ve met the woman of your dreams, believe that she is the one that you want to spend the rest of your life with, and, most importantly of all, you have secured a date with her. It doesn’t take this article or any other to explain how important this particular date is: we’re all more than familiar with the whole first impressions thing, and we all know that we have to do our best to impress.

But what exactly is the best way to go about that, when you don’t really have much of an idea of your date’s likes and dislikes at this early stage in the relationship?

Going beyond and below

Well, the first question that you have to ask yourself is what she expects from a first date. For starters, she’ll expect you to exert a little more effort than you usually might. This means that you dress to the nines, get your most expensive cologne out, and consider taking her to one of the very best of local venues. Dressing in your old track pants and three year old once-white running shoes, and offering to meet her at your local fast food joint will probably discourage her from even showing up!

However, you can go over the top also. There are some women who will go for being picked up by an enormous pink limo, treated to a bouquet of some several thousand red roses and whisked off to an exclusive restaurant through an avenue of a cappella singers, but most are likely to be freaked out by this much attention on the first date, and hide away in their storm cellars for the next few weeks, scared that they’ve just become involved with Hannibal Lecter’s younger brother.

Spontaneously smooth dating moves to wow her

The answer to producing a truly memorable and romantic first date lies not in the nature of the date itself. People kind of expect first dates to run along certain lines, and veering off course too far can alarm them. Leave the more off-the-wall stuff for later down the line. What we’re looking at is a stock of little romantic gestures that you can pull out along the way, just to add a little sauce to an already good experience.

Any of the following ten romantic first date tips will work. Just ensure that you make a little effort first to work out which one is most suitable for the lady whose company you have the pleasure of.

#1 Show her your moves. From John Travolta to Kevin Bacon and onwards, there’s nothing some women like more than a man who can put on an impromptu display of the very smoothest moves upon the dance floor. Of course, don’t be too insistent on pushing the issue. She may not be comfortable doing this so early on.

And if your idea of a smooth move is strutting your way across the dance floor imitating a chicken with a particularly poor sense of rhythm, then you may want to give this whole idea a rest! [Read: 10 smooth moves to increase your sex appeal]

#2 The music man. If you’re at a venue that employs a DJ, singer or player of any ambient instrument, then get them on board. Have them play something particularly romantic and fitting for your evening’s date – just make sure she knows it was upon your request.

#3 A brief stroll. When you’re all done, as long as circumstances, time and distance allow, then offer to walk her home. However, make sure you do it in an indirect route taking in the pleasantest scenery along the way. Just avoid any dark alleyways along the route you’ve chosen, unless you’re particularly fond of the taste of pepper spray! [Read: 6 signs she’s ready for you to kiss her while walking her home]

#4 The breakfast club. If you are on the kind of date that is likely to go on until the wee hours, to a nightclub for instance, then take her for breakfast afterwards. You could even have arranged this in advance. Just don’t offer to make her breakfast at yours or invite yourself round to hers for the same, or you could end up speaking to her hand for the almost certainly brief remainder of your time together.

#5 The right choice. If it’s a restaurant date and you feel that she’s the kind of person who enjoys a little light hearted fun with her dates, then insist you choose each other’s food. Not only is it an interesting beginning to the evening and a talking point, it will also give you an insight into how she perceives you. [Read: 13 dinner date ideas to amp up the romance]

#6 Rising to the occasion. Similar to number 4, if the date is likely to be a late one, then what could be more romantic than suggesting to walk somewhere nearby, where you can watch the sunrise together? It’s one of nature’s most romantic gifts, and one that costs nothing.

#7 Shake it up. If you’ve committed to a particular type of date – such as a dinner, dance or pub – and things are going really well, then shake it up. Change the date completely. Put down the knives and forks, pay the bill and say “let’s go to the beach!” or something equally spontaneous. The worst she can say is no, and even in failure, the gesture comes across as romantic and exciting – possibly one she will regret not taking up for a long time afterwards. [Read: 20 fun and unconventional date ideas she’ll love]

#8 A lasting memory. On the way to the date or on the way back, if you pass a free standing photo booth, then jump in and take her with you, making a memory that you can both physically take back home with you. It’s silly, romantic and fun and she’ll love it. Just make sure that you’ve mopped that gravy stain off your shirt first!

#9 Go green. This move may seem a little bit extravagant, but it depends on where you are and how you play it. Basically, ditch the usual form of transport, and take something exciting and different on to the next venue or home. It could be a horse and trap, it could be a tuk-tuk. It could even be an elephant! Whatever it is, it will create a romantic and lasting memory of your first date together.

#10 The eastern approach. Take her to a really swanky Chinese restaurant *somewhere expensive, not the greasy tablecloth type* and get one of the waiters on side. At the end of the meal, have them bring out a fortune cookie that you have previously given them, which reads: “I’ve had a great time tonight. I hope you did, too. Let’s do it again… Yes or no?” It’s a wee bit cheesy, but definitely romantic, and it will have her eating out of your hand – as long as the rest of the date has gone to plan, of course.

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You don’t have to promise the earth to make a great first date impression. Just select from any of the ideas above to make sure she walks away with a spring in her step, and a second date on her mind.

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