The Smoothest Smooth Pick-Up Lines & How to Impress Girls with Them

You want to make a move on a girl you fancy, but you’re not sure how to approach her. What you need are smooth pick-up lines. And I have a few for you.

smooth pick-up lines

As a woman, I know all there is to know about smooth pick-up lines and the not-so-smooth. Women are constantly approached by men. Whether we’re at the park walking our dog, at the library, or at the bar.

Wherever we are, there’s a high chance we’re going to be hit on. Now is this a bad thing? It depends who you ask. Some women like being approached by men and other women do not. Usually, women who aren’t in favor have had bad experiences with men.

Maybe the men that hit on them were too aggressive or the pick-up lines were vomit-worthy. Either way, none of those guys succeeded in getting any numbers, and if they did, I’d be surprised if they were real numbers. [Read: 13 rules of etiquette for the modern gentleman]

Approaching women the right way

I know it takes balls to approach a woman. Think of it like this—you’re only one out of hundreds of guys that have tried to make a move on her. In other words, she’s literally heard every line in the book. This doesn’t mean you need to come up with some mind-blowing card trick to get her interested, but you can’t use the “Did you fall from heaven?” line.

Seriously, just don’t do it. I’ve seen women literally roll their eyes at men who tried those lines. There’s really an art to picking up women. Learn how it works or else your lines won’t work. So, it’s time you learned some ultra-smooth pick-up lines that’ll impress *almost* any girl you approach. [Read: Get over your fear of approaching women in 3 moves]

How to use a pick-up line

You can have the best pick-up line, but if you don’t use it properly, it won’t work. There’s more to a pick-up line than the line itself. A guy who gets the girl using a pick-up line and a guy who doesn’t are clearly using two different methods. Here is what needs to come with the pick-up line. Here are some tips when using a pick-up line.

#1 Believe in the line. If you want to convince someone to talk to you and listen, believe in what you’re saying to them. If you think it’s bullshit, that’s how she’ll see it. So, choose a line which you feel comfortable using or else it won’t go as you planned. [Read: How to start a conversation with a girl and create some sparks]

#2 She’s not a sex object. Stay away from lines that make her feel like a sexual object. Don’t talk about your dick or having sex the minute you open your mouth. Ew. Treat her like a lady, not a woman you just see as an object. If there’s one thing women know, it’s when we’re being treated with respect.

#3 Don’t be too confident. Yes, you should be confident, but you don’t need to be an asshole. If you’re too arrogant and give off the vibe that she’s just a notch on your belt, you’ll never get the girl. When have you ever seen as asshole get the girl in a romantic comedy? That’s exactly my point. [Read: How to approach a girl without seeming like a creep]

#4 Be genuine. Pick-up lines are lame if you look like you just read it off your phone. Be genuine and be yourself when using them. If it doesn’t feel comfortable, drop the line. Trust me, she’ll appreciate you much more if you’re not forcing the pick-up line on yourself and her.

#5 Make sure to carry the conversation after. Using the right kind of smooth pick-up lines work, but have a conversation after it if you want to get anywhere. You’re more than a pick-up line! Show her your intellect and personality, the real reason she’ll give you her number.

Conversation is really key when it comes to a successful pick-up line. Because at the end of the day, it’s not the line that worked, it was the whole package you gave her. That’s what made her choose you. [Read: 16 ways to win a girl over when you talk for the first time]

10 super smooth pick-up lines

The cheesy ones aren’t going to do you any justice.

#1 “We’ve already said ‘hi,’ right?” If she says no, then you’ve opened the door for an introduction. Easy, right? All you need to do is make sure you’re a good talker. If not, it’s going to be a long, awkward silence. [Read: How to approach women: 15 tips you absolutely need to know]

#2 “Whatever she’s doing at 7.” If your friend asks you what you’re doing after the party/dinner, etc. while you’re talking to her, say this. The least you’ll get is a giggle.

#3 “You coming, then?” It’s a bold line but can give you amazing results. If the party is lame, use this line. She’ll be surprised but pretty curious to see what you have planned.

#4 “Hi.” It may not appear to be the smoothest line, but it is. It’s simple without fluff. If you’re not good at picking up women, don’t try too hard.

#5 “Are you single?” Why beat around the bush? Don’t waste time, just ask her what you’re wondering. I mean, that’s the reason we all go out to bars and clubs anyways.

#6 “I wouldn’t treat you the way he does.” If the girl you fancy just had a fight with a guy, slide up next to her and use this line. You’ll certainly win a smile.

#7 “Can you hold this for a second?” While you’re at the bar, hand your drink to the girl you like and use this line. She’ll be shocked, but this cheeky move will have her curious about you.

#8 “Your dog is cute; does it have a number?” This of course, only works if she’s walking her dog. Will you get her number? Who knows, but you will get a giggle.

#9 “I think I just found my future wife.” It’s definitely a bold statement and depending on the girl, could go either way. But some girls like a guy that’s a little bold and cheeky. [Read: 16 tricks that will make you instantly likable with girls]

#10 “I don’t want to use a cheesy pick-up line on you.” You know she doesn’t want to hear a cheesy pick-up so tell her that. She’ll definitely be impressed because she’ll feel that you understand her.

[Read: How to set yourself apart and pick up girls]

There are hundreds of cheesy pick-up lines you could use. Avoid them at all cost. Instead, try one of these smooth pick-up lines that will work.

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