Good Vs. Bad – What Kind of Guys do Girls Like?

To understand what kind of a guy girls like, you need to understand the system and how attraction works. And then, it’s just a snap of the fingers!

Most guys assume that the male species is split into just two groups, the good guys and the bad guys.

And you can’t be further away from the truth!

There’s a serious misconception among guys that if a guy isn’t getting a girl, or if a girl leaves him for someone else, he’s a good guy who’s living in a bad, bad world.

But do you want to know the truth?

You never hear guys whining about how unfair the world is when they’re winning or getting any girl they want, do you?

You only hear them cursing the world and the league of bad boys when they lose the girl they like to someone else.

After all, the world is unfair only for the weak.

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Good guys vs bad boys

Frankly, this is not a war between the good guys and the bad guys.

It’s just an imaginative idea that’s been fed into the minds of the so-called nice guys who got walked over by a so-called nice girl.

First of all, for all the nice good guys who believe that girls find bad boys irresistible, well, we can put your fears to rest right away.

Girls don’t find bad boys attractive.

Just as there are no special traits of good guys that make it easier for girls to walk all over them, bad boys don’t have any special powers that make girls go weak in the knees. [Read: 20 qualities of a guy that make him a real man]

I mean, really, who is a good guy and who is a bad guy anyway?

How would you define a nice guy? And how would you define a bad boy?

However you put it, it makes no difference to a girl, because the kind of guy that girls like and desire has traits that could be seen in a good or a bad guy. [Read: 12 Prince Charming traits that make all girls swoon instantly!]

What kind of guys do girls like?

If you want to impress a girl or get her attention, you don’t need to be mean or rude *typical assumed bad boy behavior*. You don’t need to allow her to walk all over you *typical assumed good guy behavior*. You just need to learn to display your manliness better than every other guy around you!

The truth is, women always fall for the dominant male, and there’s nothing anyone can do to change that because evolution has forged that idea deep inside a girl’s genes.

Ovulation, her age and a woman’s interest in a man

So how can you be the guy who attracts any girl he wants? Well, you need to understand the system before you try beating the system. If you’re relying on half-truths and confusions, you’ll always find yourself on the unfair and cheated side.

Women, unknown to themselves, like different kinds of men at different times of their menstrual cycle. During ovulation, when they are most fertile, they prefer men who are more brawny, confident and display more stereotypical traits of manly behavior. So if you’re a less manly guy, chances are, your wife or girlfriend would be lusting for manlier men at certain times of the month. But at other times, they may not really care about the difference at all.

What you need to understand from this is that women, whether they choose to or not, subconsciously find themselves getting more attracted to manly men when they are most fertile and ready to produce an offspring! [Read: Is a girl with a boyfriend flirting with you?]

Evolution and why nice guys suck!

Women want a boyfriend or a husband who would stick around and provide emotional support, but evolution has tricked them into falling for the kind of person who’s adventurous, risk taking, dominating and socially powerful. And that’s because evolution believes that the stronger male genes can be found only in males who display a manlier and dominating behavior.

From the perspective of evolution, women want manly men with superior genes. And just like in the wild, where female animals choose a mate who’s alpha or superior, among humans too, women prefer a man who dominates other men. [Read: 30 truthful alpha male characteristics that make a man a real alpha]

Simply put, girls want a guy who looks masculine *which means a good dose of testosterone* and dominates other guys, in some way or the other.

Now it’s easy to see why every girl has a crush on the most popular boy in school and college, doesn’t it?

Whether you like it or not, a guy who sits alone in the corner just doesn’t seem like the perfect manly guy a girl wants, because evolution has brainwashed every girl in the world into believing that a guy who isn’t dominant and masculine just doesn’t have good genes, which means he isn’t worth going out with, and finally, having sex with. [Read: 11 really easy steps to seduce a girl and get her in bed effortlessly]

Nice guys vs. bad boys

The good old question that bugs and annoys nice guys for as long as time can remember – Why do girls choose bad boys over nice guys, get used by them, and finally when they emotionally mature, come back crying into the arms of a typical nice guy who’s devoted and supportive?

This should help you understand the cycle better.

The younger the woman, the more she wants a male displaying manly characteristics because her hormones want a man who’s surging with testosterone. She isn’t attracted to a kind and soft-spoken man. She wants a wild stallion! [Read: 15 signs the girl you like is leading you on and taking you nowhere]

Are you the wild stallion?

Yeah or neigh?! Well, a man who’s got good genes grows up stronger. He has a strong immune system, and since he’s healthier than most others in his species, his body has the capacity to use more resources and produce more of the hormone, testosterone.

And testosterone is directly linked to manly traits like a strong masculine jawline, deeper voice, dominant behavior, risk taking ability, bigger and well defined muscles, etc. But at the same time, the higher the testosterone in a man, the harder it would be for him to stick around with just one woman. But that’s an entirely different story anyway.

So if you have these features and these abilities, you’re probably one of those lucky men who have better genes than the rest of the mere mortals around you. And by the odds of evolution, you have an upper hand when it comes to the game of sex and procreation. [Read: 25 traits and qualities about a guy that girls find irresistible!]

But even if you don’t have these traits, fret not. You can fake it till you make it, and still be all stallion in no time, because there’s a little secret not many people know.

You can always increase the level of testosterone in your body just by using a few tips, without ever relying on any supplements.

Why do girls come back to nice guys when they grow up?

Before I tell you how you can be manlier and attract more women, you need to understand why girls eventually start looking for a devoted and less risk-taking partner.

This is about the balance in the system. When a girl is younger and in her teens or twenties, she’s full of raging hormones, and her idea of an attractive male is one who displays strong traits of masculinity, risk taking abilities, and domination. And she would fall for him even if he doesn’t have the traits of devotion, or if he lacks a nurturing side in him.

But as time goes by, and women mature emotionally and are looking for long-term relationships, they start placing a higher emphasis on a potential partner’s nurturing and sensitive side instead of paying more attention to a man’s masculinity. [Read: 23 things about girls that all girls wish guys knew!]

Sometimes though, if a girl doesn’t believe she’s attractive enough to draw the attention of the higher ranking alpha males, her brain could trick her into falling for someone who has higher chances of reciprocating her affection and sexual interest, even if the guy is lower in the chain of manliness.

To sum this up, women prefer masculine traits for sexual procreation, but choose feminine traits for long-term relationships. So if you think women are silly or dumb because they fall for the wrong guy *in your perspective*, it’s probably her genes that are tricking her into doing what evolution thinks is the right thing to do to ensure the continuation of the human species! [Read: A guy’s guide to make a girl want you sexually and fall in love with you]

What kind of guys do girls like? – The traits that matter

Now that you know women find masculine men irresistible, here are a few tips you can keep in mind to load your body up with natural testosterone. And if you’re a nice guy who has a nurturing and sensitive side to begin with, you’ll end up turning into a lethal combination of hotness and niceness that no girl would be able to ignore! [Read: 8 sneaky ways to make any girl horny and wet just by sitting next to her!]

#1 Talk to more girls. The more girls you talk to or flirt with, the more your testosterone increases *almost instantly!*. So the more you flirt with girls, the sexier you’d get! [Read: 10 ways to talk to girls and leave them swooning]

#2 Be confident. Confidence is a trait of the strong and dominating. If you feel confident and believe in yourself, chances are, you’d appear more attractive to everyone around you.

#3 Don’t be dominated. The more you’re walked all over by someone, the smaller your manly package would get over time. Remember, every gorgeous girl wants to date someone who’s the alpha male, not some guy who’s taking orders from everyone with his tail tucked in between his legs.

#4 Don’t bitch and whine. State how you feel. Bitching and moaning makes you appear weak, helpless, and powerless, which would make you appear unattractive almost instantly. [Read: 15 qualities girls want to see in a guy before falling for him]

#5 Get a strong immune system. One of the perks of having good genes is a strong immune system. And girls are drawn to a healthy appearance even if they can’t pinpoint the exact reason behind it. Eat healthy and look healthy, and chances are, you’ll get a lot of second glances too!

#6 Those big guns. A fit and strong body is a clear sign of healthy genes and high testosterone. If you have a well-defined body with broad shoulders, a V shaped torso, and a slim waist, that’s your key to getting attention. After all, if your body has the resources and the testosterone to create a perfect body, it probably has good genes too.

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So the next time you wonder why girls like bad boys or dislike good guys, try to understand the real truth. Girls don’t want nice guys or bad guys, they just want a great guy. And evolution, well, it uses your genes and your testosterone to pick your spot in the hierarchy!

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