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The 7 Types of Romantic Hugs that’ll Bring You Closer to Each Other

Connecting with your partner isn’t all about sex, hugging can be just as intimate. But, did you know there are different types of romantic hugs?

Physical intimacy is important in a relationship, but it doesn’t mean you must be rattling the bed posts every night! There are many ways you can be physically and emotionally intimate without taking your clothes off. In fact, these seven types of romantic hugs are totally fine to do in public!

These different types of romantic hugs all mean one thing: I love you, I care about you, I want you to feel safe, I feel safe in your arms.

Hugging is officially certified as being good for your health. It can reduce stress, makes you feel happier and more upbeat. It can also help make your heart healthier too. All the more reason to start bear-hugging your partner whenever you get the chance!

Of course, hugging is also a great way to connect with your partner and helps you to feel supported, and support them at the same time. However, it’s easy for hugging to start feeling the same after a while. So, mix things up occasionally.

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Types of romantic hugs you probably didn’t know had a name!

Hugging is not just hugging. There are many different hugging positions you can try. Just like sex positions, it’s a good idea to mix things up and try new things occasionally! This also communicates different messages to your partner.

#1 Hugging from behind. This type of hug offers a form of protection and basically says “it’s okay.” It doesn’t matter if you’re smaller or bigger than your partner, the effect is the same. All you need to do is hug your arms around their waist and lay your head against their shoulder from behind. You’ll feel safe, they’ll feel safe. Then, squeeze them in reassurance if you need to. [Read: Love and affection: The magic spark in long-term relationships]

#2 Hugging with eye contact. This one is pretty intense. It’s one of the types of romantic hugs which really communicates your feelings. It’s really easy to do.

You just hug them in the normal way and make sure that you look deep into their eyes. You’ll probably be tempted to look away, as most people become a little awkward when there’s long lasting eye contact involved. Do your best to stick with it for maximum effect.

#3 A hug that truly says “I love you.” A forehead kiss is something special and tender. When you combine it with a hug, it really does become one of the types of romantic hugs which packs the biggest punch. Just hug them in the normal way, but lift your head to kiss them on the forehead at the same time. It can often be quite a moving moment too. [Read: What a forehead kiss really means and why it’s so special to everyone]

#4 A hug that says something else. A hug can actually be a precursor to something even more intimate. But you should make sure that you communicate your desires clearly! Hug your partner in the regular way, but pull them closer and rest your hand on the lowest point of their back as you can, or even grab their butt and give it a cheeky squeeze! [Read: Different ways to say I love you without saying a word]

#5 Hugging from the side. Sometimes you’re just not in the right position to give them a full on hug but the moment takes you, and you really want to take them in your arms and give them a squeeze.

In that case, just hug them from the side! Place your arms around their middle and rest your head on their shoulder, if they’re sitting. It’s a “I just wanted to hold you” kind of message. It’s one of the types of romantic hugs you can drop in there quite casually. [Read: 15 non-sexual touches that’ll make anyone feel really connected and loved]

#6 A long lasting hug. Words aren’t needed with this type of hug. The physical closeness communicates everything that is needed. Take your partner into your arms. Stroke their hair or their back as you do so. You can move this into the kiss on the forehead hug from earlier if you want to. This is a great hug to use when your partner is having a bad day.

#7 A playful sitting hug. You don’t have to be standing to hug someone, you can do it sitting down too! When your partner is sitting, straddle them and wrap them up in a big bear hug. It’s protective, calming, loving, and shows that you want to cheer them up in the moment. If anything, it’s one of the most important types of romantic hugs for the message it portrays. [Read: How to create a deeper connection with your partner]

Why you should hug more often

Hugging in a relationship is important. It shows that you are comfortable with one another, and it communicates reassurance and love without words. Sometimes words just don’t do it. These types of romantic hugs certainly tick the box.

Many relationships start off as purely physical *it’s all about the sex*. Then they progress and more hugging takes place, rather than constantly jumping into bed. This shows the relationship is maturing into something deeper. Something with real emotions involved! By hugging your partner, you communicate those feelings without words. It’s ideal if you’re not ready to say those important three words yet, or you just don’t know the words to say. [Read: The health benefits of hugging that’ll make you want to cuddle more]

Of course, hugging isn’t just for partners. There are many types of hugs that aren’t romantic, and instead they’re simply supportive and reassuring. You may hug a friend when they’re having a bad day or when someone tells you that they’re going through a difficult patch. You’ll probably hug your family members.

Hugging is simply a way of communicating a message via the medium of human touch. It doesn’t have to be romantic, but in a relationship, it’s certainly important to have this physical closeness which doesn’t lead to something else. Sometimes we just want to feel close to our partner without feeling like it has to lead towards the bedroom, right?

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The health benefits of hugging are clear to see. When you feel emotionally connected to another person, you’re also giving your mental health a boost too. A relationship cannot last or become deeper when there is no emotional intimacy, but many couples find it hard to put into words how they feel. [Read: 11 types of hugs women give and what each means]

Do your best and explain your feelings from time to time. Using these types of romantic hugs could be enough to help your partner understand what you’re trying to convey, while reassuring them and allowing them to feel the strength of your love. [Read: How to hug a girl and give her the kind of hug she really wants]

If you think about how you feel when your partner hugs you, you’ll know how they feel when you do it back. So, make it your aim to hug your partner more. That doesn’t mean you need to go down the route of over-kill, but a little more than you normally would should do the trick. In that case, you’re strengthening your bond and you’re grabbing the associated health benefits at the same time!

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Hugging brings a range of health benefits while connecting you to your partner on a deeper level. There are many different types of romantic hugs you can use, so why not mix it up occasionally?

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