How to be the “Hot Guy” – 20 Rules to Instant Hotness

Just like guys, girls too want a man who is going to take her breath away. But to be a truly hot guy, you have to be the total package.


Love is in the eye of the beholder. There are some people that we are just attracted to and others that inspire no feeling in us at all. Although everyone has their own preference, which is what makes love so mysterious, certain characteristics make you more “hot” and appealing to girls.

The problem is that most guys turn to other guys to find out what is cool or hot, instead of asking the real judges. You would be surprised to find that most of the things that make you hot to us, make you uncool to other guys.

There is a reason that you see the hot girl with the “geek.” It is because he is only a geek to other guys because he is a nonconformist. That is what women find most attractive. A guy who is outside of the ordinary, who doesn’t think that you have to be all “sports” to be a man and who understands that caring what you look like is actually a good thing, turns us on.

The Hot Guy Manual: 20 rules to follow to find hotness

If you want to be hot in the eyes of girls, then you have to follow some specific “hot” rules. To get the girl of your dreams, you don’t have to daydream; you just have to do the following things to make yourself attractive to us.

#1 Wear khakis. It isn’t that we don’t like your faded jeans, it is just that sometimes we like something a little more formal. Wearing a nice pair of khaki pants with slit pockets and tapered bootlegs is a turn on to just about any girl there is.

#2 Play an instrument. The good news is that it is never too late to learn to strum the guitar or run your fingers over the ivory keys. Playing an instrument will make you hot even if you are really not.

#3 Be a gentleman. There is nothing more attractive than a guy who is respectful to women. The hot guys are the ones who open the doors for us, pull out the chair for us, and order for us when we don’t know what to choose. No, chivalry is not dead; it is a much welcomed “hot” factor. [Read: The man code – The 10 most important rules of a gentleman]

#4 Give sports a rest. It doesn’t make you cool to know all the latest sports stats to a girl. You are much hotter when you remember her middle name or her favorite color.

#5 Wear cologne. You don’t have to smell like an Abercrombie store; just a dab will do you. The key is to find something that isn’t cliche or that everyone else wears. Go to the old school Grey Flannel or even Old Spice. There is a reason they have made it from generation to generation.

#6 Beards are not hot. Beards may be in, thanks to the duck commanders, but guys, we don’t think they are hot. You may think you are a rebel by letting your facial hair grow, but you are hiding any hot you may have. [Read: To grow a beard or not – 10 tips to make up your mind]

#7 Humor. There is nothing hotter than a guy who has a quick funny to pull from his sleeve or to make any situation more fun and light-hearted. If you are someone who can pull out the humor, do it any chance you can. Just make sure that you are actually funny, failed attempts are not hot at all. [Read: How to make a girl smile, laugh, and like you instantly]

#8 Trend is okay, too trendy tries too hard. If there is something in style, it is okay to be on top of trends, but if you are decked out in the latest fashion all the time, we know you are trying too hard. If you want to be hot, pick those things that look good on you and leave the rest for the catwalk, please.

#9 Sweaty is good… sometimes. Nature actually made a man smell good after working out. I know that when you are done with the gym, you may think that is a huge turnoff, but it isn’t. If, however, you don’t shower for a couple of hours, the smell goes sour. We want the pheromones right after the workout, but we don’t want the post-sweat stink.

#10 Metrosexual is not hot, being clean is. We don’t want a guy who spends more time on themselves and their things than we do, but it is hot when you are a neat person and can clean your shit up yourself. [Read: 15 things all women always look for in a man before falling for him]

#11 Be smart, not a smart ass. Being intelligent is a huge turn on. Girls aren’t exactly like boys; we need something besides a pretty face to find someone attractive. If a guy is hot but every time he opens his mouth, all we hear is “duh,” he can quickly lose his attractiveness. Also, sarcasm has a time and a place. If you overdo it, you run the risk of coming across as rude or arrogant. [Read: 9 subtle differences between a confident and arrogant man]

#12 A good haircut is a must. If you think that the roll-out-of-bed look is what we are going for, think again. We don’t want a “Mr. Slick” look, but going to something more than Supercuts to get the “bowl” is required to turn us on. A guy who knows his own style is the key to hotness.

#13 Fitness is a must. The truth is that we check out your body just as much as you are checking out ours. That doesn’t mean that we all want a meathead, it means that we want you to maximize your God-given body to the fullest. Being fit is a must for hot appeal.

#14 A happy smile. Sullen is not an attraction magnet to us. We want a guy who is happy with who he is and can roll with it. There is nothing hotter and more engaging than a guy who can cut the bullshit and stop being cool enough to smile. [Read: 50 cute and sexy things guys do that girls find irresistible]

#15 Self-confident. If you want to be hot, you have to stop following the crowd. It isn’t the guy who fits in that stands out if you know what I mean. Whatever it is that is all you, embrace it. Being yourself and having the confidence to go against the grain is the hottest trait that you can have.

#16 Strength comes in many forms. Being strong means something different from what you probably assume. Not all guys can lift three hundred pounds, but being strong enough to shelter us is a must. Strength means that you let us feel safe and secure.

Those signals can be accomplished by simply applying your hand to our back when walking, or watching to make sure that you are there to help carry in packages from the car. Being strong entails that you are going to be available to protect us when we need it, both emotionally and physically. [Read: 23 things girls wish guys knew about a girl’s mind]

#17 Have your shit together. Having your shit together means that you show up looking put together. We like a guy who looks like they can handle themselves from their watch to their shoes. A put together look is about taking time before you leave to make sure that your odds and ends are all taken care of. The “I just showed up” look is so yesterday, we want someone who puts a little effort into themselves and cares about their appearance.

#18 Eyes. There is something about looking in a man’s eyes that is very attractive to a girl. If you look her in the eyes, and she can see deeply into who you are, and that is the hottest quality that a woman can find. Instead of trying to avoid her gaze, look directly at her. Brown, green or blue makes no difference, it isn’t in the color; it is in the intensity and the honesty that being able to look front and center displays to us. [Read: How to behave like a real man, the way he really should be]

#19 Your backside. If you have a saggy butt, that is not going to be on the hot list. While you are getting fit, do a couple of extra squats. It is important that to be hot; you look as good coming as you do going.

#20 Balance between talking and listening. There is a perfect balance between being able to talk and listen. Your girl wants you to talk but only when she wants to hear from you. Being open and communicative needs to be in perfect balance between listening and showing interest in her. Being hot is about making us feel hot too, don’t mistake that point!

Being hot is not just something you were born with. Women are slightly different than men but not totally.
Initially, we are attracted to the body, the hair, and the good looks, but in the end, we find the total package hot. That means someone who has our back, is strong enough to have heavy shoulders and is interested enough in us to make us feel worthy and good about ourselves.

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So now that you know the traits of a really hot guy, how many of these qualities do you see in yourself?

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