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10 Strong Signs Your Ex Is Over You & It’s Time For You To Move On

It can be hard to move on after a breakup, especially if you think your ex still has feelings for you. So, what are the signs your ex is over you?

Signs Your Ex Is Over You

It is no secret that you think about your ex often, especially when the breakup is still fresh. Not only are you missing them, but you are wondering if they miss you. That is totally normal. We all do it. Whether the breakup was mutual or you initiated it, we cannot help but ponder over the signs your ex is over you.

And this usually means you aren’t over your ex, and that is okay. We don’t just get over an ex overnight, and they don’t get over us that fast either.

Do you need to know the signs your ex is over you?

I know it is easy to fall into a world of overthinking. I have done it myself. You get swallowed up by what your ex is doing or thinking. Are they with someone new? Are they thinking about you? Before even trying to find the signs your ex is over you, decide whether or not it really matters. If they are, will it help you move on faster? If they aren’t, will you want to get back together?

What will knowing really offer you? Will it create closure? Are you worried you hurt them and want them to be okay? If you discover the signs your ex is over you, what will that change? Will it offer you peace of mind? Will it make you upset? [Read: Is my ex thinking about me? A guide to pick all the right signs]

If the outcome of finding out the signs your ex is over you won’t add anything good into your life or your mindset, why bother? Focus on your own feelings. You are broken up, their feelings are no longer your priority.

Sorry if that sounds harsh, but it is true. Your feelings should be your first priority. So, before searching for the signs your ex is over you, figure out if you are over your ex.

What to do with the signs your ex is over you

Now that you have come to a conclusion ask yourself what you’re going to do with the information you get from these signs. If you decided to go forward and read the signs your ex is over you, you shouldn’t go in blind.

Are you still struggling with the breakup? Will finding out your ex is over you help you to move on? Are you hoping to get back together and need reassurance it is totally over?

When you read the signs your ex is over you, what are you going to do with that? Are you going to dwell that they have moved on or are you going to feel free and move on yourself?

If you aren’t going to do something healthy when reading the signs your ex is over you, maybe you should try to focus more on yourself. [Read: 16 small steps to help you start feeling better about yourself]

The clearest signs your ex is over you already

I hope your decision to find out the signs your ex is over you is a good one and will help you move forward. If so, here are the signs your ex is over you.

#1 They don’t reach out. When your ex is over you, one major sign is nothing – just silence. If your ex stops texting and calling, they are either over you or on their way to completely getting over you. This is actually quite healthy behavior when ending a relationship.

The same goes for responding to you. It may not be polite, but cutting off communication is a surefire way to move on. If they aren’t responding to you, they are probably over you. [Read: 12 reasons why the no contact rule is the best way forward for you]

#2 They return your stuff and want theirs back. This is a big sign your ex is over you. Usually, this won’t happen immediately after a breakup but a few days or weeks after. It tells you that things are officially over. They are severing all ties and anything that connects you physically.

This is a sign your ex is over you and ready to move on with his or her life.

#3 When they aren’t trying to seem over you. This is a very subtle sign, but if you know your ex well, you may pick up on it. When a breakup is fresh, your ex may try to seem like they are over you before they truly are. They may post photos on social media that make it seem like their life is full and happy.

They may even flirt openly online so you can see it. This can be petty but is something a lot of people try to do. And it doesn’t mean they are trying to make you jealous, just that they are essentially faking it until they make it. Once that stops and their social media presence goes back to normal, they are truly over you.

When they stop trying to prove they are over you, it is because they are. [Read: How your ex may be behaving if they wanted to make you jealous]

#4 They don’t reach out when you’re happy. This is something I have personally dealt with too often. How many times have you been happy with someone new or happy alone, and that is when your ex creeps out of the woodwork and texts you?

Sure, these texts can be purely physical, but they show that your ex is thinking about you. So, when that stops, they are probably over you.

#5 They don’t interact with you online. When an ex is not over you, they will like your photos, comment on your posts, and even message you memes. But, whether they unfriend you, mute you, or just disappear off of your online radar, they are over you.

Social media is such a big part of our lives, and if they cut you out of that they are over you and ready to move on. [Read: Understanding the dangers of social media and how it makes us feel insecure]

#6 You both got closure. Getting over an ex can take a while. When the breakup ended smoothly and you both got closure, your ex may get over you faster than normal. When there is no unfinished business, that is a sign your ex is over you.

When there is something left unsaid, it is easy to dwell and stay attached, but when both of you said all there is to be said, the moving on process speeds up.

#7 You are on good terms. A lot of people think that being rude to an ex shows you’re over them. And it can, in some cases, but I find that when you and your ex are on decent terms or are at least cordial, it shows maturity.

If you fight when you run into each other, your ex probably isn’t over you, but if you share small talk and can hang out with the same group of friends without awkwardness they are over you. [Read: 14 things to keep in mind when you accidentally run into your ex]

#8 They want you to move on. This is a huge sign your ex is over you. In fact, it is more than a sign, it is a flashing neon light. If your ex is telling you to move on, they are so over you.

Someone that isn’t over you secretly hopes you are still pining for them, but if they want you to move on and find someone better or one that makes you happy, they truly want that and have no bitterness about it.

#9 They don’t reach out on important days. Exes tend to reach out on days that would have been your anniversary or your birthday or holidays. My ex and I said happy birthday to each other for three years after we broke up.

Sure, that could just be politeness, but it also meant we were thinking about each other, which would be fine if we were friends, but we weren’t. Once we stopped reaching out during those days we were both over each other completely. [Read: How to help your ex get over you for good and find peace]

#10 Finally, they tell you. Another obvious sign your ex is over you is if they tell you. Trust me, they are not playing hard to get. They do not secretly want you back. If your ex tells you they are over you, believe them and move on yourself. It is what’s best for everyone.

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Seeing the signs your ex is over you is not that hard. As long as you know where to look, and now you do.

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