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20 Most Healing Questions to Ask Your Ex after a Breakup to Find Closure

You don’t need too many questions to ask your ex after a breakup, but do need a few perfect ones to find closure for yourself, and get over them for good.

questions to ask your ex after a breakup

Ending a relationship is never easy, but it can be a lot easier to move forward if you have the perfect questions to ask your ex after a breakup. And if you don’t ask them these questions, chances are, you’ll always be left wondering about what-ifs and what-nots.

Is it important to ask your ex any questions after a breakup?

Not really. Confronting your ex and asking them a few questions won’t solve anything. It won’t bring them back, nor will it reduce the pain you’re probably feeling. It may not always give you the closure you need. After all, closure comes from within, and not from an ex who doesn’t care anymore.

 But it will help you move on. It will calm the whirlwind of questions that come to mind every time you think of them. And it will help you move on with finality, instead of wondering where you went wrong, or how you could make things right again.

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Why do we have so many closure questions after a breakup?

You’ve had your breakup. The tears have been shed and the sweatshirts have been returned. But, there is still a lot of confusion, which is why these questions to ask your ex after a breakup matter.

A breakup rarely ends everything. It may end the technical parts of your relationship, but it likely left a lot of feelings and probably quite a few questions.

We don’t always get the chance to talk to an ex and get all our questions answered, so if you do, be smart about it. I know you have a lot of unresolved feelings, but there are some questions to ask your ex after a breakup that will help you move on. [Read: The 8 most common post-breakup mistakes you should never ever do]

Should you text or ask these closure questions in person?

When you are talking to your ex after a breakup, it is really the most beneficial if you do it in person. If you start texting your ex, it can get out of hand. You can start saying things you might regret. When you are talking virtually, you have an invisible wall protecting you from embarrassment or regret.

When you text your ex, things can turn around and take you back into a potentially dysfunctional relationship. Texting to ask questions to get clarity is just like going to their house to seek closure.

Seeing your ex privately, especially while feelings are still fresh, will lead to more harm than good.

Try to meet your ex somewhere in public to ask questions and get closure. You can go to lunch, meet at the mall, or anywhere that you will be able to keep things calm and cordial without lashing out or rekindling unresolved emotions. [Read: 14 things to keep in mind when you bump into your ex or meet them]

The most healing closure questions to ask your ex after a breakup

 If you have found a neutral place to meet your ex and are hoping to get closure by asking them questions, you’re in luck. 

It may sound impossible, but it isn’t. Now, closure doesn’t mean you will come away with these answers feeling unfazed by the end of your relationship. But the end will feel more meaningful and like there is a reason. [Read: Why you shouldn’t go looking for closure from an ex after a breakup]

This is what you want from these questions to ask your ex after a breakup. You don’t want to dwell on the past or what could have been. You want to learn from this relationship and move forward with knowledge and clarity.

With that, there are some questions to ask your ex after a breakup that will help you heal and move on.

Be prepared for some unexpected answers, and some that might upset you at first. But, all in all, the truth is what gives you closure. [Read: How to behave during a breakup and leave with your head held high]

1. Can you give me the full truth? 

 Starting here sets things off on the right foot. As your ex, they may think lying will protect you from hurting more or protect them from accountability. They may not want to see you cry or get upset.

Let them know no matter how you react now that you want the whole truth in order to move on and will offer the same to them. [Read: The 10 stages of a breakup and how to get through each of them]

2. When were we done in your mind? 

This can give you a lot of insight. Something a lot of us do when a relationship ends is wonder how long our ex wanted to end things. We think the breakup was a shock. But, if we can know when things took a turn, we can be more aware in the future.

3. How did you know this wasn’t going to work? 

This will let you know why they gave up. You may still be wondering why you didn’t make it work or try harder. The answer to this question to ask your ex after a breakup will give you the closure you’re looking for. 

It will let you know what straw broke the camel’s back, so you don’t have to wonder what if. [Read: 14 telling signs it’s time to give up on the relationship]

 4. What do you think went wrong? 

This may seem similar to the last question but is a bit broader. The answer to this won’t necessarily be about the end of your relationship but the beginning of the end.

5. Were you ever unfaithful? 

This is not something everyone will want the answer to and yes it will hurt at first, but in the long run, you will be more confident in the end of this relationship once you know.

6. Do you think I was unfaithful? 

This will clear things up for your ex and you. If you want to ensure they know you were faithful or that you weren’t so they can move on too, this is the time to talk. [Read: Could you have unintentionally micro-cheated?]

7. Do you think we both contributed to this ending? 

I would say in most relationships both partners almost always have a hand to play in the end, but that isn’t always the case. Talk to your ex about this. Do they think they fully ended things on their own or that it was your fault?

8. What do you think are my best qualities? 

 This can be cathartic to hear from someone that is hurting due to the end of your relationship. It isn’t about what they think of you, but what you can take away from this. 

Knowing that they still see good in you no matter the ending shows that you are both mature and that things didn’t get too out of hand before ending. This is one of those questions to ask your ex after a breakup that can actually have you both ending things in a mature and good way.

9. Do you think we are different people than we were when we first met? 

Knowing if you changed since the beginning of your relationship can give you a lot of clarity. You may think you are the same person but your ex could point out the ways you’ve changed. And that isn’t a bad thing. 

Sometimes we grow and our partners don’t. Sometimes we grow in different directions. And sometimes we grow and the relationship doesn’t. Knowing these things helps you take away more from this relationship. [Read: Your ex wants to be friends? 15 questions you need to ask yourself]

10. How would you describe our breakup to friends? 

This is not your business in every situation, but if you share friends it is best you two are on the same page so that there is no unneeded drama.

 11. Do you think we should distance ourselves for a while? 

I always think cutting off communication with an ex for a while is the best move. You can adjust to not having them in your life. But, see what they think. Do you need to interact because of work or other circumstances? [Read: 12 reasons why the no contact rule always works]

12. Did you ever trash talk me to your friends? 

This is another thing that can be hard to hear, but when asking your ex questions after a breakup this helps you be in control. Feeling like a fool after a breakup is one of the worst feelings, so knowing as much as you can now will help prevent that.

13. Do you wish we never met? 

A mature person will look at a failed relationship as a way to grow and improve. If your ex wished they could wipe out your entire history together, they are not mature and this realization will help you move forward. 

14. What do you think you brought to our relationship? 

This is the time for you to get clarity and closure, but can also be a time to learn more about your ex and for them to learn something too. Seeing what they think they did right in the relationship can be very eye-opening.

 This can take away a lot of bitterness you may have built up and help you both regain confidence.

15. Will you be okay with me moving on? 

Will seeing you with someone new hurt them? Will they be happy to see you happy? This lets you know what stage of the breakup they are in. If you know you’ll be seeing someone and posting photos online, you can mute or unfriend each other for a while until you are both past it.

16. Are you happy? 

Knowing your ex’s state of mind is important for both of you to move forward after this conversation. Are they doing okay? Are they struggling? It is not your priority to keep them happy, but it is helpful to know where their mind is for your own sanity. [Read: How to help your ex move on and get over you for good]

17. Are you seeing anyone? 

You do not want to be surprised when your ex brings their new partner to a mutual friend’s party or posts pictures with them online. Asking them this prepares you for seeing that. You can even ask them to let you know if they do start seeing someone just so you aren’t taken off guard.

18. How are we going to handle our mutual friends? 

This is one of those questions to ask your ex after a breakup that most people don’t talk about, but if you have mutual friends it can help. Maybe you just want to go back to how things were before you dated. But can you? Maybe you’ll switch off events with them until the tides have calmed?

19. Moving forward do you want to keep in touch? 

I wish I had asked this question to all of my exes. It prepares you for that random text or for radio silence. Do you want to try to be friends down the road or are you going to go your separate ways? 

Answering this now and getting on the same page prevents hiccups from spreading out the time it takes to move on. [Read: Is being friends with an ex you still love a possibility?]

20. Is there anything you want to ask me? 

This conversation is meant to offer clarity and closure to you post-breakup, but your ex deserves that too. Give them the same honest responses to their questions that you expect from them.

Try not to ask your ex if they miss you, if you could have done something different, or if they regret anything. These questions and others like these only pull you back into the relationship that is over.

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These are all the best closure questions to ask your ex after a breakup to move forward, not back. So, keep that in mind and good luck.

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