Sexual Market Value: The 5 Biggest Factors that Boost a Man’s SMV

If you’re looking to add some extra oomph to your sexual market value, or SMV, never fear! There are many ways you can boost your value and bag a mate!

sexual market value

Everything has a value, right? Your home has a value, your bank account has one, so it makes sense that people have a value. Something similar to “the total package,” your sexual market value needs to be high if you want to appear desirable to the people you find equally as attractive.

It might sound a little cold, to suggest that you need to have a value. After all, as tough as dating can be, we’re all humans. This isn’t an auction, right? The thing is, if you want to succeed in the dating world, you need to approach it as if it’s a game you want to win. That means being the most desirable and the one with the highest value. [Read: Hotness decoder – How to know if you are attractive to someone]

What is sexual market value (SMV)?

Sexual market value, or SMV, is a calculation of your sexual worth to a sexual partner. The higher your value, the more desirable you are.

Your sexual market value isn’t determined merely by how attractive you are, although that is a component. It is a total sum of what you offer in a sexual relationship. Things like your earning potential, how well you communicate, and how sensitive you are, all factor into your SMV. The good news, if you lack in one area, there is always room for improvement.

People tend to pay attention it sexual market value without actually understanding it. It’s not like you go around with a scorecard, comparing who has more oomph in one category versus another. It’s a subconscious thing and consists of all the things that people find attractive in a mate. So, even if you don’t think you pay attention to sexual market value, without realizing it, you actually do. That means everyone else does too. [Read: How to be more attractive – 31 ways to play up your best features]

How to fix up your sexual market value

There are several factors that increase or decrease your sexual market value. They are all about what type of value you provide to someone looking for a mate. For men, the scale is different from women. It’s not just about how hot you are, there are many factors at play for upping your SMV, whether you’re a man or a woman.

1. Looks

Yep, that is an easy one for some and a very stubborn one for others. If you were given the gift of hotness, then your looks catapult you to the top. However, if you aren’t the best looking in the bunch, fear not, that isn’t all that people are after when looking for a mate. If you want to increase your sexual market value then try your hardest to look your best. [Read: Real attractiveness – 20s do’s and don’ts that play a very big part]

2. Physique

Always keep your body as healthy as possible. For guys, not everyone is made to be a muscle head, nor does every girl want one. What they don’t want is a guy who has bigger nipples than them or a beer gut bursting out of his belt. A little exercise and portion control goes a long way.

Ladies, whether you’re an athletic build, curvy, or somewhere in between, that doesn’t actually matter. What matters is that you take care of yourself and you’re healthy. If you’re packing a few extra pounds, no issue, but if you’re packing too many and not concerned about it, that could lower your SMV to some. [Read: A man’s guide to look effortlessly good in bed]

3. Grooming

The man bun might be something that makes you “hip,” but that doesn’t mean it is a good look for you personally. Grooming to make yourself look good means you dress and style yourself according to what works for you, not what is in fashion. This rule applies to men and women. Don’t blindly follow trends because the Internet says you should. Opt for things that suit you and make you feel good. That will show on the outside to anyone who crosses your path.

Don’t think that you increase your SMV by being one of the crowd and trendy. Rather, it is in finding your unique style where you receive the biggest boost. [Read: How to be the hot guy – 20 rules to instant hotness]

4. Confidence

Confidence is highly attractive. Because men are innately supposed to be the hunters and gatherers, a woman wants a man who is confident and knows what he wants and who he is. When you walk into a room, own it. When you want something, go after it. Believing in yourself increases your sexual market value by miles.

For women, guys love a strong, independent woman, but they also want you to show your feminine, soft side too. It’s a difficult one to master, but standing up for yourself, speaking out against injustice, but being as soft as you can be too, should do it. [Read: How to build self-confidence – 16 ways to realize you’re worth it]

5. Turn on the charm, but not too much

If you want to increase your SMV, then turn on the charm, if and when, you can. Being charming might not come easy, but if you practice giving compliments, smiling a lot, and telling girls what they want to hear, then you boost your overall SMV greatly.

There is nothing more desirable than a guy who knows how to charm someone. Ladies, that means flirting but not going too far. You know what we mean here – tease a little, show them that you’re fun and great to be around, but hold a little back. Smile, be friendly and let your inner light shine. [Read: How to be charming and liked by everyone]

6. Show your smarts

It isn’t just about being well-read or being street smart. The ones who score the best on game are the ones who do their research, know a lot about a lot of stuff, and talk to anyone and just about anything. Having depth and the ability to hold your own in any crowd definitely ups your SMV. Don’t assume the intelligence makes you nerdy – it makes you super-interesting!

7. Status counts

Your status is a huge factor in your SMV. Status comprises what type of job you hold, how much money you have, and other material things about you. Not everyone is made to be a CEO, but there are ways to increase your status by having some flashy cash around. [Read: 19 life quotes to motivate you to live a better life]

8. Be independent and make your own money

If you want to increase your sexual market value, then you need money to show your independence financially. Guys, make a woman feel like you can take care of her. Girls, show a guy that you can look after yourself. Having a job that is upstanding is also a good way to increase your market value.

Perks like sky seats, event tickets, and any other thing that makes whoever you are with feel like they are important are definitely things that increase your value. If you must, get an extra job, work hard to work your way to the top, and try to make your partner feel like they’re someone special to be with someone special like you. [Read: How to date a high maintenance woman without going broke]

9. Please your partner in bed

How good are you in bed? If you think that women don’t care what you are like in bed, you are wrong. To up your playboy factor, try doing the things in bed that drives women crazy. Girls, own your body confidence and show him that he’s in for a great time whenever he’s between the sheets with you. Dare to be a little experimental if you can!

The more giving you are in the bedroom, the more highly you will be valued on the market.

To increase your sexual market value, try to read about what men and women like in bed. The more you please your partner, the more valuable you are to them. Many men in particular underestimate the value of pleasing a woman sexually. [Read: How to please your man in bed – 20 sexy ways to arouse him 24/7]

10. Be partner material

Communication is often a problem in relationships. A partner who can be there through thick and thin is highly valued. The problem is that there is a fine line to walk when it comes to being someone’s partner and being in the “friend zone.”

The partner material factor is all those things that would make you like the most awesome mate ever, without being clingy, needy, or downright obsessive. [Read: The modern day gentleman’s guide to wooing a lady]

11. Provide support and unconditional love

You don’t have to listen to your partner go on and on about stuff you don’t care about or be their best friend But, you do have to prove to them that you are going to be there through the good times and the bad.

A good partner is someone who has their back, and can fix things when needed. And you always take their side and fight for them. Being a good partner is a very important component of your sexual market value.

What is your sexual market value? Do you believe it’s pretty high or does it need some work? Now you know the main points that contribute towards that magic level, you can start a little self-improvement work That way, you’ll increase your desirability level and have a love life that makes you happy, every single day.

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Your sexual market value is the total package that you offer someone in the market for a relationship. To up yours, find your best qualities and make them shine. And do what you can to increase the ones that might not be all that great.

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