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Cupcake Phase: 16 Things You Must Do to Stay in this Sweet Phase

Your relationship is so cute that even you want to puke. Don’t want to give it up? Well, this is what you must do to stay in the cupcake phase.

cupcake phase

Who doesn’t love the cupcake phase of the relationship? It’s basically the entire reason we go into relationships. This is the phase where we’re so in love, people around us can’t stand it.

The hugs and kisses. The baby talk and nicknames. It’s everything cheesy all wrapped up into one. After being with my partner for over a year, we’re still in the cupcake phase and aren’t interested in getting out of it any time soon. Plus, I just love the Netflix cuddles way too much.

Though it’s known that this part of the relationship, the part where you discover new things about your partner and are completely blinded to their flaws is supposed to last only six months, but you can stretch it. [Read: 16 commonly accepted relationship tips that ruin your love life]

16 hacks to keep your relationship in the cupcake phase

Now, it won’t be exactly like the beginning of your cupcake phase, but that’s actually a good thing. You’ve learned a bit more about your partner and their flaws, yet still love them. You may be more comfortable with your partner. This is a great thing! It doesn’t mean the butterflies have to end.

So, if you’re interested in staying in the cupcake phase—good! You’ve come to the right place. I’m going to tell you a couple of relationship hacks to make sure that the cupcake phase will continue on and on.

Really, why stop a good thing?

#1 Keep the cuddling going. After a while, we tend to become comfortable with our partner and ease up on the physical affection. But if you want to keep the cupcake phase going, then you’re going to have to keep on cuddling. It’s a great way to stay emotionally and physically connected to your partner. [Read: Cuddling positions to be a loving cuddler]

#2 Keep the lovey-dovey lingo going. You have special nicknames for each other, you send each other cute selfies, and good morning text messages, well, keep that going. You need to show your partner that they still turn you on and are always on your mind. Keep talking and acting sweet to one another.

#3 Spend quality time together. It’s not about the amount of time you spend together, what matters is how you spend the time together. This doesn’t mean that you need to go on crazy dates, but spend time in a way that connects you to your partner. Go for walks, have a picnic, etc. [Read: 10 really simple things you can do to keep your lover madly in love with you]

#4 Keep on seducing. You may be thinking that once you’re in a relationship, the sex just comes with it. But you still need to work on seducing your partner, this is what keeps the flame alive. Find out the love language of your partner and use that to seduce them.

#5 Your feelings will change. Love isn’t static, it’s always changing. The way you felt in the very beginning of the relationship is different than how you’re feeling now.

This isn’t a bad thing, you’re probably more in love with your partner now, and you’re not stuttering from fear when you speak to them as you did in the beginning. Just because your feelings change, doesn’t mean that you don’t love them. [Read: 9 relationship stages all couples must go through]

#6 Speak the same love language. Everyone shows love in different ways, and if you want to stay in the cupcake phase then you need to figure out how they see the love and vice versa. You and your partner should show each other your love in ways that you both will see. You may think of love as physical, whereas your partner sees it through words of affirmation.

#7 Listen. If you want to keep the relationship, listen. Having someone that will genuinely listen to your problems will always make you feel mushy inside. You see that they’re listening because they care about you and vice versa. [Read: Communication exercises for lovers]

#8 Show appreciation. This is extremely important. Appreciation tells your partner that you’re aware of what they’re doing for you and that you’re grateful for them. Everyone wants to be acknowledged for their acts of kindness, so make sure you’re paying attention.

#9 Learn how to fight. If you want your relationship to work out and stay in the cupcake phase then you need to learn how to fight. If you’re always fighting and doing it in a harmful way, you’re not going to be in the lovey-dovey phase that you wanted to be in. Fight in a smart way that develops the relationship.

#10 Give each other space. I know that you think giving space may kill the cupcake phase, but it won’t. In reality, it’ll probably keep your relationship in the cupcake phase. If you’re always with your partner, you can forget the smalls things about them. Space helps you appreciate your relationship. [Read: How to give someone space without losing them]

#11 Refrain from arguing over dumb stuff. Some heated arguments can arise from really stupid things. Of course, some stupid arguments have a deeper meaning, but then there are some that are actually pointless. Before getting into one of those arguments, think twice.

#12 Kiss and hug before bed. Most of the time, people are glued to their phones or watching TV before bed. But this doesn’t keep the connection going. Instead, turn off the TV, put your phone away, and share a couple of kisses and hugs before bed.

#13 Have new experiences together. The cupcake phase is all about novelty, it’s something new, something exciting. Couples that look dull are bored and stuck in a routine. What you need to do is bring new things into the relationship. Take new classes together, try a new sport, something that will keep the excitement going.

#14 Put yourself in their shoes. We’re always thinking about ourselves and forgetting our partner’s feelings. Your partner may be stressed about work or school and you don’t even know it. So, it’s time to look from your partner’s perspective. That way, you’ll be able to enhance their life as well.

#15 Keep supporting them. Your partner has goals and dreams just like you. What keeps a couple in the cupcake phase is when they’re supporting and encouraging each other to chase after their goals and dreams. When they see you by their side, it heightens their attraction and appreciation for you. [Read: The rules to follow to be a good partner]

#16 Plan a staycation. You may not know what this is, but now you do, so there’s no excuse! You may not have the money or time to go on an actual holiday, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have one right in your own city.

Book a weekend in a hotel or spend the weekend in your apartment. Take that time to experiment with new things in the bedroom, walk around in your underwear, and just hang out with each other.

[Read: How long will you stay in the honeymoon phase?]

Everyone wishes they were in the cupcake phase, but who said it has to end? Use these tips to keep your relationship in the cupcake phase.

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