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What is the Best Way to Propose Marriage?

There are many ways to propose marriage, but the best way to propose to your girlfriend is when you plan something unique and special keeping your girlfriend in mind. Remember, the best way to propose is by understanding what your partner really loves.

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The best way to propose to your girlfriend

Whoa! Holy words of love, yeah? So do what it takes to seize the day. Plan it out. Don’t just wake up one morning, yawn, stretch and decide to go down on one knee. Sometimes, you would need months to prep for the big day.

It is a special day for the both of you, and one that will be remembered. There’s no point in keeping it simple and boring. No, proposing while watching Titanic isn’t a good idea.

Plan activities for the whole day

A proposal may take a few minutes, but so does the ending of a movie or a book. So why bother watching the whole movie or reading the whole book? The best way to propose to your girlfriend is by planning great activities for the rest of the day, and keeping the proposal as a grand finale to a series of happy moments.

This one is pretty straight. Let your day start early, and let everything go well, all the way from the first cup of coffee in the morning, the lunch on the rooftop, dinner by the pool, to the moment of proposal and everything in between. Let your girlfriend feel special and cared for, the whole day. And don’t let anything come in the way of your perfect date. Switch off your cell phone if you must.

Is it best to propose in public or in private?

A pretty important one, this. How’s your girlfriend when it comes to PDA and public canoodling? It’s never good to get your girlfriend feeling squirmy and sweaty in the middle of your proposal.

If your girlfriend’s a private person, then plan up a day which both of you can spend by yourselves, and make sure it’s just the both of you when you propose marriage.

On the other hand, if your girlfriend’s one who loves the attention and the glam of celebrations, plan an event that would end with a karaoke club or one where you’d have all your friends around to share the loving.

The best proposal – A romantic one or a happy proposal?

There are different kinds of people in the world, and in love too, there are a few categories. But to sum them all up, you have the happy ones and the romantic ones. So where does your girlfriend sit snug?

If your girlfriend loves romance, then let her sink into a truly romantic setting, where it’s Frank Sinatra, sparkling wine, a cozy spot and all the works. And most importantly, it’s just the two of you. On the other hand, if your girlfriend would prefer a more fun day, followed by a romantic proposal, then hang out in fun places like amusement parks, watch movies, play pool or bowl, go bungee jumping or trekking.

Do all the works of a happy day, and sum it up with your loving proposal. When you propose to your sweetheart, remember, it’s all about her and how she feels. So make it her special day, will you?

Should you propose on a special day?

In love, every day is special. Is your girlfriend is the kind who treasures every special day, and feels let down if a special day like Valentine’s is overlooked? Or is your girlfriend the one who would treasure each day without actually paying special attention to a few specific days? You know your partner best, so work your way based on your whims or on a special day to them, like a birthday, an anniversary, or Valentine’s Day. If there’s any reason to make a special day all the more special, go all the way to make sure about that.

How long should you plan before you propose?

This is the day when you would be proposing to spend the rest of your life with your girlfriend. So how important do you think that day will be? When you go to pick a ring, remember that it should cost roughly around two months of your pay-check. That’s the ideal worth of a good ring. But a ring doesn’t sum the whole event, does it?

It’s all about how much more you can do to make that night a special one. You could rent a chopper or you could prepare a table for two on the rooftop of a skyscraper, or you could meticulously plan the show a few months ahead, and proclaim your love. But the longer you work on the setup, the more memorable it would turn out to be.

Always remember that the best way to propose to your girlfriend is not by picking ideas from other people, but by planning it around your girlfriend’s interests.

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