How to be the Perfect Man for a Woman

Women may be picky, but there are a few guys no woman can resist. Find out how to be the perfect man for a woman you love by using these tips.

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You know that choosing a few role models can actually make you a better man.

But won’t that change who you really are?

Choosing role models may change you, but what you have to understand is that it’ll change you to become exactly the person you really want to be.

After all, you are choosing to learn from role models who inspire you to understand how to be the perfect man.

All of us change constantly, but we don’t realize it ourselves.

If you really want to be the perfect man who is desired by all women, there’s really nothing wrong in choosing to pick pointers from someone who’s already been there and succeeded.

And naturally, you can always add your own twist to the same character to make it more unique and similar to who you are.

How to be the perfect man using a role model

It may be hard for you to walk up to the bartender and say, “Martini. Shaken. Not stirred.”

It may even sound corny and make you look like a wannabe. But if you pick the right role model to perfect your attraction skills, things wouldn’t really sound that corny in the first place.

One of my favorite role models of all time is Kelly, the bad-ass played by Timothy Olyphant in The Girl Next Door. Now he’s one cool dude we’re talking about. Not only is he a producer of porn movies, he’s a stud who can take the pants off any woman in a flash. You could be that guy too. He’s definitely my pick!

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The best way to fit like a snug glove into another character’s pants is by watching them, their gestures and their tone whenever you can. Interviews, movie roles, or watching the same movie a few times can help you get there. Stand in front of the mirror and try repeating the same groovy moves, slur or drawl, smile mischievously, do all the wishy-washy stuff and basically be everything that character is.

At first, you might find it hard and stupid, but once you’re a star, trust me, you’d notice the impressed reactions yourself. And a lot of girls will notice it too, you perfect man!

Copying a few moves is never a bad thing

Look, I know you’re hot stuff. But you’ve been missing the bright enlightening light of reason. You may be going out with someone already, but having a role model could have you more polished and refined. And anyways, everyone has their own role models, whether they realize it or not.

But what makes the difference between a Mr. Sexy and Mr. Yawn is the role model they choose to follow. And just in case you’ve been too busy to have heard, even chimps have their own role models in their group. See, even a primate knows what he’s got to do to woo his she-buddy. Trust me, everyone needs a good role model now and then if they have to understand how to be the perfect man. After all, men aren’t born perfect, a few regular joes metamorphose and become perfect men over time.

I have my own role models who’ve helped me become the man I am today. I learnt to look good while running on the treadmill after watching 50 cent in “In da club”. I learnt to look good while running fast from Tom Cruise. I learnt to speak with passion after watching William Wallace in Braveheart. And I understood how to sound confident and yet charming by watching Rhett Butler in Gone with the Wind.

Some may call a guy with a lot of role models a phony. But seriously, as long as you learn from others and become a better man, what’s even wrong in that? And as long as you carry it off well, no one’s ever going to know that you’re picking tips on how to be a perfect man from the movies or from your real life role models.

How can role models make you the perfect man?

We’re all strong willed men with lead laden egos inflated in our heads, but then, how can we be the best men we could ever be, especially when we’re not judged constantly? That’s where a role model can make all the difference.

You don’t need to be an exact replica, but a few tips now and then can make a big difference in our lives. Even though you think you’re the best example of the human male species, there may be times when you wonder yourself if there’s some hidden flaw in you. Why did that girl dislike me? Why are girls not swooning over me?

It’s at times of rejection and dejection when we actually open our eyes, and ask ourselves that hateful ego shattering nut-cracker.

So the easiest way to be a perfect man is by getting inspired by a certain trait of your role model’s personality and using it onto yourself and becoming the perfect person. Most guys always have that big question, “what’s wrong with me?” when the actual question they should be asking is “how can I get better?” Once you make yourself a better person by having a few role models, you would feel a lot more confident, and would definitely be the chick magnet you’ve always wanted to be.

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Attracting women with role models

You may be a great guy, but to woo the hottest girl in town, you need to be more than that. Have you looked around at the world that’s whizzing around you? There are so many great guys everywhere. They know to talk, to make girls laugh, and basically have a great time!

So even if you’re great, how different can you be from any of the lot? And you know that hot woman you’ve wanted to go out with gets constant attention from everyone in her world. So do you have it in you, that zing thing that can have her dreaming of you, even if all you’ve spent is one minute with her?

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Perhaps you just need a role model to help you become the perfect man for her. Remember, women will come to you when you are the best you can be. Good guys are a dime a dozen these days, it’s the perfect man that all great women want. And there’s nothing wrong in taking a few pointers from others who are more successful with women, even if it’s a character you’re talking about. What say you, Mr. Hitch, or is that going to be Jerry Maguire, or perhaps, Daniel Ocean? [Read: Why are women fickle in love?]

How to be the perfect man without being corny

Now, let’s not get carried away or take flight into seventh heaven in your pursuit to understand how to be the perfect man. Look at where your feet are and land hard. There are role models and then, there are over-the-top role models.

When you want to be someone else, take away a few attributes that may be a tad over the top for your life. James Bond’s lines and Don Corleone’s attitude are awesome on screen. Off it, there can be nothing cornier. When you use gestures of role models or movie characters, never ever go all out. Speaking like Forrest Gump is sweet, but remember that it’s still you mouthing those lines.

Just be yourself, and add in a few traits along the way. That way, you’re still yourself, with a chick magnet improvement.

Don’t ever just pick one role model though, that’ll end up making you a replica of a movie character. Instead of becoming a chick magnet, you’d end up repulsing all women!

If you want to know how to be the perfect man and woo any woman you like, pick a few traits from different characters and blend them into your own. It’s the safest and the best way forward, when you take the easy and successful role model way.

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When you use these tips on how to be the perfect man, you’d see that all you need to impress women and attract their attention are a few great movies or interviews, a few role models and the will to learn from others and become the perfect man.

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