How to Avoid getting STDs

Do you want to know how you can avoid getting an STD while making love? Are you concerned or scared about getting transmitted diseases in one of those moments of delirious hanky-panky? Well, there’s one great way to avoid an STD and it’s by wearing that willy ring.

How to Avoid getting STDs

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Realistically, the only way to completely avoid any type of infections down there is by abstaining from making love altogether. Let’s not be stupid here. I love making love, we love making love, and the world loves making love. You’ve only got to look at the booming population to figure how much bed-banging goes on each night.

Damn, millions of people are probably doing the Elvis Pelvis even as you’re reading this. We all love lovemaking. But STDs are still around, so wearing a condom is more important than ever. There is nothing better than getting intimate without a condom, but pleasure has its price.

STDs and STIs are infections that can be transferred from one person to another through intimate contact. According to the Centers for Disease Control, there are over 15 million cases of STDs reported annually. Adolescents and young adults (15-24) are the age groups at the greatest risk for acquiring an STD, 3 million becoming infected each year. Even though most STDs are treatable, even the once easily cured gonorrhea has become resistant to many of the older traditional antibiotics. Other STDs, such as herpes, AIDS, and genital warts, all of which are caused by viruses, have no cure. Some of these infections are very uncomfortable, while others can be deadly. Syphilis, AIDS, genital warts, herpes, hepatitis, and even gonorrhea have all been known to cause death.

Unfortunately, for all you condom-haters out there, the only way to avoid this is by wearing that rubber thing around your wrench.

Even if your partner has never made out before, not been adventurous or has only shared intimate moments with you, STDs are still contractible. This is why wearing a condom is so important. Also, it’s not really fair if you continue to sniffle and shuffle between different partners without wearing a condom. You can easily pass bad karma onto others, while becoming infected yourself. Regardless of whether it’s a one night stand, a random moment up against a wall, or you’re perching her over a park bench, just remember little Johnny Rubber, even if she doesn’t.

This piece might give you the heebie jeebies, or make you scoff and brag about how you’ve always been able to go the Yellowstone National Park route just before climaxing, all it takes is one in-shot to take all the steam off your confidence. But it’s alright, really, just as long as you’re careful.

You can skip frowning at all the little abbreviations like STDs, HIV and what not. Enjoy making love. God gave us willies and catties to do just that. And he gave us the brains to figure out the perfect introduction between the two. But mark my words, if precautions are not taken, your little adventures will end up being a depressing memento in a transmitted disease awareness campaign, instead of a raunchy confession in Lovepanky Confessions.

You can have a thousand notches on your bedpost, but all you need is one incident to end it all. So before you get there, go to your nearest chemist and pick yourself up a bumper pack of rubbers. The geeky medic men know your latex problems, even if they haven’t had any action down there in a long time. These days, we get really thin and sensitive rubbers that can give rubberless intimacy a run for its money, so go find them. And use them.

Prevent your life from becoming a STD stat.  So don’t be a fool, go wrap your tool.

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