60 Cute, Sweet & Sexy Nicknames for Your Girlfriend to Make Her Blush

Cute nicknames can help you bond with your girlfriend on a deeper level. So here are the sweetest cute things to call your girlfriend.

nicknames for your girlfriend

Are you looking for cute nicknames for your girlfriend that aren’t weird and cheesy? There are so many cute things to call your girlfriend, but a lot of them are overused.

And it’s great if you decide to come up with something completely original. But if they’re too strange, you may receive questioning looks from people in public. Out of ideas? You’ve come to the perfect place!

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Why you should have nicknames for your girlfriend

You might have sworn that you’d never call your girlfriend by nicknames. Before dating, you would shudder whenever you hear someone use those for their partners. But then you found yourself in a happy relationship, and bam, you started using nicknames for your girlfriend, too.

As surprising as this may sound, there’s a scientific explanation for this. Cute nicknames are used extensively and cross-culturally by mothers around the world to express affection and encourage bonding.

Science has proven that babies love being called terms of endearment. And the reason that people in relationships do, too, is because they’re re-experiencing their first love, the love for their mothers.

Using nicknames not only helps you feel open and comfortable with your girlfriend but also allows you to break out of the constraints of adult roles. So, if you want to bond with your girlfriend naturally and impress her, try calling her these cute things! *we also have a big list of 50 super cute things to call your boyfriend here*

The sweetest words – Really cute things to call your girlfriend

Whether you are in a fight and want to cheer your girlfriend up or remind her of how much she means to you, try using these nicknames to improve your relationship.

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1. Sugar

She is so damn sweet she could give you a toothache. Calling her sugar will make her feel like she’s the candy to your soul. [Read: 21 things you do that’ll make your girl adore you more]

2. Sweets

A cute name that means she is the sweetest to your heart. Sweets rolls off the tip of the tongue and sounds pretty cool. [Read: 48 cute & romantic things to do with your girlfriend she’ll love]

3. Apple

If she is the apple of your eye, calling her apple is an adorable way to tell her so. It really is one of the cutest things to call your girlfriend.

4. Cutie

If your girlfriend is so cute you feel like squeezing her in your arms and showering her with kisses every time you see her, this is the right nickname for her.

5. Hun

Hun or hon, short for honey, is one of those nicknames that old couples use, so it’s absolutely adorable to use with your girlfriend. It shows that you two know each other so well, it’s like you’ve been with each other forever. [Read: What your pet name says about your relationship]

6. Lovey

When you say lovey, that lets her know that she is the love of your life. It is an “I love you” and “you are everything to me” all in one.

7. Love

Similarly, love is also a cute nickname for your girlfriend to show her how much you love her.

8. Hotness

If your girlfriend just exudes hotness, this is the nickname you should call her. It’ll definitely grab her attention.

9. Spicy

If she can be both sweet and spicy, let her know you like it when she is more of the freak in the bed than the girl next door. It can be a signal that you would like a little spice tonight. [Read: 60 sexual questions to ask your girlfriend & read her dirty mind]

9. Chili

You might not have thought of this word as one of the cute things to call your girlfriend. But if she’s too hot to handle, call her chili because you just can’t get enough of her hotness.

10. Beautiful

This is pretty self-explanatory. Use this nickname to remind your girlfriend that she’s the most beautiful girl out there. It’ll put a smile on her face on those days when she’s feeling insecure. [Read: Sexy tips for dirty talk and how to say the sexiest words]

11. Gorgeous

What do you call someone who’s more than beautiful? Yes, gorgeous. If your girlfriend is just way too beautiful that it makes your head spin, this is the right nickname for her.

12. Lifer

Lifer is someone that you choose for life. If she is in it for the long haul, remind her that you are her lifer, and she is yours.

13. Only

She’s not just the one. She’s your ONLY one, your soulmate. Using this nickname will remind your girlfriend that she holds a special place in your life and your heart that can never be replaced.

14. Sunshine

If it is like a rainy day when she isn’t around, let her be your sunshine. It is like telling her that she’s the reason for your existence. What a poetic nickname for your girlfriend! [Read: 35 sweet & cute texts to send your girlfriend to make her go aww]

15. Raindrops

However, if you prefer the rain because it’s more calming and romantic, which perfectly describes your relationship, raindrops is an excellent nickname for your girlfriend.

16. Treasure

Let your girlfriend knows she’s the most valuable thing in your life. She’s worth more than silver, gold, or diamond. She’s one of a kind, and she’s all yours. [Read: Cute pet names for couples and how to pick the perfect one for each other]

17. *Color* eyes

The eyes are the windows to the soul, so why not use a nickname based on the color of your girlfriend’s eyes? For example, call her blue eyes if her eyes are the color of the ocean or the sky. This nickname is also ideal for those with brown eyes, which is the most underappreciated eye color. It represents security, warmth, and love, the color of earth, firewood, and chocolate.

18. Bestest

She is the best at everything. She is the best girlfriend, friend, and lover. Well, she is just the bestest, period.

19. Perfect

Perfection is subjective because when you love someone, all of their imperfections make them perfect. However, of all the cute things to call your girlfriend, she will certainly appreciate this one. [Read: Sweetest romantic gestures for everyday life]

20. Smiley

Her smile is the one thing that can make a horrible day turn around, a bad situation good. Also, if your girlfriend is having a bad day, this nickname will bring a smile to her face.

21. Bambi

Bambi is a great nickname for your hot girlfriend who resembles Bambi the deer, with long legs and big eyes, often with a curious, innocent, and childish mind.

22. Bunny

If your girlfriend has chubby cheeks or bunny teeth, this is an endearing nickname to call her. She doesn’t even need to have those features. Bunnies are cute. So call your cute girlfriend “Bunny”, why not?

23. My Everything

There’s no need to explain this one. She’s everything that matters to you, everything you need, and you want her to know that.

24. My all

Alternatively, you can call her my all.

25. My world

In this world, it’s just you and her. Whenever you see her, everyone else fades away. So use this nickname to remind your girlfriend how special and important she is.

26. Hottie

This one may be overused, but it’s not boring. Who doesn’t want to be called a hottie? [Read: Have a hot girlfriend? Learn how to keep her happy & stay confident]

27. My queen

Don’t just call your girlfriend by this nickname. You must also treat her like a queen.

28. Princess

Or you can call her princess instead. That way, you can be her Prince Charming. [Read: 20 desirable ways to make your woman feel wanted, sexy & beautiful]

29. Ms. Right

If your girlfriend is just right for you and fits perfectly in your world, then use this nickname for her. [Read: What do girls like to be called? 27 sweetest terms of endearment]

30. My muse

If you’re an artist and take inspiration from your girlfriend and your relationship, “my muse” is a poetic and lovely nickname to call her.

31. Kitten

Use this nickname for your girlfriend who’s young and adorable with a playful personality. This nickname is perfect for girls who possess captivating features, irresistible charm, and an excitable attitude.

32. Angel

You may not be Charlie, but she sure is your only angel. This is a cute nickname for a girlfriend who has a beautiful face, mind, and heart. [Read: 20 loving & romantic touches in a relationship to make you feel closer]

33. Bonbons

This playful and sexy nickname is often used for a girlfriend with perfect boobs or butt. The best thing is that it’s not obvious to others if you want to call her this in public. It’ll make her blush but also put a smile on her face. [Read: How to tease your girlfriend sexually & make her think of you all day]

34. Love of my life

She’s not just your love, but she’s the love of your life. She makes you feel like no other, and you want her to know that.

35. Doll

An adorable nickname for a girlfriend who’s wholesomely beautiful and precious.

36. Flower

If your girlfriend is pretty and innocent and also smells good, why not call her “flower”?

37. My rose

This romantic nickname is for a dainty, soft, and sexy girlfriend, like a rose. [Read: 21 signs of a needy girlfriend & the best ways to love her better]

38. Sunflower

Sunflowers symbolize loyalty and adoration. And because of their association with the sun, they also represent light and happiness, making this the sweetest nickname for your girlfriend who always brightens your mood!

39. Sleeping Beauty

If your girlfriend is a beauty who loves to sleep, this is a funny yet loving nickname to call her. It can be an inside joke between the two of you.

40. Cutesickle

For the girl who is as sweet as ice cream and cute to boot, cutesickle is the perfect word combo. How can this word NOT be one of the cutest things to call your girlfriend? [Read: Most romantic phrases from different languages]

41. Sassy lassy

Maybe you’ve never heard this before, but this is also a lovely nickname to call your girlfriend if she’s a combination of playful and sweet. She challenges you, and it turns you on. [Read: What turns women on? 52 traits to turn girls on sexually & emotionally]

42. Donut

This is a nickname for a fun-spirited girlfriend, or maybe she just really likes donuts.

43. Boo

Boo is a cute shortened nickname for a boyfriend or a girlfriend. Being someone’s boo is something you would call your favorite stuffed animal that you can’t sleep without at night.

44. My moon and stars

Are you looking for a charming nickname for a girlfriend who has a gloriously bright personality? This is it! She’s as soft as moonlight and shines brighter than the stars. [Read: Relationship stages – 10 phases couples go through by months & years]

45. Starlight

Alternatively, you can nickname your girlfriend starlight and tell her she lights up the room wherever she goes. [Read: 50 really cute things to say to your girlfriend]

46. Babe/baby

This isn’t very original, but it never goes out of style. If you just want to keep it simple, babe or baby is the safest choice.

47. Sexy

This one may be a little plain and obvious, but what woman wouldn’t love to be called sexy? An oldie but a goodie, it still applies. [Read: Really romantic ideas to make your lover melt]

48. Darling

This nickname is so underrated and hasn’t been used much since the sixties. Your girlfriend would appreciate you calling her darling as someone who feels like home.

49. Sweetheart

Another classic nickname that will never be overused. It’s soft and loving. Calling your girlfriend “sweetheart” will make her heart melt like sugar.

50. Peach

If your girlfriend is gentle, sweet, and loves to behave childishly, peach is the suitable nickname to call her. It’s even better if her favorite color is pink. [Read: 20 ways to make your girlfriend incredibly happy]

51. Rosebud

Rosebud is an unopened rose. Use this nickname to call your girlfriend who’s a lady in the streets and a freak in the sheets. [Read: Horny girlfriend: 15 signs she’s aroused & in the mood for more]

52. Dimples

If your girlfriend has dimples and they’re your favorite feature on her face, don’t miss out on a chance to use this nickname! The more you call her this, the more you’ll get to see those dimples.

53. Dove

A dove represents purity, love, and peace. So call your girlfriend dove if your love for her is pure and soft and makes you calm.

54. Wifey

It doesn’t matter if you two aren’t married. Your wifey is someone who has your back and is the center of your universe. [Read: 20 swoon-worthy romantic words]

55. Water lily

This water flower symbolizes beauty with a dangerous side, balance, and peace. If that’s the perfect way to describe your relationship, this is the perfect nickname for your girlfriend.

56. Goddess

Do you compare her to Aphrodite or Persephone? Then goddess is the correct way to nickname your girlfriend.

57. Tiny

If your girlfriend is a lot shorter and smaller than you, nickname her tiny to tease her and make her blush.

58. Better half

She’s your better half, the female version of you, only better. [Read: How to know if someone is right for you: 23 signs you found the one]

59. Sugarplum

Tired of the common nicknames like sugar and honey? Try this one instead!

60. My beloved

If your love for her is so sincere, true, and beyond that of lust, the purest of love, she is your beloved. [Read: Commitment in a relationship – 27 ways to show it & feel secure in love]

Cute nicknames can be the glue that binds you and your girlfriend together. Hopefully, you’ve found the perfect nickname from this list for your girlfriend.

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