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How to Look for Subtle Signs Your Ex Misses You After the Breakup

When a relationship ends, it’s normal to look for signs your ex misses you. You want them to miss you! But, what should you be looking for?

Signs Your Ex Misses You After the Breakup

When a relationship ends, are you someone who finds it easy to cut ties and never think about that person again? Or do you always keep one ear to the ground in some small way, wondering what they’re doing, seeking signs your ex misses you?

Most of us do the latter if we’re completely honest with ourselves. That also means that your exes out there are probably doing the same to you!

You might want to rekindle your romance, you might be very glad it’s over. Either way, it’s a good idea to be on the look out for some key signs your ex misses you. The reason? You can handle the situation in the best possible way by knowing where you stand, by reading between the lines.

If you have no intention of getting back with this person, if you do notice signs, you’ll know to back away. On the other hand, if you want to start things up again, knowing the signs to look for will help you make the right move!

The biggest signs your ex misses you

So, what do you need to know? [Read: The steps to take to find closure after a breakup]

#1 You receive the classic drunk texts or calls. Come on, we’ve all done it. You think you’re fine. You’re over your ex, you don’t care it’s finished. Then you have just a little bit too much to drink, out comes the phone and a heartfelt text is on its way! The next morning you wish someone had preempted the move, but you can’t turn back time!

If you’re receiving texts or even calls when you know your ex has been drinking *usually late at night*, that’s a pretty solid sign. We become a little braver when alcohol is involved. It could mean reaching out to people who perhaps we wouldn’t be so keen to talk to when sober. The question is, does a drunk mind always tell the truth or is it all just a case of “vodka made me do it?” You know your ex, so you should be able to answer that question a little easier! [Read: How to avoid the awkward drama of drunk texts]

#2 They start liking your photos and posts on social media. There is one obvious way to know if someone is social media stalking you. You suddenly get a ‘like’ on a photo which you posted a while ago. In order to do this, they must have bee wistfully pouring over your old snaps!

This is one of the biggest signs your ex misses you. It takes effort to look through someone’s old photographs. If the affected photos are of you and your ex together, that’s a serious sign they’re being nostalgic!

#3 You hear they’ve been asking about you. Most of us have mutual friends with exes, especially if you were with them for a long time. If you’re hearing that your ex has been asking about you, even if it’s just asking how you are, that’s a pretty clear sign.

If someone didn’t care, why would they ask about you? Okay, it could be a passing pleasant comment, but if your name comes up in conversation more than once, you’re certainly on their mind. It means they’re missing you. [Read: When does an ex start to miss you?]

#4 They reminisce about old times. If you’re still on speaking terms with your ex then you might notice that they look back over your experiences and memories with a fondness in their eyes and perhaps a wistful smile on their face. If this is the case, they’re missing the days that have passed with you.

What you should consider is whether you want to go back over old times. Do you want to leave it in the past and move on to make new memories with someone else? [Read: How to help your ex get over you and find peace]

#5 You start to see them wherever you go. It’s normal to bump into someone from time to time, but if you notice your ex pops up far more often than usual for no reason, then you have to wonder whether this is one of the signs your ex misses you!

In addition, if you are still friends on social media or with someone close to your ex, and you posted that you were at a specific place when they turn up, that’s another sign to look out for. [Read: 14 things you must know when you bump into your ex accidentally]

#6 They become jealous when you’re out with someone else. If you’ve been seeing someone else, seriously or not, and your ex finds out, do they become jealous? If they do, why do you think that is? Because they’re still hung up on you. They miss you! The fact your ex becomes jealous when you’re seen with someone else means they don’t want you to be with anyone else. If they didn’t miss you, they wouldn’t care, right?

#7 You notice they try to make you jealous. There are many ways to try and make someone jealous. This could be via social media, turning up with someone new to places they know you’re going to be, make it known via mutual friends, or directly, they’re seeing someone new.

If an ex was genuinely moving on, they wouldn’t care if you were bothered about it or not. If they’re pushing it in your face, this is a clear way to make you jealous. By doing this, they exhibit one of the main signs that your ex misses you! [Read: 16 signs your ex wants you back and can’t stop thinking of you]

#8 They’re always trying to meet up. There is probably no reason to continue meeting up for coffee, unless you’re trying to stay in touch. In that case, why did you split up in the first place? If your ex is always wanting to meet up with you for some reason or another, then the chances are that they’re desperately trying to keep you in their life. The only reason for this is that they miss you and want you back.

How do you feel about meeting up with your ex? If it’s done in your mind, is it worth it to keep going back over old ground? Does it drag up old wounds? In some cases, cutting your losses and moving on for good is better. [Read: 12 reasons why the no contact rule always works]

#9 They tell you they miss you in a joking way they’re not joking! Joking about something is one of the best ways to try and gauge someone’s reaction, without saying it in a serious manner. If your ex is always jokingly telling you that they miss you, they’re probably not joking. They actually do miss you.

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These signs your ex misses you are big red flags of lingering feelings. Weigh the pros and cons carefully before diving back into a situation which caused you pain in the past.

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