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20 Fun Things for Couples to Do: Get Out of the Relationship Routine

Is your relationship in a rut? Do you fight about what to watch on Netflix each night? Instead, try these fun things for couples to do and create a bond.

fun things for couples to do

Once the nerves and pressure to impress go, relationships can get a little boring. Now, there is absolutely nothing wrong with boring. We all love a night in eating takeout and watching the latest Netflix series, but to help your relationship thrive, you should be enjoying new experiences together. So, I put together a list of fun things for couples to do.

Shouldn’t everything a couple does together be fun?

Nope. And if you think that is what your relationship should be like, you are very mistaken. Relationships are work. They take effort and communication. That is what makes them so rewarding.

Plus, when you share your life with someone, that means the good and the bad. With that being said, falling into a boring rut is not rare.

You may enjoy your partner’s company so much that just doing nothing seems fine. But lacking that effort of getting dressed up, making plans, or just getting off the couch can reflect on your relationship in other more serious ways. So, finding fun things for couples to do together is a must-have. [Read: The art of keeping your dates exciting!]

Fun things for couples to do

If you are stuck in a rut, you may be stuck for ideas of fun things for couples to do as well. So here are some foolproof ideas for you and your boo to go out and have a blast.

#1 Dancing lessons. I know, I know, this sounds like something your grandparents might do. But, there is a reason they are still together and happy. Dancing is a difficult skill to acquire. It takes practice and a lot of teamwork and trust.

Facing this challenge together will reignite your excitement and build your trust. Not to mention it is actually a lot of fun. I mean, have you watched Dancing With The Stars? [Read: What to do when your relationship feels like a friendship]

#2 Cooking classes. There is no downside to this at all. You get to do something fun together, get a yummy meal out of it, and you can take your new found skills home with you and cook each other dinner regularly. [Read: How to make cooking with your partner more fun]

#3 Bungee jumping. This is so not my thing. Adrenaline is just another word for anxiety in my life, but if you love living on the edge, this is a surefire way to enhance your bond and have an unforgettable experience together.

Along with this, another fun thing for couples to do is skydiving or ride in a zero-gravity plane. See what is available near you and share this once in a lifetime moment.

#4 Theme park. Take it back to the teen years. Go to Six Flags, Disneyland, or any other theme park near you. Go on some rides, eat some churros, and maybe win a stuffed animal.

Carnivals and amusement parks are fun for everyone and enjoying that together is a great way for a couple to reconnect to their younger selves.

#5 Volunteer. Giving back makes everyone feel better. Pick a charity that means a lot to you and your partner and volunteer. Work at a soup kitchen, help build a house, or even help clean up the ocean.

There is so much help this world needs right now. What could be better than helping the earth, others, and your relationship? [Read: How volunteer work can actually heal depression]

#6 Exercise. We all know that exercise makes you happy. The endorphins and all that. I know you have heard it all before. But exercising together is a great way to go and get some fresh air and do something outside of your normal schedule.

Go hiking, go for a bike ride, or whatever floats your boat. Plus, you can cool off with a joint shower afterward. [Read: How to make shower sex sizzle]

#7 Free factory tour. This is awesome. There are several factories that offer free and affordable factory tours in your area. These include wineries, mines, chocolate factories, and more. And many include free souvenirs as well. Look for the ones near you, and you’ll have fun couples activities to fill your calendar all month.

#8 Build something. Build an IKEA bookshelf or refinish an old dresser. Accomplishing something together will bond you and you will have something forever that you worked on.

#9 Recreate your first date. If your rut goes beyond fun things to do together, recreate the magic that got you together in the first place. Go to the same restaurant where you had your first date, order the same food, and have a sweet kiss at the end of the night.

Only this time you get to go home together. [Read: How to reconnect with your spouse and reignite a flickering romance]

#10 March. I’m sure there is a political or social issue that you and your partner are passionate about. Find a march or demonstration nearby and head out to support it and make your voices heard. Whether you want to remind people to vote, protest racism, or support equal rights for all, make signs and march your way to justice.

Putting effort into something that matters so much to both of you will bring you closer together.

#11 Challenge yourselves. Sure, easy things are fun. Bowling and mini golf are fun. But challenge yourself to do something that you both are new at. Try horseback riding, learning an instrument, or even learn a new language together. [Read: How well do you know me? 35 fun questions for couples]

#12 Go on a trip. Take a weekend getaway to somewhere exotic or go on a mini road trip somewhere else in your state. Stay at a B&B or check into a fancy hotel.

Getting away from home, where you probably always hang out, can reignite the fun.

#13 Clean. I know, cleaning is not fun, but it can be. Have your partner help you clean out your childhood bedroom or finally unpack those boxes you’ve been avoiding since you moved. You never know what you’ll discover when you clean out old spaces.

And rediscovering things from your past with your partner will help you learn even more about each other. [Read: 13 weird and unique ways to build intimacy with your partner]

#14 Try a massage. If you are lounging on the sofa every night, you might both be too tired, lazy, or full to be intimate. Take a break from the couch and plan a romantic massage night.

Light some candles, get some essential oils, and get into the mood. [Read: Try out these sensual massage techniques with your partner]

#15 Discover something new. Go to a flea market or a farmer’s market. Drive a few towns over and go window shopping. Discovering a new place that is still quite local can launch more ideas for fun things for couples to do.

#16 Start a project. Remodel your kitchen, paint your bedroom, build a deck. Start a project together. Not only are these things way more fun when you have someone to share them with, but the accomplishment you’ll feel once you’re finished will be amazing.

#17 Double dates. It can be difficult to break out of a rut, especially if you both are comfortable. To further encourage your fun nights out, invite other couples to join. This way you will have other people to meet, and you won’t be as likely to cancel last minute.

Seeing other couples bonding can remind you of why you wanted to discover new fun things to do together.

#18 Play board games. When was the last time you pulled out Scrabble or Monopoly? You can even get the gang together for Pictionary or Charades. These games add a touch of fun competitive vibes to your routine.

#19 Read. Whether you choose to join a book club or discuss your latest reads, this can grow your relationship immensely. Books bring out a side in us that is imaginative and opinionated.

Discussing and even debating book themes and plots is so fun for bookworms and is a great way to bond. [Read: The coziest date ideas for the frigid weather]

#20 Go camping. Get outside. Put your phones away, say goodbye to Netflix, and enjoy nature.

Sleep under the stars, try to pitch a tent together, and cook over an open flame. Not only is this an adventure and something fun and different to do as a couple, but who knows? It could become a tradition.

[Read: How to spark romance and fall in love all over again]

There are hundreds of fun things for couples to do together, but hopefully, you found at least a few on this list for you and your boo to enjoy.

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