12 Prince Charming Traits that Make Girls Swoon

Who is Prince Charming and what makes him such a desirable catch? Use these Prince Charming traits to woo your own lady and make her swoon over you!

prince charming traits

Prince Charming is every girl’s fantasy.

He’s the knight in shining armor and the guy who makes fairy tales happen. All the time!

He’s the one who makes every woman believe in fairytale romances.

And he’s the chivalrous man who puts all other gentlemen to shame.

Have you ever wondered what it takes it woo a girl or make her fall for you?

All you need to do is follow the path of Prince Charming.

After all, if he can convince girls to believe in fairytale endings and happy romance, following his path can surely help you do the same.

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Who is Prince Charming?

Unless you’re living under a rock or haven’t read a single fairytale in your life, you probably know who he is already.

But for the less aware, Prince Charming is an idea. He’s the hero of every fairytale that ends with the words …and they lived happily ever after.

After living through an entire childhood of fairytales and happy endings, most girls dream of meeting the perfect Prince Charming even before they set eyes on him.

Prince Charming and his role in romance

Now Prince Charming is a pretty important guy. He may just be a figment of imagination in fairytales, but his traits are almost always the same in all the stories.

As an exception, the Prince Charming in Shrek may be a wuss and a spoilt infant, and he definitely does give all other Prince Charmings’ a bad name. But keeping this one rotten apple aside, there’s a lot you can learn from the heroic Prince Charmings’ and their way of life. [Read: 10 biggest dating turn offs that all girls hate in a guy]

If you have a hard time impressing girls into falling for you, just slip into Prince Charming’s shoes. And his traits will magically bring the women to you.

The 12 traits of Prince Charming that can make girls swoon

Most guys assume that you just have to be yourself to get the girl you want. But then again, many of these guys who convince themselves to be themselves usually end up going to bed alone every night. Ever wondered why?

People believe that we don’t need to change, and we’re perfect just the way we are. But in reality, all of us change just a little bit all the time. We learn from others, our parents, our friends and characters from movies, to become better individuals over time. [Read: How to become a better man using a role model]

As long as you alter your personality in a positive direction and pick up traits that make you a better guy, you’d start to see the difference very soon.

But if you’re lost, lonely and convinced you don’t stand a chance in the game of love, here are 12 traits of Prince Charming that can help you change your life for the better, and impress almost all girls you meet, all the time!

#1 Be the savior. Prince Charming is the dependable guy, the guy who always comes to a beautiful damsel’s rescue just when she needs help or a bit of rescuing from a tough spot. Be that guy. Be eager to offer a helping hand to girls, especially if it’s the girl you like or one of her friends.

#2 Be a chivalrous guy. Chivalry is an innate quality of the good guy. Learn to make way for a girl while stepping into an elevator, or stop to help a girl pick up something she dropped. It’ll make you look good, and give you the opportunity to strike a conversation with her. If you want to impress women around you, be it on the street or even at work, learn the art of modern chivalry. [Read: The new art of modern chivalry for guys]

#3 Fight for her. Let her see that you’re willing to make the effort to win her over, be it from dragons or other men who are trying to get her attention. Don’t behave like a spoilt brat who sulks in the corner when he doesn’t get what he wants. Instead, go out there and win her attention, even if she’s surrounded by other suitors. [Read: 8 ways to get a girl to notice you and like you without even talking to her]

#4 Pursue her. A great girl will always play hard to get, and that’s never a bad thing. The phase of pursuing and chasing a girl does two things, helps you realize if she’s worth the trouble, and secondly, it helps her see that you’re willing to make the effort to woo her.

So go on out there with a bunch of hand tied flowers and woo her, even if she laughs and turns into a shade of awkward pink. Remember, there’s something really sexy and cute about a guy who doesn’t mind embarrassing himself just to win a girl’s heart. [Read: 10 shockingly easy steps to woo a girl, pursue her and make her like you!]

#5 Be a man of principles. Prince Charming is a man of principles. He keeps his word and never backtracks on it. If you make a promise to the girl you like, make sure you keep it *unless you really have no choice but to break the promise*. A man of principles applies the same rules to himself and to others around him, be it about compliments or accusations.

#6 Be the leader. A great guy is almost always the guy who stands out in a group. He’s charismatic and everyone around him respect him and listen to his views. You don’t need to be an alpha male to be a leader, you just need to be respected and taken seriously. [Read: 30 good and bad alpha male characteristics you probably don’t know]

#7 Don’t be a coward. Prince Charming is brave and never tucks his tail. When you’re dating a girl, she expects you to be her protector. If you seem weak willed or cowardly, especially in your own daily life, be it work or family, she’ll never be able to look up at you as someone she can rely on in times of need. [Read: 10 traits you need to be a good boyfriend]

#8 Look like a dashing hero. Price Charming always looks good. If you think you’re not the most handsome guy in the room, worry not. Charm and charisma has less to do with natural beauty and more to do with how you present yourself. Be fit, look clean and dress well, and let the women in your life see you for the gentleman that you are.

#9 Be a confident smooth talker. Confident talkers are always the most interesting people, and they most definitely know how to impress women, make them smile and have a great time. Don’t be a nervous wreck that can’t make a move on a girl. Learn to effortlessly strike a conversation with the girl you like and always find ways to create happy conversations. [Read: Different ways to approach a girl you don’t know and impress her]

#10 Motivation and determination. A true knight in shining armor is focused in his professional and personal life. Don’t be the vagabond who has no clear directions in life. If you want to impress a girl, let her see that you have your own goals in life and are working hard to achieve your dreams. After all, girls are always drawn to be big dreamers.

#11 The graceful you. One of the biggest traits of the typical Prince Charming is his grace and composure. Be aware of your body and learn to carry it well. Work on your posture and stand tall, it always makes you appear more confident and makes you better looking than the others who walk with a slouched gait. [Read: 10 tips to be more graceful and impressive]

#12 Be intelligent. A charming guy is a smooth talkers and wonderful conversationalist, but he’s also very aware of the world around him.  If you want to be the man of a special girl’s dreams, have intelligent conversations with her so she can see you for the intellectual that you are. Corny one liners and jokes are great ice breakers, but you need to be a man of substance to woo her and show her that you’re truly Prince Charming material! [Read: How to make a girl smile, laugh and like you instantly]

Every guy in the world has to potential to be Prince Charming and woo any girl he likes and win her over. But of course, the path to being a great guy isn’t easy. It takes motivation and the will to change for the better.

If you’re having a hard time wooing girls already, it probably means you’re doing something wrong right now. Be willing to change, and use these Prince Charming traits here to help you along the way. If you truly follow these steps, you’d surely make girls swoon, as soon as you’re ready.

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If you’re trying to woo a girl, work your way into becoming the prince of her dreams using these 12 tips. Your own personal fairytale with a happily ever after and a happier love life is probably just a page away, just as long as you follow in the footsteps of Price Charming!

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