Cougar Women Rock! 13 Reasons Why They Make Really Good Partners

There are many advantages to dating an older woman which, by the way, are referred to as cougar women. Here are some reasons they rock.

Cougar Women

Okay, so this past summer some casual friends, my husband, and I, were sitting around a table talking about the first time we met. When my husband and I went over the details of how we got to know each other, the man across the table from my husband winked at him and said, “Oh… a Cougar.” As the night went on, I disguised my disdain for the transaction, but somewhere inside of me, it just sank my heart. Alas, I suppose, technically, I am among the classification of cougar women.

Let me first start by telling you that if you think the term “cougar” is one that a woman considers respectful and complimentary, they don’t. When I think of a cougar, I think of a middle-aged woman whose eyesight has gone so bad that her lipstick, always bright red, no longer outlines her lips.

In fact, when I have the vision of cougar women, the reason that her lipstick doesn’t fit, is because her lips have been so deflated through time that there is actually no collagen in them to puff them up any longer. [Read: Cougar dating – 10 rules to dating an older woman]

13 reasons cougar women rock

So, a word of advice. If you want to refer to a woman as a cougar, especially if you want to have her as yours, then you best not ever call her one to her face. In fact, I will go one step further. You really should stop anyone else from calling her one. It is a slap in the face and makes a woman feel like she’s old.

On the flip side, I can understand why a guy might find an older woman so alluring. There are many advantages that cougar women have over younger women. Sure, they might not have the perky breasts *at least if they are natural*, but they also don’t go on and on about shallow things that no one cares about or spend a lifetime getting ready for the evening.

Cougar women know what they want, and they want the man in their life not for what a man can do for them, but because they really just like him. [Read: How to make an older woman fall in love with you]

Here are some reasons why cougar women rock.

#1 They aren’t looking for you to take care of them. Cougar women are old enough and experienced enough to take care of themselves. Whether they have been on their own or separated from a man at some point, they quickly learned that the only thing a gal can rely on is herself.

Cougar women don’t expect you to coddle or to baby them. They are independent and not going to weigh you down.

#2 They are less shallow. A mature woman has been through more life experiences and has likely learned that there is more to life than the newest Gucci bag or the latest Fendi purse. Wait… are those even popular anymore?

More concerned with the world around them and cultural things like politics, they have something to bring to the table other than shallow conversation centered around things that simply don’t matter. [Read: When does age difference in relationships matter?]

#3 They aren’t looking for someone to pay for them. In the same manner, cougar women aren’t looking for you to take care of them. They have the financial means to care for themselves.

Although they do like when you show a little care by picking up the tab once or twice, they aren’t impressed by fancy jewelry and looking for the big ticket items on their birthday. They have been there and done that.

#4 They care about something other than themselves. Older women have had time to develop their own career and find out what and who they want to be. That means that they are done focusing only on their needs and what they want in life.

Getting the selfishness out of their system, they are more apt to push you to fulfill your dreams and to take the back seat so you can have the time to figure out what you want to do. [Read: Age gaps – the new trend in relationships]

#5 There is no pressure. Most cougar women aren’t looking for much. What they definitely aren’t into is a commitment. There is no biological clock guiding your time or your relationship. They are willing to take it slow and casual.

Most aren’t looking for anything long term, just someone to hang out with who can relate and make them laugh. The absence of pressure and pushing for the next level is a very enjoyable advantage.

#6 They understand “me” time. Not only do cougar women understand “me” time, they understand that guys need their time too. They aren’t prone to being jealous and demanding all the attention or the time that you have to give.

If you want to hang out with the guys, you aren’t going to get a passive aggressive “okay.” They will schedule their own evening and enjoy it without you. No guilt involved, you are welcome to have your own life outside of them. [Read: 11 signs you’re spending way too much time together]

#7 They are physically well “maintained.” Okay a little bit of a side track, but when you date cougar women, they have it all together. The reason that you date a cougar is that, although she is older than you, she is still the hottest girl in the room.

That means that not only has she aged better, but her skin isn’t all complex, and neither are her moods. Much more even-keeled, a cougar isn’t going to take out her hormonal roller coaster on you.

#8 They are more self-confident and know what they want. Is there anything worse than going out with someone who has no idea what they want? If you can’t choose between a movie or dinner out once in a while, that is fine.

But, if a girl is constantly putting the ominous to make plans on your shoulders, it can become slightly irritating. Cougar women know what they like, what they want and what they don’t, and aren’t afraid to voice their opinion. The lack of guess work they have you do is very refreshing. [Read: 30 sassy traits of a feisty girl that makes her incredibly attractive]

#9 They treat you like an adult. When you are loved by cougar women, they love you because they admire and see you as a man. Not a boy toy as the rumor would suggest, cougar women like their men because they have something to offer that is more than the guys their age.

Whatever it is that you possess, she isn’t afraid to tell you how awesome you are. When a compliment is warranted, it is given freely.

#10 There is no game playing. An older woman isn’t interested in playing games. She doesn’t care if you stay in the relationship or not. If it doesn’t work, she likely wasn’t looking for a commitment anyway.

When you date a cougar, there is no such thing as dating rules. If you are annoying her, she will let you know. In reverse, if she likes you, she isn’t going to waste time playing hard to get. What she says, is what she means. [Read: How to make a girl like you without asking her out]

#11 She isn’t anxious for you to meet the family. Unlike girls your age who are looking for something more long-term and commitment-oriented, cougar women aren’t into pushing you to meet family members.

Not wanting to make you a staple in her life any more than you want to be, your time is all your own. You don’t have to go on couples dates and aren’t beholden to family get-togethers. She is her own person and not interested in dragging you along as a showcase.

#12 She isn’t into appearances. Even if the latest and hottest club is the place to be, there is a good likelihood that the last thing she wants to do is get caught up in the nonsense.

Not worried about appearances or looking cool, she does things because she wants to and enjoys them instead of trying to climb some sort of social ladder of who’s who. Only caring about the people who are worth it, she is more calm and appreciates what is real in life. [Read: 23 types of relationships to define your love life]

#13 Sooooo much less drama. Cougar women aren’t into drama. They aren’t going to try to get your attention by making up some story about their ex or try to set it up to run into him. Mature women aren’t about making a big deal or inviting drama into their life.

In fact, at first sight of drama, they are out the door. When you get to be older, the last thing you want is to be drawn into something that is a waste of time and energy like self-imposed theatre. [Read: Attention seeking behavior and why some girls go looking for drama]

So, let’s rehash. First, don’t ever call a woman you like or think is hot a “cougar,” at least not to her face. Second, don’t let anyone you know say it to her either… it isn’t a term of endearment.

Aside from that, cougar women are attractive for a reason. They not only have kept their bodies nicely preserved, they are over the drama, not into climbing any social ladder, and aren’t looking for a commitment.

[Read: Dating in your 30s – All the changes you have to be prepared for]

What cougar women are looking for is someone to hang out with and have some laughs… without all the pressure that comes with guys their age. Still young at heart, they just want to have fun.

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