How to Tell a Girl You Miss Her & 15 Cute Texts that Aren’t Needy

Sometimes it’s hard for guys to express their feelings. Whether it’s your girlfriend or someone you’re talking to, here’s how to tell a girl you miss her.

cute things to text your girlfriend

You can’t always be around your girlfriend or the girl you’re talking to. In fact, there will be times when you can’t see her at all, and you’ll end up missing her like crazy. During these times, you should always tell her how you feel about being away from her. So, here’s how to tell a girl you miss her.

It can be hard for guys to let their feelings out – we know that. But if you truly miss her, she would be overjoyed to hear just how much you miss her and what exactly you’re missing about her. Girls love knowing that they are missed!

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What is your objective? 

Since you are wondering how to tell a girl you miss her, you must have a reason for that. You may know, or you might not. 95% of our behavior is subconscious. In other words, we do things without knowing why we do them.

So, before you try to figure out how to tell a girl you miss her, you need to think about your objective. What do you want to come out of this?

Well, that all depends on the circumstances. There are a couple of possibilities that might be going on with your relationship. [Read: How to make a girl think about you – 22 ways to be on her mind]

1. To fix things after a fight

Every couple argues – it’s just what happens when two human beings are in a relationship together. So, just because you had a conflict, that doesn’t mean that you don’t miss her. 

Do you want to tell her you miss her to “apologize” after a fight? Maybe you did something wrong, and you think that saying you miss her will make her forgive you. If that’s the only reason, that it’s not a good one.

Sure, you might actually miss her. But using this as the only way to get her to forgive you isn’t a good one. She might see right through your efforts.

So, it needs to be very genuine, and you need to let her know that you really mean it. That is a good way to tell a girl you miss her. [Read: How to stop fighting in a relationship – 16 steps to really talk]

2. To show her you care and find out if she cares

Maybe you’re in a new relationship, but you haven’t said “I love you” yet. It’s always scary to say it the first time for everyone. So, maybe you want to say you miss her because it’s less risky than saying those three words.

You might be thinking that if you say “I miss you” it will give her a hint as to how you feel. And then you can look at her response and try to figure out how she feels too. 

This isn’t a bad thing to do. It’s normal to want to test the waters before you go in and risk your heart and rejection. If this is your objective for telling a girl that you miss her, then go for it. [Read: How to tell a girl you love her without losing her]

Why you should always let your feelings out

Guys and girls are just different. Girls love to talk about their feelings, and guys would more than likely rather eat nails than divulge all of their deepest feelings to their girlfriends. Nevertheless, girls need to hear about your feelings!

You should always tell your girlfriend how you truly feel and let your feelings out because she needs to hear them. If your girl is with you for a long time and never hears how much she’s appreciated and missed, she’s not going to be happy with you.

Why it’s difficult for guys to express their feelings

You might wonder why it’s so difficult for you to express your feelings the right way. Don’t worry, it’s not just you. As we just said, most guys have this problem. [Read: Do men have feelings? Why they act like they don’t care]

A lot of it has to do with how society works. If a girl cries and expresses her feelings, then that is normal for most people. But if a guy does it, some people think he’s a wimp and judge him for it.

Think about all of those sayings we have such as, “Suck it up and be a man!” or “Men don’t cry!” or “Stop being a sissy!”

You see, males get ridiculed when they express their feelings. People perceive it as being too feminine and not masculine enough. This is unfortunate because guys are human too. They have feelings. 

So, it’s important to reflect on your feelings and tell your girl that you miss her. You are not a robot! Just because your parents, siblings, or peers tried to make you feel uncomfortable about expressing your feelings doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it.

Saying how you feel is not a weakness, it is actually a strength. So, if you’re worried about how she will feel if you tell her that you miss her, then don’t. We guarantee that she will love it. [Read: How to make a girl miss you – 22 ways to stay on her mind constantly]

What it means for you to say you miss her

Although it’s good to express your feelings, you should also think about what it will mean once you say you miss her. Girls look into words and analyze every little thing.

So, if you’re in a new relationship, she will take “I miss you” as a huge sign that you are probably falling in love with her. So, if that’s not the case, maybe you should think twice before telling a girl you miss her. 

But if you really are falling for her, then, by all means, tell the girl that you miss her! She will love it, and you will be on your way to a happy relationship.

15 cute things to text your girlfriend when you miss her

When your girlfriend isn’t around and you find yourself thinking about her, you should let her know in a text message why you miss her at that moment. Never let a time like this go by without texting her something cute. [Read: The best (200+) flirty texts, examples and sweet messages that are sure to make her smile wide]

It’s really not too difficult to think about cute things to text your girlfriend, so don’t be too nervous about it. By doing it, you’re showing her how much you care about her, and you’re forging a deeper bond in your relationship.

If you’re not very creative and don’t know what to text, these ideas and topics can help you out.

1. Tell her you miss a certain feature

Girls love to hear about what features of theirs you take a special liking to. Is it the little ringlet curls that form around her face when her hair is in a ponytail, the way she bites her lip when she’s thinking something, or the way she smiles?

Using a little feature that you love of hers will help her see that you miss the little things about her, and not just her body or presence. [Read: How to compliment a girl – 15 must-know tips & 35 sample compliments]

2. Tell her you miss a little quirk she has

Everyone has little quirks about their personality. Texting her something cute about missing her little habit will earn you major bonus points in her eyes.

3. Tell her how something cute reminded you of her

You probably see 20 things a day that reminds you of her – that’s why you’re missing her so much! If you really want to make her smile from however far away from her you are, then you should send her whatever it is that reminded you of her – or just explain it to her and why you miss that thing about her.

4. Text her after a long day and tell her why you wish she was there

Chances are when you’ve had a long and tough day at work, you want to tell your girl that you miss her.

If this sounds like you, just text her and tell her that. Tell her what happened and that you wish she was there to make you feel better about it. Knowing that she has the power to make you feel good will make her feel like a million bucks. [Read: 14 sweet and cute ways to make your woman really happy]

5. Text her why you think you miss her so much

If you’ve just been missing her for no reason at all other than you want to see her, then text her something saying just that! In order to be cute, it doesn’t have to be elaborate or well written to get the point across that you miss her.

Cute texts for your girlfriend: All the examples you need

These examples can help you form your own ideas, or you can use them on their own if you’re not very creative. Just be sure you make them your own in some way so they sound like they’re coming right from you.

1. “This long, tough, and exhausting day would be made completely perfect if you were here right next to me. I miss you more than I can explain.” 

This is a great one to tell your girl that you miss her after that rough day at work when you really would rather just be with her. [Read: How to talk to a girl – The secrets to smooth talk girls and leave them swooning]

2. “I miss the way you snort at all of my stupid jokes and make me feel like a professional comedian, even though I know I’m not funny.” 

This is true for so many people, and you should let her know how much you appreciate it.

3. “I just never feel truly happy and like myself unless I’m with you. I miss having you by my side.” 

Sending her this will make her realize just how much she affects your happiness.

4. “I miss seeing your dimples every time I make a goofy face when we lay in bed talking at night.” 

This is a very personal one that you may have to make your own, but the idea is the same.

5. “No matter how far away from you I am, I can still feel our connection and I wish I could complete it with you here.” 

This is a perfect text to send if you’re far away from her traveling for work, or even on vacation without her. [Read: 50 cute things that guys do that girls find very sexy and absolutely adore]

6. “All I need after a day like today is to curl up next to my favorite person in the whole world. I can’t wait until I see you next.” 

You can send her this after a rough day – and you just want to be with her.

7. “No matter where life takes me or how busy I am, I will always find time for you in my life. I miss you, and I’m looking forward to being with you again soon!” 

This is especially good if your life has just become really busy and you find yourself missing her more often than not. [Read: How to build trust in a relationship and make it last]

8. “I miss how your nose flares when you get mad at me and how it can instantly make our argument disappear.” 

Everyone has that little quirk that can dissipate a sour mood instantly. Tell her what it is and that you wish you could experience it right then.

9. “I wish you were here to tell me what a dork I’m being for watching a marathon of Harry Potter instead of being productive.” 

This is another one you can tailor to make your own, but the concept is the same. Tell her how you like it when she makes fun of you for doing something that you’re currently doing.

10. “I just miss you, baby.” 

It can be that simple and still mean the world to her. Just knowing that you miss her enough to take a few seconds to type that up and send it her way will make her heart soar.

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If you really want to know how to tell a girl you miss her and what she means to you when she’s not there, here is your guide. Using these cute texts to send your girlfriend will get the message across crystal clear.

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