10 Things Guys Do Online That Drive Women Away

Guys, have you ever considered who can see what you do online? With all the ladies on social media, did you ever think you might be driving them away?

things guys do online that drive women away

Technology is probably the best thing that’s ever happened to dating. It’s convenient, it’s efficient, and it gives you the chance to do a basic background check on the guy that you’re seeing. The downside to that is you also have access to the most annoying parts of their personality.

There are times you can meet a guy who doesn’t post stuff often, and other times, you meet someone else who posts too often – with too much information. Unfortunately, that’s one of the consequences to having a lot of access to a person’s online profile. They think they can do whatever they want with little to no consequences.

Aside from that, there’s messaging. Guys think that it’s okay to say or show anything to girls online. What’s more is that even the guys in real life don’t have an online filter either! It’s very difficult to keep them in line once they’re holding their phones, but sometimes it’s what we love about them.

Still, there are limits to what a man should and should not divulge online. We can’t just agree to every “fun” idea you want to put out there. That’s why men need to have boundaries in some areas of online activities.

What are the risks of bad online habits?

You think you’re not hurting anybody with what you’re doing online, but there are thousands of people who could have access to the information you put out there. Even if you put up the strongest privacy settings, someone who has access can easily do something damaging with your photos, status, etc. Let the thousands of memes floating around be the perfect example.

If you don’t care about your reputation, fine. But when it’s time for you to show your profile to a prospective date or employer, you better hope you have some sort of self-destruct contingency plan in place.

With that in mind, here are some of the things that might be affected by your online habits.

#1 Employment options. Many companies are starting to change their background checking procedures. Most of them ask for links to your social media accounts and even if you give them a fake one, there is a strong possibility that they will still find the original. If they see something wrong with your profiles, they could use this as a reference to your attitude, work ethics and trustworthiness.

#2 Relationships. You can tell a lot about a person’s activity and the way they communicate with you online. You can easily find out whether a person has serial killer tendencies or even cheating tendencies. Even if something looks or sounds badass, you better consider whether it’s something that you’d want your future girlfriend to see.

#3 Criminal charges. It’s true. A lot of countries and states are now implementing varieties of cybercrime laws that many people aren’t even aware of. If someone has a bone to pick with you, they could easily use your words online as ammo in a judicial sense.

Those are just a few things that could get you in trouble because of your online habits. There’s no telling how people will react, and even the tiniest comment can turn into a full-blown viral article.

The worst male online habits

Now that you know what the risks are, we have compiled a list of the triggers that could get you in trouble online. Apart from making other people mad, some things can simply annoy women and give you a bad reputation.

#1 Idiotic pictures. Anyone is allowed to post whatever picture they want, but some photos are just plain irritating. It’s hard to have a conversation with someone you can’t take seriously, so you better make sure that you at least look respectable. The list of idiotic pictures is a really long one, but the basic photos that really irk us girls are these:

Shirtless pics

Shirtless mirror pics

Pictures taken indoors, but wearing shades

Blurry pics

Cropping girls out of their photos

If you really want to impress us with your profile photo, use these:

A clear, mid-range photo of yourself looking happy

A photo with a baby, preferable your sister’s or your friend’s. Women love babies.

A photo with your pet.

#2 The shocking timeline photo. I know it’s tempting to post that really gruesome canker sore photo, for the benefit of your guy friends, but you have 300 other mature Facebook friends who have to see it over and over again, because all your bros are going to like it over and over as well. [Read: 16 signs you’re being an attention whore]

#3 Liking a porn page. I honestly don’t know if there’s a privacy setting that will prevent this, but apparently a lot of guys don’t know either. We know you liked “Busty Babes on Facebook,” because I can see it on my News Feed and your Timeline! Have some discretion and just go on YouPorn in incognito mode or something.

#4 Using the Facebook thumbs up sign. After an enjoyable conversation, nothing pisses us girls off more than a guy sending us that big “thumbs up” sign. It’s like a universal message saying, “We good? Now back to my game.” [Read: How to properly talk to a girl and make her like you]

#5 Facetiming with his bros. This is especially important when you just started talking to or seeing somebody. If you want to Facetime with a girl, get a room! We don’t want you flaunting to your boys the fact that a girl is actually talking to you. Let us meet your friends in person first, or know more about them, before you broadcast our existence on a video call.

#6 Clicking click-bait porn spam. Please, stop falling for those stupid links on Facebook where you have to like or share a pervy picture to view a link. It shows up on everyone’s News Feed, which means that everybody knows that you are not only a pervert – you’re also a gullible pervert.

#7 Comment section chat room. If you want to say something, use your inbox. Nobody needs to know about the logistics of your night out or if you’re planning on doing the laundry today. That stuff keeps popping up on screen and it makes it harder to see other people’s juicier Facebook posts.

#8 The unsolicited dick pic. Oh dear Lord. I don’t even know how many talk shows, reality TV shows and magazine articles have advised against this, but none of it worked. Guys still keep sending unsolicited dick pics, as if it’s the only thing that can make a woman’s day. Rule no. 1: Ask first!

#9 The solicitation of nudes. This is only okay if you’re actually committed to someone or dating someone with validation issues. If you’re dating a decent girl with lots of self-control, you’re only going to mess up a good thing by revealing your propensity for being a dickhead too early. Well, I guess that would help us dump you faster, right? [Read: 13 rules of etiquette for the modern gentleman]

#10 Setting fire to themselves, making a puppy drink booze, etc. So you think that stuff’s funny, huh? IT IS NOT. You knowingly posted that stuff up, because you know it’s stupid, and will get a few laughs from your fellow morons, but it just shows that you are reckless, ignorant and possibly a criminal.

[Read: 14 dos and don’ts of adding your date on Facebook]

What you post online says a lot about you. So if your profile is filled with porn, dick pics, ridiculous selfies and disgusting pictures, then it certainly reflects what kind of person you are: the one who’s driving away the ladies.

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