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Cutest Couple Traits: 21 Most Unlikely but Truly Cute Traits

The cutest couple is not the newbie PDA-clingers standing in the corner. Rather, they are the ones who are comfortable branching out on their own.

cutest couple

Ever walk behind an old couple who can barely walk alone? It is as if they are holding one another up making it down the street.

We all want that enduring love that keeps us going in the darkest times, makes us believe that anything is possible, and allows us to see the positive in everything around us. The problem is that life gets in the way.

One of the most harmful things to any relationship is having unrealistic expectations about how things are “supposed” to be. Your idea of cute may be completely different from others’ definition.

If your partner isn’t living up to your level of “cute,” or you don’t think your relationship is as cute as it should be, you may be putting undue pressure on your union that will lead to anything but cuteness.

The top 21 most unlikely, but truly “cutest couple” traits

Sometimes we have to see “cute” where it may not be screaming out. It isn’t in dressing alike, finishing one another’s sentences, or making kissy-face. Sometimes the cutest couples are those that make it through the rough spots, have a real relationship *not a fairy tale*, and care for their partner more than they care for themselves.

#1 They have certain traditions they created all on their own. The thing that binds a couple together is having those things that are all your own. A cute couple has a ritual of going out to their favorite restaurant for dinner, opening their Christmas presents alone two days before, or celebrating their anniversary by spending the day in bed. That is their own cute. [Read: Couples bucket list – 20 things every couple needs to do]

#2 They still have date night. It doesn’t matter if one partner works out of town for weeks at a time or if they work down the street, people who are a part of a cutest couple has time allocated to just the two of them – and no one else.

#3 They don’t go a day without a kiss or two. The secret to a blissful relationship is to never stop locking lips. The cutest couples may not have wild passionate sex every night of the week. Instead, they are the couple that never lets the other’s head hit the pillow without a sweet kiss to give them good dreams.

#4 They do those things that mean so much and take so little. The cutest couples do those silly little things that seem so insignificant to other people, but mean a great deal to each other.

Whether it is putting a little post-it note up saying “I love you,” or making sure that their favorite PJs are laying by the bed, cute couples think about how to make each other feel happy and fulfilled. [Read: 16 cute couple things that every couple needs to do]

#5 They make sacrifices for each other. When someone is a part of the cutest couple, they realize that making the other person happy is sometimes more important than making themselves happy. Happiness is making the person you love happy, even if it means that person doesn’t get exactly what they want.

#6 Their face still lights up when their partner walks into the room. We all know that couple who has been together forever, but they still look at one another like it is the first time they have ever laid eyes on each other. The cutest couples are the ones who, even if they might have to wear Depends at night, still look at their partner like they won the lottery.

#7 They compliment their significant other when they aren’t around. There is nothing cuter than telling the world how awesome their partner is. Compliments really help a relationship. And if it’s done to their face, then it is really just to make them feel good, right? But when you compliment someone when they are not around, you whole-heartedly mean it and admire them! [Read: Decoding compliments – 50 cute words and their real meanings]

#8 They have nicknames, but only use them with each other. We all know that nicknames can be extremely irritating to other people, especially if they are childish like “schnookums.” But, if one person calls the other “J” and their partner calls them “Sweets” when they are alone, that is pretty damn cute – and something they do just for each other.

#9 When one hurts, the other hurts too. If their partner gets made fun of, passed over for a promotion at work, or is treated unfairly, they want to go to battle for them. That is the cutest thing ever! Having a direct line of empathy is the key to any successful and admirable relationship. After all, if they don’t care about your feelings, who is going to? [Read: All the reasons why empathy is so important in a relationship]

#10 They have a genuine friendship above all else. Even if sex is running a little ragged due to scheduling and being tired, they have an enduring friendship that allows them to connect – even if it is just by grabbing coffee to catch up. The cutest couples are the ones that can speak not only on a sexual level, but an emotional one as well.

#11 They can be mad as hell with each other, but still look forward to make-up sex. Even the most angry couples are cute when they can’t wait to get it all out, and then jump each another’s bones. Sexual tension is key to an awesome sex life, and it also makes for some fun after the smoke clears and you have hashed out what needs to be hashed. [Read: How to make up with sexy make up sex and feel even closer]

#12 They have hidden jokes that are still funny. If there is something that happened a long time ago that still makes them laugh *but only the two of them know*, that is cute. Having history is one of the things that couples can share together and bonds them for a happily ever after.

#13 They still have some decorum with each other. Cutest couples are the ones that still hold some sense of privacy and decorum. If she still shaves her legs every day and they don’t talk about things like their bowel movements *after years or even decades together*, that is pretty cute. It means that you respect your relationship enough not to get too comfortable.

#14 They are always smiling and seemingly happy without effort. A cute couple is a couple that smiles together. We all know them. They are the ones at the party who seem to have it all. They aren’t clinging to one another, but can spot each other across the room and give a smile just to say “love you, babe.” [Read: 12 effortless ways to keep intimacy alive in a relationship]

#15 They aren’t clingy at parties, but look forward to meeting up at the end of the night. The cutest couples are the ones who are independent enough to hold their own and then meet up at the end of the night to compare notes.
It isn’t that they don’t enjoy each other’s company, it is just that they realize they are at a social function, and the rest of the night will be allocated to them once the evening is over.

#16 It would still be them against the world, even if everything went to hell. The cutest couples know that if the world came apart tomorrow, their significant other would move mountains to find them and settle in for the little time left.

Being best friends, their last moments would want to be filled with just each other, talking about nothing in general – just being at each other’s side.

#17 They respect each other’s opinions and discuss things before making decisions. He doesn’t have to ask if he can go out with the guys on Friday night. But if they are going to make a major life change, a huge purchase, or even talk to their boss about a promotion, they want their partner’s opinion. And that is super cute. In fact, wanting to know what the other one thinks because they respect their opinion has “cute” written all over it. [Read: Mushy ways to show someone you love them without words]

#18 They still hold hands. Not all the time, but when things get a little shaky or someone needs a little extra support, the hands come out so they can make it through the rough patches. Holding hands is a sign of love and affection, and cutest couples definitely have that.

#19 They try to do things to keep their sex life spicy. Not many couples do much in the bedroom except do it when they can. If you are a couple that is constantly looking for ways to turn each other on, then you may be the cutest couple ever. [Read: 10 really naughty sex games for couples to bring the horny back]

#20 They never go to bed mad. You know what is worse than going to bed mad? Waking up dealing with the consequences of being upset from the day before. Going to bed without ever being angry at each other is not an easy thing to do. But if you can, that is pretty cute.

#21 They still think that their mate is hot. The cutest couples are the ones that, if they could do it all over again, would still choose their mate. Finding them sexy and still wanting to wake up to them every morning for the rest of their lives, they don’t regret their choice or think about other people. They just know that they are right where they belong.

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It may not always be sunshine and roses, but the cutest couple in the room are the people who don’t have to show how cute they are. They have an undying love, friendship, and respect for one another. And they don’t feel the need to show the world how much love they are in.

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