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Falling in Love Fast and Why You Need to Slow Down

Is it good to fall in love fast? Falling in love quickly with a special someone can seem like a magical rush, but should you jump in headfirst or wait until you’re certain this person is the one?

falling in love fast

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Falling in love quickly

Falling in love fast is easy, and at times, even inevitable.

There are many people who think they’ve found the one just because the first few months of love have been perfect.

But in reality, the first few months are when we’re lost in the haze of romance, have loads of fun, and spend all the time we can with each other.

Are you falling in love fast?

The first few months of young love is easy, but then gradually the romance vanishes. [Read: Love at first sight]

There are people who break up once they’ve hit the five-month period just so they can keep the excitement alive.

For some, being in a committed relationship is boring. And this happens to be the predominant perspective most people have.

But regardless of how relationships end, what really matters in love is how it begins, and how you actually end up falling in love with someone.

Are you ready to fall in love fast?

Love is a culmination of many things [Read: Meaning of love]. For starters, both of you should be very comfortable with each other.

You should be comfortable enough to reveal your stupid side and yet laugh about it together, instead of covering up your flaws or feeling embarrassed about it when you’re together.

A perfect relationship is like a fancy shirt or an elegant dress in a swanky store. It may look pretty and perfect in the rack, but if it doesn’t look good on you or if it’s not your size then there’s no point buying it, because you’re never going to be happy with it. So what does one do? [Read: How to meet the right one]

Simple, you move on and look for something that fits you better. The same goes for falling in love and falling in love fast. You should be able to compensate and compromise *but that doesn’t mean you should become a doormat* and when you are in love, compromising, caring, feeling good, being happy, all of this comes effortlessly. Because love is effortless. It’s not something you can force upon someone.

Should you fall in love quickly?

Love takes time, and falling in love quickly is never the path to a long and happy relationship. Never jump to conclusions when it comes to love. Scrutinize, analyze, overanalyze if you have to, but don’t rush it. If something’s not working out, give it time. Talk it out with your partner, because love is something that’s not very easy to understand. It’s unpredictable. And falling in love quickly can cloud all these details until it’s too late.

You may be obsessing over somebody but “The One” may be sitting right next to you. Never go looking for love and never have exceedingly high expectations from love, because if it doesn’t turn out right, you would end up disappointed and disheartened. [Read: Why do we fall out of love]

Finding your true love

The person who you are in love with should be your rock, your security and your confidante. You should be able to turn to your partner whenever you need a shoulder. It’s true that girls can turn to their girl friends whenever they want to as do the boys and their guy time issues. But there are always times when we need that special someone, the one we fondly call our soul mate. [Read: How to find your soulmate]

When you feel the most happiest and secure with that one special person, only then are you really in love. It may take time to fall in love, but when it does happen, there’s nothing like it. So don’t fall in love fast even if you can’t help it. All we need is just a little patience. Yup! Patience and a little perseverance will do the trick.

Did you know that, when you are in love, it actually shows on the outside? You smile brighter and wider and your skin glows! So what if it’s just bread and jam and beer for dinner under a little blue light in his studio apartment or a room in the cheap side of town?

To share true love, it’s all you need. That little place has everything and more than what a glitzy restaurant has! Good food, amazing ambience, romantic lighting, and bean bags for chairs and privacy! Need we say more? Oh yeah, it’s very economical as well!

Take time to fall in love instead of falling in love quickly

So the next time you profess to the world that you are in “love”, think twice, think thrice. Don’t just rush in, take time to fall in love, because almost all the time love doesn’t happen at first sight, infatuation does.

It takes time, and that’s the way it should be. Try it, test the waters and even if it doesn’t feel right, don’t give up easily because the earth has a lot of water and there is plenty of fish in the sea. And somewhere out there, there’ll be a fish that’s meant just for you. [Read: How to have a perfect new relationship]

Now falling in love fast isn’t always a bad thing. But then again, if you do intend to spend the rest of your lives together, why rush it anyways? Take your time and avoid falling in love quickly. Instead, let your love blossom and fill your life one day at a time.

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