Do you Hate using Condoms?

Having unprotected moments without any rubber getting in the way is a great way to make out. All men have tried convincing their women to give the little condom a miss while making love at some point or the other. Using a Pill may be effective, but is that reason enough to skip the condom?

do you hate using condom

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You use all the charming words in the world to flatter the pants off the hot highness in bed, but that’s it. Your lustful aura and your smooth suave tongue aren’t good enough to excuse Mr. Dicky Hat from the perfect picture.

You have no alternative but to wave out your white flag and walk in limp, defeated and shrouded. She’s already decided that the condom is the way forward, your lil’ puss-pass, and that moment dies quickly in front of your tickle-tackle. You feel like a fisherman who has caught nothing because his bait wasn’t tasty enough.

We’ve all been in this situation. That moment of entering the ‘hole of fame’ and just before your eyes pop out in excitement, this rubber looking thing gets in the way. I have made love plenty of times without a condom, but this was all okay because my girlfriends have always been on the contraceptive pill.

Even though it is suggested that one should use a condom regardless of whether your missus is taking the pill or not, I never gave that much of a thought. I was one of the lucky ones. I hate condoms, and if at any chance it doesn’t have to be used, I don’t use it. Making love feels great without a condom, but feels encapsulating with it. If all women could be on the Pill then a man’s life would be perfect.

But guys, I warn you, because this is not the case. You just can’t take the risk nowadays. I’m not talking about being a rebel and pulling out before you’re about to reach climatic weather conditions. Neither am I talking about just playing about and wriggling your way in and out for the simple pleasure. This is serious.

Prevention not “pre-ejaculation”

How many of you know about pre-ejaculation? It’s that shriveling moment when you don’t ejaculate but you actually do. Lost it there? Well, it’s this slight moment when you enter your partner, and even before you know it, you’re as moist as her, not because of her wetness, but because of your own. The pre-ejaculatory fluid or Cowper’s fluid is the clear lubricating fluid that is issued from a man’s little head when he is aroused. It is the fluid that ejaculates from a man before the “Big Bang”. Although it is a small amount, precaution should be taken.

You may not think it, but you can get your partner-in-bed pregnant by this small amount. The pre-ejaculatory fluid may contain sperm from a previous ejaculation, so there is a chance of having a baby nine months down the line that you never knew existed! The last thing you want is a child with every notch on the bedpost because you didn’t think with your big head but with your little one. Never let the little head do the thinking for the big one.

The real problem with pre-ejaculation is that men don’t always know it’s going to happen, as they don’t always feel it. It is the fluid that can come out of a male’s member before they have reached their climax and finished. That is why wearing a condom is a lot more important that just pulling out before screaming. If she isn’t on the Pill, there’s a little bit of a chance that little bits of semen have a chance, but a very small one, of making their way to an inviting egg. Why am I telling you this? I’m not trying to rain on your parade of enjoying free, natural romps, but if your partner in any of your bedroom endeavors is not on the contraceptive pill, make sure you don’t get that cold reception of “you a**hole, I’m pregnant”, by being clever and donning a willy warmer.

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