Dating a Drama Queen: 12 Signs Her True Colors Are Coming Through

She may have been sweet in the beginning, but now, you’re feeling like your brain is going to explode. Are you dating a drama queen?

dating a drama queen

Her demanding side isn’t so cute anymore. In fact, it’s now driving you insane. The relationship you once loved is turning into a full-time job, and you feel like a mule. Well, we all know what this means, don’t we? It sounds to me like you’re dating a drama queen.

Now, of course, I’m not completely sure, but assess the signs below and see if things match up. [Read: Why some people love to go after drama]

How to know you’re dating a drama queen

It’s easy to fall under the trance of someone you like. We subconsciously place them on a pedestal and think that everything they do is perfect. But through time, that fades, which is a good thing for you because you need to start seeing her true colors.

Not every woman is dramatic and demanding, you just happened to get suckered by a woman who wants to be served and isn’t interested in actually being in a relationship. She may be pretty and sexy, but trust me, no one is worth being treated like a slave. So, here are the signs that you’re dating a drama queen. Listen up, this is something you want to pay attention to.

#1 It’s like you’re on an emotional rollercoaster. In general, rollercoasters are fun but not this one. This one is a nightmare, and it’s like you’ve been glued to the seat. There are so many ups and downs with her, you don’t even remember half of them anymore.

It’s now just become a part of the relationship that you’ve adapted to. And no matter how hard you try, you can never stabilize the situation. That’s probably because you love the highs. [Read: Are you stuck in an emotional roller coaster relationship?]

#2 Nothing is good enough for her. You could rob a bank and show up at her front door with one million dollars, but she still wouldn’t be happy with what you did. Why didn’t you aim for two million instead? See, what happens is you spend most of your time trying to please her because she’s never happy. In addition, she uses this to manipulate you, so next time, she gets what she wants. [Read: 15 signs of manipulation in a relationship you should never ever ignore]

#3 She only reacts emotionally. Sometimes you wonder if she has any brain cells up there at all. She can never take a step back and look at the situation from a logical and rational perspective. Why would she? That would not get her any closer to things she wants and needs. Instead, she only acts based on emotions. You can’t have a normal conversation with her because you’re worried at how she’ll react and spin this to revolve around her.

#4 It’s always your fault. She’s a drama queen. So in other words, she’s never going to take responsibility for her actions, and she’ll try to dump them on you as much as she can.

Whatever problem she has, whether in or out of the relationship, she blames you for everything. Even though you’re not connected to the issue, don’t worry, she’ll find a way to connect the two. But you are to blame for this, you allow her to dump her issues onto you. [Read: 13 signs you’re being used by a woman who’s walking all over you]

#5 She loves conflict. What can I tell you? She should have been a reality TV star instead. She needs the drama in her life, it’s the only thing that keeps her going, because why? Because she’s bored and isn’t interested in creating anything for herself. [Read: Attention seeking behavior and why some girls go looking for drama]

#6 She’s great at guilt trips. This girl doesn’t forget any fight you had. Better yet, the fight you just had? Yeah, that lasts for another week or so because she’s going to squeeze everything she can out of it. She loves to remind you of the times where you slightly screwed up so that she can manipulate you into “making up” for that time you bought her yellow roses instead of red roses.

 #7 She has temper tantrums. Yes, she’s really attractive but if she doesn’t get her way, all of a sudden it’s like you’re dating a two-year-old. The reason why she behaves like this is that drama queens always need to be the center of attention. And when they don’t understand why their feelings and needs aren’t being met, they start with their moodiness and immature behavior. [Read: 13 wily ways of a girl who only wants attention]

#8 Your friends and family don’t like her. Your friends and family are looking out for your best interest. They know who you are and what you deserve. She may try to start drama between you and your family so that you pay more attention to her. She tries to manipulate your thoughts about your family. But in the end, all she wants is you to distance yourself from the people you love, except for her. 

#9 She always needs something done. Never mind the time of day or what you’re doing, she needs you to do something for her. Her life is never satisfied and because you think she’s attractive, you do whatever she says you need to do. Plus, you don’t like drama, so, just to keep everything balanced, you go out of your way to please her. Now, this is a drama queen. [Read: 12 signs of manipulative women that can leave you lost and confused]

#10 She needs a grand entrance. Whether you go out for dinner or to a party, she needs to have a grand entrance. She may walk in a little bit after you, but the point is, she wants all the eyes on her. Whether you’re there or not doesn’t really matter.

#11 You feel like you’re in a movie. You feel like your relationship is basically based off of a Woody Allen film. Every other day there’s a dramatic pause, and you wait with anticipation until the next big explosion. Even the people around you are waiting, but it’s not a good movie. It’s a movie that never seems to end and everyone wiggles in their seats waiting for the credits. [Read: The types of girlfriend who’ll make your life hell]

#12 Life is boring without her. Ah yes, you’ve tried to break up with her, but you end up back together with her. Why? Because your life is boring without her. Deep down, though she tortured you, you loved working for her forgiveness and trying to please her. So, is she really the problem or are you the problem? As much as you like the easy life, you love the drama as well.

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So, you now know the signs… what’s the conclusion? Are you sure that you’re dating a drama queen? What are you going to do about it?

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