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10 Foolproof Tips for Dating a Nature Lover

With a lot of love for planet earth, nature lovers also make for great life partners. Here are some tips to help you date one with ease!

dating a nature lover

The advocates of clean air, the people wanting to preserve the earth’s greenery and protect marine life, the individuals who only purchase recycled and up-sold items – these are the nature lovers. They’re the eccentric, adventurous, and free spirited types that you just can’t help but fall in love with!

Nature lovers hate to be indoors and they would always want to be one with nature. They are interesting to be with, as they know a lot of trivia about how many trees are cut just to make paper and how much money people would have saved if they just recycled everything.

Are you in love with one? We can’t blame you!

How to date a nature lover

Dating a nature lover need not be difficult, if you have an understanding of what it is to be someone who cares a lot about the environment. Here are some suggestions on how to be one with nature, and of course, the nature lover.

#1 Have you ever spent time in a park or an open field, and were able to breathe fresh air even just for an hour? If you have not, then this is your time to do it. Get acquainted with nature! Experience it firsthand, and see what your date loves so much about it. Spend an hour trekking, or 30 minutes diving, visit a recycling center, or just sit on the grass in a park and watch the birds fly by.

Having your own encounter with nature will not only let you have a decent and informative conversation with your date, but you are also able to share what your experience with Mother Nature is and hopefully, your date will be impressed with what you are able to share with them. Your nature lover date will even thank you for it. [Read: Top 10 romantic summer date ideas]

#2 Have you ever experienced volunteering for somebody else’s cause? One thing about nature lovers is that apart from spending time with the environment, they also like participating in protecting it. Not all nature lovers have the same causes that they volunteer in, so it is best to know the background of your nature lover, like if they would like to help clean up the beaches or participate in a lot of recycling activities or take part in animal rescues. And when you know what they would like to protect, why don’t you volunteer for this cause and invite your nature lover date to join you?

If they do not have any particular organization that they volunteer for, then choosing your selected group will not matter yet. There are a ton of organizations you can choose from! If your nature lover date already has a chosen organization, then you can tell your date that you would like to join for a volunteer activity with them.

#3 Mason jars are very popular these days. Why don’t you join in recycling those jam jars or wine bottles? They could be used as glasses and pitchers, respectively. Join in the recycling campaign! Stop using plastic bags. Start using both pages of a sheet of paper before donating it to a recycling center. By doing these little things, you are already helping Mother Nature and bringing yourself closer to your date. There are so many items that can be recycled! Be creative or research online on what other items can be reused or upcycled if you have no clue at all on how to proceed.

Bring your date to your place and show them how you’ve recycled and reused items. Or volunteer in any of the recycling centers and invite them to join you. You can even ask them for advice. This will really melt their hearts. This twofold move not only shows your nature-loving date that you care about recycling, but it can also showcase your creative side, which is, frankly, quite endearing.

#4 You know how you always forget to turn off the balcony lights at night? Start conserving energy. Nature lovers are energy savers.They would scrimp on energy usage as much as possible. They would ride a pedaled bike to their closest destination, or spend the whole day outside under natural sunlight, when they are reading a book, rather than spend time indoors and use the lights. Some even invest in solar panels so as to harvest the free energy from the sun.

Adopt this kind of habit, and whenever you go to any place, make sure you make it a point to conserve energy, be it electricity, water, or light. By showing your date that you also care about energy conservation, you’re already making your way into their hearts.

#5 You know how there are times when the destination is rather close, but you would choose to drive or take a cab? Ditch those wheels and just walk. Nature lovers are walkers. They always want to take the scenic route that doesn’t involve burning gas just to get from point A to point B.

Walk with your nature lover date. Stroll through parks. Trek the mountain sides. The adventurous nature lover is a sucker for these things, and would never say no to you. That way, you don’t just get to spend time with your date, but your date will see the effort you want to put in trying to get to know them. Those efforts will sure pay off.

#6 Bring the nature lover to where they belong. Nature. A great idea for a date will be to ask him or her where they feel closest to nature and bring them there. It could be by the sea, atop a hill or even just in a vast garden.

Every nature lover has a favorite place, where they get to spend time smelling the flowers, or swimming with the fishes, or exploring caves, or trekking mountain paths. Nature lovers would often rather spend some time in the great outdoors than watch a movie in a cinema or dine in a mall. [Read: 15 tips on how to have an awesome date, no matter what]

#7 With that said, always plan your dates to be outside. Even if it is a romantic dinner, try to be seated alfresco or under the canopy. They would rather stay outdoors than stay indoors with AC and all the yellow bulbs set up for mood lighting. Nature lovers are simple people who appreciate the simple and natural things in life.

Just don’t try to bring them in a zoo or an aquarium as they will probably tell you that the animals should be out in their natural habitats, and might even start their protest right then and there!

#8 Nature lovers are against consumerism. They would rather catch their own meal and cook it on their own. However, as many of us are city dwellers and this is not really ideal, your nature lover date will definitely appreciate you cooking a meal for them and having a picnic at the park, rather than in an expensive and fancy restaurant.

They would also prefer that you buy organic, farm fresh ingredients or those from producers with fair trade policies. Some of them might even be vegetarians, in which case, it’s best to ask them about their preferences first.

#9 Nature lovers are also probably against the idea of gift giving, especially gifts bought from the mall. If you would like to give a nature lover a gift, try something handcrafted and recycled. Spending tons of money on an item that may have wreaked havoc on the ecosystem in some other part of the globe may not be the ideal gift. A handcrafted personalized gift is always better than a generic gift that anyone can just grab off a shelf.

If you intend to woo a female nature lover, don’t go for picked flowers that will wilt and die within a couple of days. Instead, if you’re really insistent on giving her flowers, give her a packet of GMO-free seeds or even a potted plant. [Read: 10 ways to be romantic without being cheesy]

#10 The best support, love and affection that you can show your nature lover date is to support their causes. Each nature lover has that one cause that really gets their blood pumping. Whatever it is, never, ever dismiss their advocacy as something that can’t be helped. Instead, show your support by spreading the word about their cause, and joining them in their volunteer work.

When it’s just the two of you, always understand that there will be times when their cause just seeps into the conversation. Don’t hold it against your nature lover. Embrace it! These days, it can be pretty rare to see someone so passionate about Mother Nature!

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Dates with a nature lover will be different from the typical ones you may go on with the usual city dwellers. But when you keep these tips in mind, you’ll find out just why your nature lover is so passionate about saving Mother Earth!

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