How to Ask a Girl to be Your Girlfriend And Get Her To Say “Yes”

Dating someone special and want to make things official? You need to learn how to ask a girl to be your girlfriend, without the cringe factor!

How to Ask a Girl to be Your Girlfriend

The mystery of keeping a relationship status unknown is exciting for both of you. But, when the time is right, you want to make things official. But, how do you do it without sounding ridiculous? Timing is everything, but you also need to learn how to ask a girl to be your girlfriend. Let’s hope she says ‘yes’!

Of course, giving the relationship a name does more than offer a label. It clarifies your intentions and progresses things further. It also decides whether you’re official or not and allows you to potentially dream of the future.

If you like a girl and she likes you too, don’t you think it’s best to wear your heart on your sleeve and put yourself out of all the misery? Stop guessing how she feels and ask her to be your girlfriend.

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Are you dating her already or do you have a crush on her?

Before we go any further, here’s something you need to know, asking a girl to be your girlfriend, and asking a girl to date you is a very different thing! *you should know this, really!*

You can’t just walk up and ask some girl you have a crush on to be your girlfriend, you’ll just freak her out. You only ask a girl to be your girlfriend if both of you have been talking for a while, and probably even dating as well.

So if you’ve been dating her for a while, read right on and we’ll tell you how to ask a girl to be your girlfriend. But if you’re trying to “find” a girlfriend or ask your crush out, stop right here and head over to this guide on how to get a girlfriend – A guide to find and win over the hottest girl.

Now that we’ve got that basic information out of the way, let’s talk about the steps you need to take to ask a girl you’re dating to be your girlfriend.

Why to ask a girl to be your girlfriend

You may be wondering why you need to ask a girl to be your girlfriend anyway. For sure, you don’t need to, but if you want to, do it. The odds are that if that thought is popping into your head, she is probably at the same stage.

You’ve seen each other for a while. You like each other more and more, and you can be yourself around each other. Asking her out is the next stage. But why put a label on it? Well, it is for a lot more than your social media statuses.

Asking her to be your girlfriend shows her that you are ready for a commitment. It takes your relationships from casual to committed. That may sound scary, but if you really like her, it should be more exciting. It is all about your commitment readiness.

That moment can change things. You will likely be meeting her friends and family soon and vice versa. These things show you if this relationship is meant to last. Learning how to ask a girl to be your girlfriend is the next step to your potential happily ever after. [Read: Is the timing right? When should you ask her to be your girlfriend?]

Don’t leave her wondering what’s going on!

Making your intentions clear will always help the progress of a relationship. It’ll bring both of you closer too. To some guys, asking a girl out may seem like a crazy idea. They always want to keep the relationship status shrouded in mystery. Some also don’t want to put a label on it, because the idea of commitment freaks them out.

And to some other guys, asking a girl out is a weak act. They assume that asking a girl out will give her more power in the relationship and make her the dominant and controlling one. That’s ridiculous, right? [Read: Should I ask her out? 30 signs she’s clearly waiting for you to make a move]

But truth be told, giving a relationship a name is a good sign.

In fact, guys who avoid asking a girl this key question are the annoying ones. Leaving her wondering what’s going on will only push her away and it’s never a good feeling when you have no idea what’s going on.

Love isn’t about power or who’s dominating. Love is mutual and giving. It’s a beautiful experience that’s worth taking a chance on. If you like a girl, go ahead and ask her out. But yes, there are a few things you should know about asking a girl to be your girlfriend that will calm your nerves and help you get the answer you seek. [Read: Do you have an insecure girlfriend? 30 signs and ways to help her feel more loved]

How to ask a girl to be your girlfriend

If you want to know how to ask a girl to be your girlfriend, use these steps. They will ensure that your proposal will be sweet and memorable, and you’ll get that yes you’ve been dreaming of. [Read: Talking stage vs the Dating stage and how to know your exact status]

1. Don’t rush it

You may be dating this girl for a while now, but unless both of you have been together for several dates or have spent a few weeks or months dating each other, don’t rush it. Love isn’t a joke. You don’t want to rush into something serious before either of you is ready.

Take your time to see where the talking stage is heading. Talk about what you both want out of the future before you commit and end up getting hurt later. If you feel really good about where things are and a possible future together, speak your mind. [Read: What are we? How to get your crush to label your relationship]

2. Don’t go down on one knee

Don’t overdo the act of expressing your feelings. You’re not giving her a ring. Asking her to be your girlfriend is a few major stages before a marriage proposal, so relax.

Expressing your feelings is a cute thing to do, but it’s not a commitment that’s as serious as marriage. It’s only the first step. By going down on one knee or planning an elaborate proposal idea to tell her that you like her, you may end up scaring her away with your overindulgent behavior. Don’t lovebomb her.

Just be cool and confident. That will show her where you stand without going overboard. [Read: Play it cool and impress her by remaining calm]

3. Make it memorable

You don’t always need to splurge to make something seem memorable and special. If you’ve decided to ask a girl to be your girlfriend, it doesn’t need to be written in the sky. Expressing your feelings is enough.

Sure, you can do something special, but you don’t need to go over the top. Honestly, if she is going to say yes, just asking her to be your girlfriend will be memorable enough. Of course, you can buy her flowers, or gift her something small and memorable to mark the moment, but you really don’t need a ring or a diamond bracelet!

If you need to make a huge show to get your girl to agree to being your girlfriend, you might want to question why you want to be so serious with someone that demanding in the first place. Is she asking for a grand gesture because she wants to splash it on social media or show it off to her friends? That’s a red flag, because she probably cares less about you, and cares more about how she appears on Instagram! [Read: 15 red flags you’re dating a narcissist and need to run away right now]

4. Take her out on a romantic date

Romantic dinners are always a nice setting to ask a girl to be your girlfriend. But, you don’t have to be classically romantic. Sure, dinner, roses, and candlelight are sweet and all, but do something you know she will like.

Take her to look at the stars if she is into that. Go to an art show or museum. Maybe go rock climbing and ask her when you get to the top. Or, if she’s more low-key, get her favorite takeaway, snuggle on the sofa and ask her.

Do something that is romantic and memorable for you two – you don’t have to focus on showing off or pleasing the world, please her, pay attention to her, and focus on what she would find special. [Read: 25 six month anniversary date ideas and 100+ very romantic date ideas]

5. Gift her something small and nice

Sometimes, the most inexpensive gifts can be the most cherished and loved. You don’t need to spend a lot on an extravagant gift. Even if you did that, she might feel like it is too much for the point you’re at.

Pick up something nice and special that can create a memory and last for a long time, like a jewelry trinket box or even a cute and funny keychain. You can even get her a fancy cupcake with a question mark written in icing. For sure, you don’t have to follow this step if you prefer to keep things low-key, but it’s there if you want to. [Read: 19 gift ideas for your girlfriend that are creative & thoughtful]

6. Be yourself

Do not do something that doesn’t feel comfortable to you. If you are shy and quiet, don’t do something big and extravagant. Even if you are loud and extroverted, if she isn’t, keep that in mind.

If you are private, ask her to be your girlfriend when you’re enjoying a quiet night in, rather than a night on the town. Be true to your relationship when you are taking that step instead of trying something someone else recommends. [Read: How to make your girlfriend happy and feel like the luckiest girl ever]

7. Write a love letter

The art of writing love letters is lost. So, bring it back. It may seem a little old-fashioned, but if she loves reading Jane Austen or watching romantic comedies, this might be right up her alley.

It’s a beautiful way to let her know how much she means to you, and yet, it’s something that shows just how far you’d go to bring a smile to her face.

Don’t know how to write a perfect love letter? Don’t worry. After reading this guide on everything you need to know to write a romantic love letter, you’ll know everything about it in a few minutes. Talk about your first meeting, how you feel towards her, and how you’d like to see your life and future together, and that would be everything she could hope to read in a beautiful love letter! And in the last few lines, tell her how much you love her, express yourself as best as you can, and ask her to be your girlfriend.

8. Have a conversation

Never forget actually talking to her. If you want to know how to ask a girl to be your girlfriend the right way, it isn’t just about asking her, and then moving on to a casual conversation. Make the moment feel special. Talk about why you feel that way, how she makes you feel, and what that means to both of you.

You are in a relationship now, you’re her boyfriend and she’s your girlfriend! Who will you tell? What does this mean to you? Tell her just how happy she makes you feel, and tell her how special you feel when she’s by your side. Tell her how you want this relationship to go forward and ask her the same. [Read: How to have the perfect start to your relationship]

9. Just say how you feel

Just tell her what you feel. And wait for her reciprocation.

If she just smiles and looks away, or changes the topic, she may be feeling awkward and shy, or maybe she’s not yet feeling the same way towards you *for now*. But that isn’t a bad thing. What matters is that you’ve expressed your feelings, and maybe she just needs some more time to process it before she reciprocates by telling you she’d love to have you as her boyfriend.

Remember that not everyone reaches these milestones at the same time. Just because you are ready to share how you feel and be committed doesn’t mean she is.

Ask her how she feels and if she needs time. Don’t pressure her. Let her see how she feels for a while. She’ll tell you when she is ready, just don’t wait forever. [Read: How to express your feelings and get the point across the right way]

10. Say those three words

If you love her, say so. It may seem soon, but you don’t need to hold back for the perfect moment. If you have been feeling it for a while, let it out. Sure, she may not be there yet, but if she is on her way, she will love hearing you say “I love you.”

And your vulnerability may be exactly what it takes to get her to that same point. Do remember to only say it if you truly mean it through. Never utter those words just to get her to commit. [Read: When to say “I love you” for the first time in a new relationship]

What if she’s not ready?

We don’t want to be all negative here and put a dampener on your budding hope, but we have to be realistic too. Not everyone is ready at the same time. It could be that she’s just not ready to make it official yet. If that’s the case, what should you do?

Firstly, don’t panic.

Just because she’s not ready to take that step doesn’t mean she won’t be soon. If she needs a little extra time and she tells you that, listen to her and believe her. Don’t assume that it’s all gone horribly wrong.

You’ve shown her how you feel and now she needs her own time to catch up. Give her that time and space and you’ll be official before you know it. [Read: Commitment phobia – 15 signs you’re just not ready to commit]

If she says ‘no’ outright and you’re not happy with just casually dating anymore, then you need to question your part in the relationship. Does she just not want to commit at all? If so, why is that? Have a calm conversation and get the facts. Then, decide where you want to go from there. 

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Once you’ve walked through these steps on how to ask a girl to be your girlfriend, you will feel calmer and happier than you ever imagined. Now go and do the asking!

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