50 Fun, Casual But Important Questions to Ask a Girl You Just Met

So you met a girl and think she’s the one? Here are all the questions to ask a girl you just met to find out if she’s the one who’d be perfect for you.

questions to ask a girl you just met

It’s always exciting to meet new people, especially hot girls that you either want to date or maybe even marry some day! *Okay, let’s not get ahead of ourselves with the marriage thing quite yet, because you just met her* But you know you like her, and you don’t want to blow it. Not every guy is good at making conversation with a girl he likes, so we’re here to help you with the perfect questions to ask a girl you just met.

Firstly, as soon as you meet a great girl, chances are, you’d be drawn to her as soon as you see her. But is she the one?

Appearances can be deceptive, especially if you’re looking to get to know her better. Sometimes, you may think she’s the one. Only to find out a few months down the lane that both of you have absolutely nothing in common. Or worse, she’s just a very mean person who’s a complete wrong fit in your life!

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How to ask the right questions when you just meet a girl

Don’t make this seem like an interview. Once you’re introduced to her, or you find yourself in the company of this girl you think you like, thank your lucky stars. And remember a few of these questions to ask a girl you just met below. You can pick them at random, or use a few that you can relate to most closely.

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Keep an eye on her answers. But at the same time, make sure you’re doing everything right to leave a great impression on her as well. After all, mutual admiration is a two -way street. You don’t want this conversation turning into some kind of crush where you like her, and she thinks you’re interrogating her!

And as much as you’re asking these questions, remember to know your own answers too, because chances are, she will be asking you for your opinions too.

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50 important questions to ask a girl you just met

It’s really important to ask the right questions when you first meet someone – and even after you start dating them. Knowing some of these things will help you understand whether or not you two are compatible. And the sooner you know, the better.

These questions to ask a girl you just met range from silly to serious, but they will all give you a clue as to whether or not you want to keep pursuing her.

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1. Where are you from? Simple, direct, and mostly just a ritual when you first meet someone.

2. What do you do for a living? This will let you know a lot about her passions and what she wants to contribute to the world.

3. How’s your week been going so far? Is she happy with her life so far? Does she see an empty void that needs filling? And overall, is she a happy person? This simple question will reveal all of this for you.

4. What do you love about your job? Many people hate their job and love to complain. So is she positive or negative about it?

5. Do you consider yourself an introvert or extrovert? If you’re a raging party animal/extrovert and she’s a shy book work, yeah, that might not work.

6. What’s your dream? Does she even have dreams? Hopefully she does. [Read: Instant chemistry – 25 flirty questions to ask a girl you like and make her laugh]

7. What’s your favorite movie? Do both of you like the same genre? This is a casual but very important question to ask a girl you just met because it reveals the kind of movies she likes. And usually, the kind of movies we like, play a very big part in the kind of life we choose to lead.

8. Do you have any siblings? This might give you some insight into her personality if you can find out where she is in the birth order.

9. Are you close to your parents? It might be a red flag if she’s not close to them, although the reasons why can vary wildly.

10. Which is your favorite holiday destination? Is she adventurous or someone who loves luxury? Is she pretentious? A world traveller? A social media influencer wannabe? Or is she a homebody who prefers the cozy indoors? A simple question to ask a girl you just met, but with very revealing answers about what she hopes from her life in future. [Read: 20 deep questions to ask a girl and reveal her true self]

11. What’s your favorite kind of food? Is she a super picky eater? Or adventurous? How does it compare to you?

12. What do you do for fun? If you like to hike and go skydiving, but she’s not a nature lover or risk taker… well… you get my point.

13. Do you like concerts? This will give you an insight about the kind of music she likes, or if she even likes concerts at all.

14. How would your friends describe you? This is a perfect question to ask a girl you just met, because it gives her an opportunity to humble brag and talk about how the world sees her, through her own eyes. [Read: How to talk to girls and impress them with your smooth talking skills – A full guide from scratch!]

15. Would you ever go skydiving? This is a biggie! People who would go skydiving are very different than those who wouldn’t.

16. If you could trade places with anyone in the world, who would it be and why? This gives you a clue as to whether she’s happy with her life or not.

17. What was your first impression of me? Well, this will tell you whether or not you have any chance with her at all.

18. What do you look for in a guy you date? You can de-personalize this one and not ask about yourself specifically… so you don’t look needy.

19. What was your longest relationship? If you’re just looking for a hookup, but she’s only a long-term relationship gal, then you might be out of luck.

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20. What’s the most romantic thing anyone has ever done for you? Take careful notes on this one so that you can do something romantic for her later on.

21. What’s the most fun thing to do in this city? If you’re not native to the city you’re in, then see what kind of ideas she has for fun.

22. If you had a billion dollars in your bank account tomorrow, how would you spend the rest of your life? Would she continue working? Start a charity? Travel the world? Or would she continue to work on her own dreams? This question tells a lot about her passions in life.

23. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be and why? Would she still live here? If not, why would she leave?

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24. Would you ever want to be famous? This might give you a clue about whether or not she has some narcissistic tendencies or if she really likes a lot of attention.

25. If you would like to be famous, what would you want to be known for? It would be very different if she compared herself to Oprah than if she said she wanted to be like Kim Kardashian.

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26. Who do you admire most? Most people say their parents, but hopefully she gives a more creative answer. Don’t forget to ask her why.

27. What annoys you most about people? A very safe and interesting question to ask a girl you just met. Does she hate flaky people? Or a lack of integrity? Or people who are clingy, or rude? Just make sure you’re not displaying any of those traits!

28. If you could have dinner with anyone – dead or alive – who would it be and why? She could say anything from God to Cleopatra.

29. Do you have a best friend? If she doesn’t have a lot of friends, that says something about her. Conversely, if she has a zillion, maybe she won’t have time for you.

30. How old are you? One of the basics, but you need to be careful with this one if she is older because she might be sensitive about her age.

31. When is your birthday? Yes, you get to know her birthday with this question. But beyond that, there’s something very personal and bonding when someone asks you about your birthday. It shows a girl you’re interested in her, and interested in building a relationship with her.

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32. Do you have any hobbies? Does she like to knit? Is she a marathon runner? Is she in a band?

33. Who has had the most influence on you? It’s probably even more important to ask her why and how this person had so much influence on her.

34. Would you rather watch Netflix or dress up and go out? Is she a homebody? Does she love every opportunity to get out and have fun?

35. Do you have FOMO? The fear of missing out is an interesting trait to have, because it makes you want to experience everything life has to offer. But at some point, if she doesn’t learn to relax and be comfortable with herself, she’ll never be happy with the way her life is turning out. [Read: What is FOMO? How to read the signs and overcome the stress it causes]

36. Are you looking for a relationship? This is a pretty important one. Too many times, one person wants a hookup and the other wants a relationship. Get on the same page right away.

37. If you won the lottery, what would you do with all the money? Would she donate it to charity and feed the homeless? Or blow it on new shoes, cars, and houses?

38. If you had 3 wishes, what would they be? This question will give you a clue as to what is missing in her life.

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39. What’s the worst experience you’ve had with an ex? What kind of relationships has she been in? What kind of experiences does she have with love?

40. Do you have a type when you date? An interesting question to ask a girl you just met, because it tells you instantly if she’s into you or not. And even better, is she one of those people who are rigid in their preferences even if it’s totally wrong for them?

41. What’s your biggest pet peeve? Pay close attention to this one so that you can avoid doing whatever bugs her.

42. If you were stranded on a desert island, what 3 things would you want/need with you? If she says a person, it shows she’s sensitive. If she says beer, then she’s a partier.

43. Do you have a celebrity crush? Well, you may not want to know this one just in case she asks you for a “free pass” someday.

44. Do you like reading? Is she an intellectual or someone who despises hitting the books?

45. Do you believe in God? People say to stay away from this one, but if she’s an atheist and you’re a devout Christian, then it’s best to know right away.

46. Do you believe in love? Well, some of us do, and some of us don’t. Has she been hurt far too many times to even care about love anymore?

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47. What kind of a relationship are you looking for right now? This is direct, but if you’ve used a few of these questions to ask a girl you just met, chances are, you’re thinking this, and so is she. So is she looking for something serious, a rebound, or does she just want something non-exclusive because she has other interests going on?

48. Do you have a favorite quote you remember often? A harmless but fun question to find out what inspires her, and understand the things that matter to her in her life.

49. How would you define life? Very philosophical, but also a very insightful question to ask a girl and take a peek into her mind.

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50. Would you like to hang out sometime? This question’s been on your mind and hers for a while now. So it’s time to just as her!

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Meeting someone new is exciting, but it can be scary too if you don’t know what to talk about. But with these questions to ask a girl you just met, it’ll be easy as pie.

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