How to Get Any Girl to Like You: 18 Secrets to Impress Any Girl

So, you see a girl who you’re really into – she is your dream come true. But you’re not sure what to do? Here is how to get any girl to like you.

how to get any girl to like you

Many people think that we women are indecisive and mysterious, which I’d like to say is wrong. It’s not that we don’t know what we want. We know. It’s just that we don’t want to settle until we’ve found everything we’ve looked for. Makes sense, no? I get it. This can drive literally every guy nuts.

How to get any girl to like you – 18 things you need to know

What men seem to lack is the ability to see what women generally want in a guy. That’s been your problem. You’ve been looking, but you haven’t been listening. So, it’s time for you guys to listen and learn how to get any girl to like you. It’s not rocket science, well, maybe just a little.

#1 It’s not just about the look. If you don’t think you look like Ryan Gosling, you’re not alone. But you also need to be reminded that Ryan Gosling types are very rare, and most guys are just regular Joes. So, who cares if you don’t look like Gosling? There’s much more to attraction than just a pretty face.

#2 Be friendly, but not too friendly. If you want to know how to get any girl to like you, then you can be friendly, that’s all good. However, don’t become one of those people who are overly friendly. It can be seen as creepy or desperate. Women don’t want either trait in their partner. So, play it cool. Be cordial. [Read: Nice guy syndrome – 16 reasons why girls find you boring]

#3 Mirror her. It’s amazing how effective nonverbal communication is. Mirror her body movements, however, don’t make it too obvious and don’t do it right after her. Wait a couple of seconds and then mirror her movement.

#4 Don’t be too touchy. There is nothing worse than a guy who is all over me. I feel like he’s just in it for one thing. And sure, I know at the end of the day, that’s what you men are interested in. But I don’t need to know that within the first two minutes. [Read: 10 types of guys all girls find really creepy and annoying]

#5 Be decisive. If a man takes charge, that’s sexy. In fact, I encourage it. Don’t be a dictator, but when I’m having problems deciding where to go to eat, then suggest something. It helps and shows that you’re capable of stepping in when I need help.

#6 Do be yourself. Listen, don’t try to be some mysterious guy if you are really more of a laid back dude. It’s not going to work. Sure, you may get the girl, but eventually, she’ll start to see who you really are, and what if you two aren’t compatible? So, just be you.

#7 Pay attention to the details. If a guy brings up a small detail I mentioned a week ago, I’m not gonna lie, I’m impressed. It shows that you actually listened and weren’t just focused on getting into my pants. This is definitely a great tip for how to get any girl to like you.

#8 Actually have a conversation. Don’t look at your phone every two seconds or just say, “yeah” when you’re asked a question. Have a conversation… like a real one. Women are looking for someone who will be able to connect with them on a mental and emotional level. And that requires you to chat it up. [Read: How to win a girl’s heart and impress her effortlessly]

#9 Don’t go heavy on the gifts. One guy I went on a date with bought me flowers, chocolates, and a teddy bear. Needless to say, I didn’t see him again. It was the first date! If that doesn’t scream desperate, then I don’t know what does.

#10 Keep it fun. You can’t be doing dinner and a movie for every date. You need to keep her interested if you want to learn how to get any girl to like you. And plus, you need that time to get to know each other. So, switch it up. Go go-karting, check out the aquarium – something that’s out of the regular routine.

#11 Hygiene, people. I don’t want to have to remind people, but every now and then I think it’s important to. Keep yourself clean. Have a shower once in a while, clip your nails, you know, just maintain yourself. [Read: How to impress a girl – 15 atypical secrets you need to know]

#12 Wear red. Yes, I’m serious. Wear red. It works for both men and women since this color shows power and authority, thus looking more attractive. If you don’t have a red shirt, go out and buy one. You should notice the effectiveness of wearing red when you approach a girl.

#13 Be confident in your words. Masculinity is about certainty and confidence. So, you when you talk, be secure in what you’re saying. It’ll show us that you’re secure in yourself which is a huge turn on. Shoulders back, head high, and walk straight up to her.

#14 Tease her. I know this is from elementary school, but it does work. Now, don’t bully her. But playfully tease her. I mean, teasing is flirting. So, what I’m telling you is to flirt with her. [Read: How to make a girl laugh, smile and like you instantly]

#15 Make her laugh. Now, you don’t want to be the guy sticking carrots up your nose in order to get a laugh. You shouldn’t have to make yourself look like a complete goof in order for her to laugh. If that’s the case, you’re trying too hard… which she probably doesn’t find attractive.

#16 Let her chase you. We like to chase. We like being chased, but let’s be honest, women have more fun when we’re trying to get the guy. Does he like me? He didn’t text me last night. It’s all about the drama.

So, instead of texting her every night and wishing her a good sleep, try breaking the pattern. We can’t stand it. [Read: How to play hard to get with a girl – And do it just right]

#17 Easy on the nerves. Shockingly, men who are nervous wrecks are not attractive to women. Who would have thought? If I dated a guy who was constantly stressed out, I would lose attraction pretty quickly.

Whether you’re anxiety-prone or not, you need to learn how to relax. I know, easier said than done, but it’ll also help you in your overall life if you can manage your anxiety.

#18 Don’t be obvious with your emotions. I know you may really like her, but women find men who show uncertainty more attractive. If we are unsure if you’re into us, you get into our heads. If you hold back your feelings, you create a little mystery making yourself look more alluring to her.

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And so that’s how to get any girl to like you. Now that you’ve been allowed into the minds of women, you have no reason to not go up and talk to the girl you’ve been eyeing all night.

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