How to Attract A Girl: 25 Things All Girls Find VERY Desirable At First Sight

Learning how to attract a girl isn’t that difficult. All you need to do is follow these tips, have the right mindset, and then let the girls come to you.

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The secret behind knowing how to attract a girl is pretty simple and definitely achievable. When it comes to understanding and attracting women, most men already know what it takes to be attractive, but somewhere along the way, they either give up or just don’t bother with making an effort to make a difference.

You shouldn’t be intimidated by attempting to attract women because just like you, they’re also human. The stiffer and tenser you are, the less likely you’ll be able to attract her. 

But you really must understand this – if you figure out how to attract women at first sight, you’ll also know how to be attractive to the rest of the world.

Seriously, a woman can be pretty difficult to impress at first sight when you haven’t spoken a word to her. And if you can impress a woman without even talking to her, you can definitely impress the world and everyone else in it!

So, take these life-changing pointers seriously, and be the man you were born to be. You’ll eventually thank us in the long run for these tips! [Read: How to talk to a girl – The secrets to smooth talk and impress any woman you talk to]

The psychology of attraction

The psychology of attraction is the study of why people are attracted to some people more than others. Attraction can be defined as finding interest, liking, or developing desire that pulls two people together.

When you feel attracted to someone, you usually know immediately. But why does this happen?

There are a lot of conscious and subconscious forces that get people to be attracted to a particular person. Let’s take a look at some of them. [Read: What kind of boys do girls want?]

1. How they look

This is probably the most obvious way we are attracted to someone. We can’t help but notice when a hot-looking person is in our presence. 

With that said, not everyone finds the same look attractive. Regardless, this is probably most people’s first go-to when they are attracted to someone.

2. How they smell

Attraction isn’t just about how someone looks. Our other senses, such as smell, also come into play. [Read: How to wear cologne – cologne chemistry and how to do it right]

Pheromones are a hormone people give out that attracts other people. That’s why a lot of colognes and perfumes have them added to them.

3. Facial symmetry

Symmetry is having both sides of your face identical. You would think most people’s faces are perfectly symmetrical, but that’s not true. 

Studies have found that the more symmetrical a person’s face, the more attractive other people find them to be.

While the reasons aren’t specifically known, it could be because we unconsciously think that symmetrical features make a person’s DNA less damaged. [Read: Science of attraction – 17 things that are far more sexy than looks]

4. Body shape ratios

Regardless of how much you weigh, your body ratio and shape can influence what makes you attractive to other people. Men are more attracted to women with larger hips and small waists. Women are more attracted to a man with broad shoulders and a smaller waist. 

5. Personality

Personality also plays an important role in the psychology of attraction. You can be the hottest girl or guy on the planet, but if you’re a jerk or overly shy, then people will be less attracted to you.

People like kind, friendly, charismatic people who exude confidence. That energy is like a magnet for most people. Someone who doesn’t project that attitude might be seen as less attractive than those who do. [Read: First glance – the secret behind attraction]

6. Similarity

If you have ever heard the phrases, “like attracts like” or “birds of a feather flock together,” then you know what this means. It means that people who are similar to one another tend to seek each other out.

Think about it, if you have a lot in common, you probably think the other person is pretty awesome because they are like you. On the other hand, if someone is your opposite, then they might not be as attractive in your eyes.

What do girls want?

Women aren’t complex creatures. The primary key to learning how to attract women is to be yourself. They don’t want someone who’s clearly trying hard to fake it or be someone they’re not.  [Read: How to play it cool with a girl and make her desperately want to win you over]

So, drop the act and say true to who you are. If she likes who you really are, she’ll naturally be attracted to you.

Of course, it also helps to have charisma and confidence that stand out in your personality traits! Want to know the kind of personality traits desire? 

Take a look at these 20 things women look for in a man before falling for him if you’re trying to upgrade your personality and become a better version of yourself! 

Attracting a girl is all about how great your first impression is. If you give a pretty strong first impression, she can’t help but be really interested in you. 

This might sound cliche, but being confident in who you are is something women really love.

There’s just something about a confident guy that makes him stand out from everyone else. Why do you think girls love bad boys in the first place? [Read: Why good girls love bad boys? The truth finally uncovered]

Because they ooze confidence and I-don’t-care. Now, of course, we’re not saying you should be a bad boy, because there are other things that are more important than first impressions! 

But being confident is how you can make a girl curious about getting to know you.

Also, there is a huge difference between arrogance and confidence, so be sure that you know the difference between the two. [Read: The subtle differences between an arrogant and a confident man]

Mindset to attract women

This might surprise you, but the most important thing you can master when you are trying to learn how to attract a girl is your mindset. You have to have the right attitude and project good, confident energy.

The reason your mindset is so important is that girls can pick up on your positive or negative vibes. Negative vibes are a woman-repellent, and positive ones are a woman-magnet.

Here’s the kind of mindset to have.

1. You don’t have to prove yourself to anyone

Attracting girls isn’t a competition. Sure, it might feel like that sometimes when there are a lot of other hot guys around.

But keep in mind you want to attract the right girl for you. If some girls prefer other guys over you, then so be it. [Read: Confident or cocky? 16 subtle signs that split an arrogant and modest man]

The right one will find her way to you without a lot of effort on your part *not that you don’t need to put in any effort*. In other words, it will just flow naturally.

2. You are not addicted to an outcome

The kiss of death when it comes to attracting girls is a vibe of desperation. If you seem over-eager, then it will be a turn-off for most girls. They like confidence.

So, even though you might like her, you need to have the attitude that you’re okay without her too. Hey, you’re not everyone’s cup of tea.

But no one is. So, just accept that fact and don’t be fixed on and attached to a certain outcome. [Read: What is a SIMP? 15 signs you’re simping and how not to be one…ever!]

3. What value can I offer someone without expectations?

Just be in the present moment. Meet a girl, be friendly, talk to her, and learn more about her. Share information about yourself too. 

The point should be to assess whether or not the two of you would be a good match. You present who you are, she does the same, and then you see if she has something to offer you and vice versa. Don’t have any expectations either way.

4. Unapologetically honest mindset

Now, when we say “unapologetically honest,” we are not giving you a green light to be a jerk and say anything that’s on your mind.

You still need to have some tact and a filter so you don’t way anything wrong. [Read: 34 Subtle ways to get out of the friend zone and make yourself VERY desirable]

With that said, don’t say anything that isn’t true. If you’re a guy who doesn’t make a lot of money, that’s okay. Embrace it and be okay with it. Your honest attitude will make her have a similar one too.

5. Value your time to see if this woman is worth it

Instead of having the attitude of, “Gee, I hope she likes me!” you need to be thinking, “Gosh, I hope I like her!” Do you see the difference between the two? The first one is desperate, and the last one is confident.

She might not be worth your time. So, that’s why you have to have this attitude. If she’s not, then she is preventing you from meeting a girl who is worth your time. Right? [Read: How to build self-esteem and love life with 10 simple life changes]

6. You show up powerfully

In other words, don’t pretend to be anyone else. Be yourself at all times. Don’t pretend to have a high-powered job or a fancy car if you don’t. There is nothing wrong with who you are, and you need to project that attitude.

In fact, you should have the attitude that any girl would be lucky to have you! You are a catch! Own who you are, embrace yourself and be happy in your own skin.

7. Compassionate and patient

If you act like a jerk – either because you really are one or because you are putting on a “bad boy” act – then that will be a turn-off for girls.

And the stereotype that all girls like a bad boy is just that – a stereotype and myth. Not all girls do. [Read: 12 Tips to transform you from a nice guy into a real man]

So, be compassionate, nice, and friendly. Be patient with her. Kindness goes a long way in life, especially in attracting a girl. 

8. You embrace failures with confidence

All guys have struck out with girls. That’s just a fact. So, if it doesn’t turn out well with a girl you like, then you are not alone. All guys have been through it.

Don’t see it as a “failure.” Instead, see it as a learning opportunity. As yourself what you can do better next time, and then do it.

Also, see the “failure” as a gift because the girl clearly wasn’t meant for you. Now you can go find the one who is. [Read: How to tell if a girl doesn’t like you – 25 signs she’s rejected you]

How to attract a woman at first sight and make any girl desire you

You won’t wake up a better man tomorrow, but with these tips on how to attract a woman, you can make a small difference every day. And soon enough, you’ll be a smooth-talking charmer and get the attention you deserve *and get those panties to drop!* every single day.

1. Learn to groom yourself

There’s something attractive about a guy who knows how to groom himself and look presentable. It’s an absolute turn-off for women when you don’t even bother with basic hygiene *yikes*! 

The world has a lot more to offer to men cosmetically than it did a decade ago, so make use of it. [Read: 33 Signs you are unattractive and all he ugly fixes to get hotter!]

Whether it’s face masks, professional facials, 9-step skincare routines, or hair mousse and eyebrow shapers, try them out and see if they can make you look sharper. 

Most guys shy away from skincare routines and grooming products but start using these products a few times, and you’ll realize how much they can better your appearance.

So whether it’s shaving, moisturizing, dressing nice, or using complex perfumes, make use of it to groom yourself. Of course, that is, if you really want to learn how to attract a girl. [Read: How to make a great first impression on a girl and leave her in awe]

2. Lift those weights

If you want to know how to attract women, you need to understand what women want in a man. You are aware of how Superman looks, right? 

Of course, you don’t have to be Superman, but having a good physique is a HUGE bonus when it comes to catching a girl’s eye at first sight. So build your shoulders and chest up!

Do you want a drop-dead gorgeous diva to look at you lustfully? Hit the gym and try to look physically appealing when you’re out and about. [Read: How to get motivated to exercise? 28 tips to try!]

It’s an unrealistic expectation to land a 10 when you’re not making any effort in looking presentable yourself. Let’s make this clear – looks aren’t everything but when it comes to first impressions, they make a pretty big deal.

So if you want to learn how to attract a girl, hit the gym and lift those weights! But a word of caution, many men think looking like a miniature Hulk is impressive, but almost every woman hates that, so work out and look fit. 

But don’t get carried away to the point where you’re so large you can’t reach around and wipe your bum. [Read: How to get a girl who’s out of your league – 15 easy ways to impress her]

3. Dress like a million bucks

Dressing like a million bucks doesn’t really take a million bucks. But it takes a bit of fashion sense and common sense. 

If you’re not too sure of your own dress-up skills, ask a girl friend with good taste in clothes to help you with your shopping. Dressing presentable and neat will attract any girl you’re specifically eyeing on.

You don’t need to have a fashion degree to be fashionable! You just need to have a bit of fashion sense. [Read: How to look rich – 40 ways to dress like you’re rolling in cash]

Try to be aware of what’s in style and what isn’t, and buy something only if you feel comfortable and confident in it. What matters more than anything else is to not focus on looking trendy, but to focus on outfits that make you look good.

At the end of the day, new, well-fitting clothes make us happy and appear more confident as well. If it looks good on a mannequin but not on you, that outfit’s not for you. 

And don’t just stop with the shirt and the pants; learn to accessorize, that makes ALL the difference! [Read: How to dress to impress a girl & get more than just a second glance]

4. Good posture

Good posture and a bad one can make all the difference between a confident and charming guy, and a lonely slob who’s a bore. 

This is one of the most overlooked aspects of knowing how to attract women. Learn to stand upright, but without making it look weirdly obvious like you’re stretching backward.

Look at a few role models that you admire and see how they stand. Do they slouch like a failure, or do they exude confidence and manliness in their posture? [Read: What girls find attractive – 49 traits that make a guy irresistible to women]

The secret to appearing confident and secure with your body and yourself all comes down to posture. If you’re always slouching your back, you won’t look as confident.

Stand in front of the mirror, look at yourself and try to replicate your role model’s posture. It might not seem very interesting, but good posture is everything when learning how to attract a girl. 

If you can’t figure this out yourself, learn from the people you admire in real life or in the movies for their confidence and positivity. [Read: How to be sexually attractive – 40 subtle ways to seduce anyone]

5. Don’t be a klutz

Being clumsy can be cute and funny once in a while, but if you’re going to be a clumsy slob all the time, it would disgust any woman who’s with you or even sees you. Always be aware of your surrounding and your body. 

Ever met that guy who bumps into people or things and doesn’t even realize where his body starts or ends? Don’t ever be that guy.

If you want to know how to attract a girl, always be aware of your surroundings and what’s going on around you. If you tend to be clumsy, you might want to work on this habit of yours. [Read: 25 most common dating deal breakers for women all guys must avoid]

Try to learn to be elegant and graceful if you’re going to attract women better. Remember that the first impression lasts, and being clumsy isn’t a good look on anyone.

6. Work on your communication skills

Every woman dreams of being wooed by a charming man who can make her blush and flush with happiness. Learn to speak with a woman in a manner that would make her feel special and cared for, and always remember never to put her in a spot or make her feel uncomfortable.

Your communication skills are everything in learning how to attract a girl. So, if you want to make a positive impression during your first interaction, work on how you speak and listen.

While having the right things to say at the right time may seem brilliant, it’s not all that matters. [Read: How to talk to a girl – 20 secrets that will make you irresistible to women]

Your intonation and how you talk to a girl make more of a difference than the words you actually use. 

If the words flow smoothly out of your mouth, it’s easier to charm a woman and make her want to be with you. If anything, your communication skills are actually part of your charisma. [Read: How to start a conversation with a girl and make her really like you]

7. Intelligent and witty

Women are always drawn to charming men who are intelligent and witty. There’s really no easy way to get wittier, but you’ll have to understand this secret behind how to attract women.

Intelligent men who are witty and humorous almost always have the upper hand in impressing and attracting women because they make the women around them have an excellent time. 

The key to learning how to attract a girl all comes down to your intelligence and wit. If you have the intellect to hold engaging conversations and also have a sense of humor, that’s gold. [Read: How to charm a girl and flatter her into liking you]

Don’t just stick to small talk or mundane conversations, but show your intellect and knowledge to her. She’ll love this!

8. Be confident

Now we’ve gone through almost everything that you need to know to understand how to attract a woman, but if you get this trait wrong, everything could go down like a stack of cards.

You may know how to talk and behave, but if you’re not confident with yourself and happy being who you are, you’re always going to have a hard time attracting women. [Read: How to build confidence – 11 powerful changes to alter your life]

Remember what we said earlier about confidence? There will always be something sexy and attractive about a confident guy that makes him stand apart from the rest.

If you want women to be attracted to you without even trying, you have to ooze confidence all the time. If you genuinely believe you can make a woman enjoy your company and have a nice time, there’s a greater chance that she’d want to be with you and spend time with you even if both of you just met each other.

Confidence is your best skill if you’re going to learn how to attract a girl. [Read: How to be confident – 28 life hacks to transform your future forever]

9. Sense of humor

Having a sense of humor is integral if you want to learn how to attract a girl. The moment you make her laugh, her interest is immediately hooked on you. 

So, it’s essential to have a sense of humor if you want to attract her. It doesn’t matter what type of humor you have, as long as you’re fully capable of making her laugh.

It’s even better if you share the same humor *now that’s golden*! Don’t be shy in making her laugh, whether it’s sarcasm, pick-up lines, or one-liners. [Read: How to be funny and make people love your company]

This might just be the ticket to win her attraction and eventually, her heart!

10. Smile more often!

Smiling is such an underrated way to attract someone. When you smile, it gives others the perception that you have a friendly and pleasing personality. This is in contrast to being serious all the time that you never even bother to smile or laugh.

She’ll never approach you or feel relaxed and comfortable around you if you maintain a rigid body language, you know? So, smile or laugh whenever you get the chance. Trust us, this is how you attract a woman! 

11. Be mysterious

Being mysterious plays a significant role in knowing how to attract a girl. It’s the element of mystery that will encourage her to chase after you, so don’t reveal everything about yourself to her. [Read: How to be mysterious and leave everyone smitten and craving for more]

Even if you really like her and you think she’s the prettiest person in the room, don’t tell her all your secrets. Leave that for the first date or when you actually start developing your connection. 

But until then, be mysterious. It’s the element of mystery that makes her curious to get to know you, after all.

12. Have a sense of accomplishment

It’s a known fact that women love guys who have a sense of accomplishment.

You don’t need to be the most successful guy in the room to attract her but being a man who has goals and ambitions in life is more than enough to woo her. [Read: The best compliments for girls – 25 genuine lines she’ll love to hear]

If you have dreams and passions in life, don’t be shy about telling her all about them. There’s just something attractive about someone who has goals and passions, which is one way to attract the woman you’re eyeing.

13. Have interesting hobbies

Speaking of passions, the key to knowing how to attract a girl is to have interesting hobbies. Maybe you love working out, playing the piano, or even dancing! 

You can show her that you’re living an interesting life by telling her stories about your hobbies and interests.

Even if it’s something she doesn’t understand, trust us when we say she’ll be curious about getting to know you when you tell her all about your interests. [Read: How to be more interesting and make everyone want to know you]

14. The Warm Up

Don’t forget about your warm-up act. There are a hundred women around you at a party or at your workplace, and likewise, there are a hundred men there too.

Now, what is it that will give you the winning edge over all the other men to get you in the good books of your best woman in the hundred? 

Well, it’s relatively simple, it’s the little things, packed with loads of balls and brains. It’s about crossing the enemy lines but still playing safe. [Read: Do girls like shy guys? Is shyness an attractive trait or a turn off?]

Now now…don’t get confused. This was just an attempt to get dramatic!

15. Break the touch barrier

Breaking the touch barrier is highly crucial if you want to know how to attract women. The moment she gets comfortable with touching you, you’ve already roused her interest and desire in you.

Even if it’s as simple as a touch on the shoulder, a hug, or even an “accidental” bump, breaking the touch barrier is essential for getting her to be interested in you.

But of course, be subtle about it, and don’t be too aggressive in breaking this barrier as your aggressiveness will likely put her off. [Read: How to turn a girl on with a casual touch and make her melt into you!]

16. It’s all about the eyes

Eye contact is one of the biggest nonverbal communications between people. You see everything you need to see in a person just by looking at their eyes.

Your eye contact shows her if you actually like her or not. Eye contact also shows your level of confidence. So, if you really want her, make eye contact.

You don’t need any glowing neon signs for this. You just need your eyes. It’s that glance that can get the fire crackling. [Read: 10 subtle eye contact moves that work]

That one single glance can melt hearts, and it’s got to come from you! However stupid this may sound, practice your “I’m Hot!” look!

Look at yourself in the mirror every morning, give yourself an appreciative glance, and see if you find yourself at your best. 

This look is best noticed after you shave! It’s not very different from how you normally look, but you know you look better. It’s that look that makes you say, ‘Damn, I’m good!’ [Read: How to impress a girl – 21 atypical secrets you MUST know]

This look comes with practice, but if you’re a rookie, then you shouldn’t use ‘the look’ around women until you’re confident about it, because you would only end up like one of the million wannabes you find everywhere.

17. Pay attention to your appearance

Guess what? People judge. They judge others based on their appearance. Now, you don’t have to look like a prince, but you need to get your basic hygiene practices covered. Wear clean clothes, shower, cut your hair and nails, you know, look presentable.

18. Confident body language

If you walk into a room with your shoulders hunched and your hands in your pockets, you’re not giving off the right body language. What do you want to show people? What impression do you want them to have of you? [Read: 15 secrets to becoming Mr. Irresistible]

If you want them to see you as a confident man, play the part. Shoulders back, hands to your side, and head up. Come on, man, you can do this.

19. Your friends

Your friends certainly help you out with your self-image. Chat with them, joke around with them. In other words, have a good time when out with your friends. 

If a woman is interested in you, she observes how you interact with your friends. It’s the best way to see what kind of guy you are.  [Read: 40 ways to have fun with friends, beat boredom and create new memories]

20. Nonverbal banter

Tease a woman without saying a word to her. If she’s across the room, shoot her a facial expression or a hand gesture. Remember, nonverbal communication is huge, so maximize it as much as you can.

It’s a great way to get the vibes between you and her going without words. Then, when you approach her, you already have something to talk about. [Read: The 12 secrets to figure out anyone instantly]

21. Your energy

The energy and vibes you send out are extremely important. It’s also tied into your confidence. 

If you pout in the corner, your energy isn’t something many people want to be around. Now, you don’t need to be the life of the party but don’t show up to the bar in a crappy mood.

22. Your social interactions

Sure, this sounds shallow as hell, but having good-looking women around you isn’t a bad idea if you want to attract other women. [Read: How to make a girl laugh, smile, and like you instantly]

It makes you look desirable which is the goal you should have. If you want a woman to want you, make yourself look like all women want a piece of you.

23. Leaning into her when talking

Now, you don’t want to show too much interest by leaning into them right away. But halfway through the conversation, lean into her, showing her you’re interested.

If you lean back for the entire conversation, it shows you’re not fully invested in the conversation which is the opposite of what you want. Yet, don’t lean in right away, go slowly into the lean.

24. Show your best self

If you want to attract a woman, show your best self because if you don’t think women watch, you’re wrong.

Though we may not be directly staring at you, we watch you. So, when you want to attract a woman, show the room your best side. [Read: The 12 benefits of exercise on your mind, body, and libido]

25. Your shared interests

You’re not going to find out all her interests without talking to her, but if you’re going out to the bar she’s at, you already know one thing she likes. Or if it’s at a concert, then you already know she’s into that band. 

Attract women towards you just by the fact that you’re in the same place as them. It’s always attractive to see someone enjoying the same things as you.

26. Have good manners

No girl likes going out with a cave man. Sure, you might think being that way makes you a “manly man,” but it’s not an attractive quality to be uncultured. [Read: Proper social etiquette – 12 rules that redefine modern manners]

So, have good manners. Say please and thank you to the servers at a restaurant. Open the doors for girls, and be a gentleman. Because contrary to what many people think, chivalry is definitely not dead.

27. Build sexual tension

Flirting and fun banter is a great way to build sexual tension. You can do this both with your body language and with the things you say.

However, you have to be cautious with this. Don’t get overly sexual or start to sext with her. Most girls find that gross, so you want to stay away from that. Just keep it light and vague, but focus on the flirting. [Read: How to make yourself irresistible to women]

Final thoughts on how to attract a girl

If you really want to know how to attract a girl, learn to be confident and exude an aura of positivity, happiness, and confidence. 

Get this right, and you’d be more attractive to women than you can ever imagine! Learning how to attract a girl is so much easier once you get the hang of it.

Remember just to be the best version of yourself, be confident, and the rest will follow. Once you rouse her interest, she can’t help but want to get to know you better. 

[Read: 20 moves to get super lucky with women all the time]

Change your life with these tips on how to attract a girl, and you’ll learn to draw women and experience a better and happier life. Start small, and you’ll see in no time that your dating life and every other part as well will gradually transform for the better!

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