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How to Express Love: 12 Ways to Share Love without Using Words

Most of us are taught to say “I love you” when we want to know how to express love to someone. But there are ways without words that show you care.

how to express love

From an early age, we’re taught how to express love. Most of the time it’s either a kiss or hug with the words “I love you.” Makes sense, right? Saying “I love you” pretty much sums everything up in three words. But if you don’t show that love, those words mean nothing to the other person.

Of course, I’m not saying not to say “I love you,” but you should find other ways to show the person how you feel about them. There were times where I heard those words, but I wasn’t feeling the true emotion behind it. [Read: The big differences between in love and loving someone]

How to express love

We think that once we fall in love, it’s done. You don’t express your love for them in other ways because you’re with them. Isn’t it enough? Of course not. It’s simply not enough. It’s those little things that really show someone you care. Those small details that no one else sees but them.

So, instead of saying “I love you” three hundred times to someone, why don’t you show it? That’s right, express your love in other ways. You may feel a little stuck, not sure how to express your love, but that’s why I’m here. It’s more than just “I love you.” [Read: 16 non-sexual touches that’ll make anyone feel loved and connected]

#1 Think about this person. You know this person very well. Whether it’s a parent, partner, or friend, you know what they like and don’t like, what makes them laugh, etc. When expressing love, you need to keep them in mind. Of course, you can express your love in ways that make you feel comfortable, but you should always keep them in mind as you’ll end up expressing your love in ways which make them happy. [Read: 15 rules to be a good partner in the relationship]

#2 Give them your time. You may always be working and not have much time to give them but this doesn’t mean you can’t set aside some time to spend with them. Here’s the thing about love. Yes, we love when someone buys us gifts, but what we really love is when the person gives us one-on-one attention.

This could be you cooking them dinner, going for a walk, or having a coffee. It doesn’t have to be something big, you just need to give your time to them.

#3 Affection. This is equally as important as time. If you’re wondering how to express love to a special someone, show them affection. Of course, if you’re not a physical person, you don’t have to show them physical affection. However, make sure you express this to them.

But, if you don’t have a problem with touching someone, then touch them *of course, if they’re okay with it*. Hug them, kiss them, hold their hand. It doesn’t have to be huge gestures. Small intimate gestures mean much more. [Read: 15 sweet ways to show love without using words]

#4 Show gratitude. When you show someone gratitude, you’re showing them that you see what they’re doing for you and you appreciate it. You can express gratitude in different ways. You can take them for dinner, do something for them, it doesn’t have to be anything wild or fancy. But you need to show them that you acknowledge the effort they’re making.

#5 Write your feelings down. This may be corny for some people, but if you enjoying expressing your feelings on paper, then why not write how you feel about them down? You can write them a poem, letter, or song. It doesn’t matter how it’s written, all that matters is you’re expressing your love for this person in the best way you know how.

 #6 Offer to help them. In whatever way they need. It could be that they need your car to help them move. See? Easy, and yet shows how much you care. On top of showing your love, you’re also helping someone out which makes you feel good. So, you get double the good feelings. I mean, isn’t love about helping the people around you? [Read: 11 ways to spread the love to those who need it]

#7 Learn to forgive. Expressing love also means learning to forgive them for past mistakes they made. We all make mistakes, but forgiving them shows them that your love for them is worth much more. You’re getting rid of the negative energy and allowing the love between you to grow. When you let love grow, it’s much easier for you to express your feelings.

#8 Share good moments with them. There are moments when our lives are comparable to a pile of shit, but that’s not all the time. You do have good moments of happiness and joy in between the bad times. Maybe your friend was promoted or maybe you bought yourself a new apartment.

These are moments to celebrate with the people you love. It shows them that they’re the ones you want to share these moments with. [Read: 13 small changes that’ll greatly improve your relationship]

#9 Say please and thank you. You have no idea how far please and thank you can take you in life. You respect this person, right? Then adding a please and thank you at the end of your requests shows them that you’re grateful for their help. I know it’s such a small thing, but it’s a huge symbol of respect and love.

#10 Take them on a small trip. If you have the budget to go out of town, then do it. If not, there’s nothing wrong with renting an Airbnb in your city and just taking a night off. Or go camping! The point is, there are plenty of trips you can go on, regardless of your budget. Taking them on a small trip makes you feel like you’re doing something out of the usual routine. It’s a nice break and shows them how much you care.

#11 Surprise them. People love surprises, regardless of what they say. It doesn’t have to be a one week cruise to Alaska. Your surprises can be small, yet thoughtful. If you want to know how to express love, try putting a love note in their lunch bag, give them a photo of you two. We always assume surprises have to be huge, but that’s not the point of surprising someone. [Read: 25 sweetest romantic gestures for everyday life]

#12 Cook them their favorite dish. Listen, everyone loves food. There’s a favorite food that we all have. You probably know what it is, so why not make it for them? Preparing a meal for someone you love shows them that not only do you know them well, but you wantto put the time in to cook for them.

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Understanding how to express love can be shown in many different ways. You just need to find the way that makes you feel the most comfortable.

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