Signs She Wants a Relationship with You: 12 Hints You Can’t Miss!

For some of us, dating is a breeze. But let’s be honest, in the 21st century, sometimes you need these signs she wants a relationship with you.

signs she wants a relationship with you

What can I say about dating – it’s a lot of work. All the texting, what to say, when to say it, the ghosting, the awkward first kiss. I’ve done it all… and you probably have to. But once you’ve passed all the small talk and getting to know each other moments, you’ve entered into this phase where you either take it to the next level or bail.

And I get it, this is a nerve-wracking moment. Being vulnerable is scary. I mean, what if you want to push the relationship forward, but she doesn’t? Listen, you’ll never know until you try.

Signs she wants a relationship with you

I’m a strong advocate for being honest with yourself. But I get it… you probably want to know some of the signs she wants a relationship with you. Trust me, there will be signs. Subtle, but they’re there. Here they are.

#1 You met her friends. This is obviously a big one. If she invites you out with her friends, she’s testing you. She’s showing you to the group to get their approval.

I mean, if you two were just DTF, her friends know about you, but she’ll never show you to her friends. Why would she? You’re not important. So, if you meet the friends – you’re a somebody. [Read: 10 sure signs the girl you like is just using you]

#2 She spends her time with you. Now, I’m not talking about the Wednesday night when you two hook up in between your basketball practice and The Bachelorette. I’m talking about her spending her Friday or Saturday nights with you. If someone takes the time to see you, not just for sex, then it means something. Think about it, you never waste your precious Friday and Saturday nights on someone you don’t like.

#3 She’s touchy. This is one of the subtle signs she wants a relationship with you. Now, I don’t mean that she’s all over you, eating your face. That’s not the touchy I’m talking about. I’m talking about when she subtly touches your arm when she laughs or fixes your hair if she notices it out of place.

Touch is a huge indicator of her feelings for you. So, pay attention to the small gestures she does. Because trust me, if we don’t want to touch you, we don’t. [Read: 20 types of physical touches and what each touch means]

#4 She’s an active listener. There’s a difference between a girl who’s just seeing you for sex and a girl who actually likes you. The difference is in the ears. If a girl really likes you, she’ll spend the time to talk to you and listen to what you have to say.

She’ll remember where you work or what your hobbies are, because she actually cares about what you do. Plus, she’s also trying to see if she fits in with your lifestyle and vice versa. [Read: Does she love me? 15 signs she’s head over heels for you]

#5 She deleted her dating app. Well, if you notice that Tinder is no longer on her phone, that’s a great sign she wants a relationship with you. I wouldn’t sacrifice my Tinder account just for anyone. That’s the gateway to future lovers, so if she does that, she means it.

#6 Eye contact. People stare at people they’re attracted to, but you probably won’t notice. Women are not so obvious – we’re not going to glare at you for long periods of time. But you’ll catch her staring at you when you’re least expecting it.  So, if she’s making eye contact with you, she digs you – why else would she stare at you?

#7 She mentions it. If she tells you, well, then you have nothing to worry about, because that is one of the most obvious signs she wants a relationship with you. Though, she may not be so obvious in her words. This means you’ll have to listen.

She may casually say that she would like to be in a relationship, or that she’s not into having casual flings. This is a huge hint that she’s looking for something serious. [Read: She loves me, she loves me not – 17 signs she truly does love you]

#8 She wants to help you. Women can express their feelings for men in various ways. One of them is through helping you. She may surprise you by cooking you dinner after work, or help you run some errands when you’re sick. These nonverbal actions show that she cares about you.

#9 She remembers the little things. Trust me, we women, have 1000 things going on in our mind, so if we remember your favorite flavor of ice cream, that means something. By remembering the little things, it shows that she listens and remembers things that make you happy or sad. It’s all in the details, fellas.

#10 She introduces you to the family. If she “accidentally” runs into her mom at the market or invites you to her house, it’s a sign that she’s really into you. This is beyond just introducing you to friends, I mean, this is family. One of the HUGE signs she wants a relationship with you.

In fact, this is the ultimate sign that she really likes you. Why else would she bring you home? [Read: New relationship advice to have the perfect start]

#11 She asks more serious questions. She’s past the point of knowing what your favorite color is or what school you went to. She wants to know more about you, but actually you. If she’s asking you deep questions, she wants to get to know you better and see if you two are compatible. Or else, she would have kept it as a shallow physical relationship.

#12 She opens up to you. Opening up to someone and making yourself vulnerable is a terrifying thing to do because you can get hurt. However, if she’s talking about her feelings and desires, then she sees you as someone who she can trust. If you two aren’t just friends, this is huge sign that she is comfortable with you.

[Read: 9 relationship stages that all couples go through]

Now that you know the signs she wants a relationship, are things matching up? If so, what are you waiting for? Time is ticking, go get her!

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