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14 Stages of a New Relationship to Define Your Budding Romance

Want to know what the stages of a new relationship are and how to tell which one you’re in? Find out the 14 stages of a new romance here.

stages of a new relationship

Relationships are complicated. They are even more complicated when they’re new. You don’t know the other person all that well so you don’t know what the stages of a new relationship are.

You also may be overanalyzing every conversation or date. And opposite of what many people may think, becoming Facebook official is not a stage of your relationship. Not exactly anyway.

Don’t overthink the stages of a new relationship

Although there are plenty of wrong ways to start a relationship, there really isn’t an exact right way. Each relationship is different. Everyone feels comfortable with different stages at different times.

Some might prefer to have sex on date one while others may wait until after they meet their new boo’s friends and family. The stages of a new relationship don’t have to be in a specific order for you to know things are going well. 

Some people rush into things, and it works out well and others prefer to take things slow, but it still combusts. So choose the path that you and your new partner feel good with. [Read: 20 cutest, adorably awkward moments in a new relationship]

The stages of a new relationship

Although you don’t need to accomplish these stages in any specific order, once all of these stages of a new relationship have been done, your relationship is really no longer considered new.

See if you and your beau have accomplished these stages of a new relationship to see if you are cozying into a long term relationship. The newness is all great, fine, and well, and you should cherish each of these stages, but the really good stuff is still coming. [Read: 13 relationship mistakes new couples make all the time]

#1 First kiss. The first kiss is a defining moment in any new relationship, even a bad one. The first kiss introduces you to a new level of intimacy and closeness. And usually, if the first kiss isn’t great, it is both the first and last stage of a new relationship. [Read: The 22 tips to make that first kiss amazing]

#2 Sex. Yes, a lot can happen between the first kiss and sex, but to keep this list realistic, most new relationships hit a new high once you have sex. It is more intimate and really clues you in on your sexual and physical chemistry.

Of course, the first time you are both figuring out what the other likes, but once you get into a groove, your comfort level hits new heights.

#3 Sleepover. Sex and sleepovers are not the same things. Sleeping over at your new boo’s house introduces you both to a lot of new things. You before coffee, your morning breath, and your potential snoring, sleeptalking, or anything else.

Even using each other’s bathrooms can be a wildly eye-opening experience which is why it made it on the the stages of a new relationship list. [Read: A sleeping over 101 guide to make it all go smooth]

#4 Honeymoon. Not a marriage honeymoon, but the honeymoon phase of a new relationship. This is the part where you constantly want to see each other. And when you rave to your closest friends about the person you’ve been seeing.

This is when you can’t wipe that smile off your face. You have a glow about you. Yes, it is mostly endorphins and your brain chemistry, but it feels great.

#5 Checking in all day. This is not for everyone, but when you first start seeing each other and want things to to further, you talk a lot. Whenever you aren’t together you call or text or Snapchat your meals just to keep in touch.

This is the stage of a new relationship where instead of worrying, you are coming on too strong or texting too much you are both so happy you don’t even realize it.

#6 Missing each other. After a few dates, you probably don’t miss each other when you’re apart. But once you have had a few sleepovers and maybe stayed in bed on a Sunday morning eating leftover pizza and watching The Office you don’t want to say goodbye, even if it is just to go to work.

At this point, you both realize this might just work. You already knew you liked each other. But once you miss each other, you both acknowledge you don’t want to be apart, rather you dread it. Wanting to spend that much time together is a good sign. [Read: How to keep from moving too fast in a new relationship]

#7 Commitment. And once you both acknowledge those feelings you make a commitment. Now, whether that is becoming Facebook official or just agreeing to be exclusive or keeping a spare toothbrush and underwear at each other’s houses is up to you.

As I said these stages aren’t set in stone. But once you actually use the word relationship, boyfriend, girlfriend, or anything like that, you are in a major stage of your new relationship. [Read: Definitive signs it is time for the relationship talk]

#8 Meeting the friends. Meeting each other’s friends can be a make or break moment in a new relationship which is what gives it a hearty spot on the stages of a new relationship.

When you meet your new significant other’s friends, you see a new side of them. You also see what type of people they surround themselves with. And you find out if you fit into their friend group and vice versa.

#9 Meeting the family. This is quite serious! If you or your partner is close with their family, this is another major stage in a new relationship. If your family hates them or their family hates you, that can cause quite the snag in your new relationship.

In fact, this has been known to break couples up. On the flip side though, if your families are onboard, that can push your relationship in the right direction. Knowing your family has given their approval or blessing puts you both at ease.

#10 Mini vacation. Going away together is almost like a text for your new relationship. Traffic, lines, flights, all of this is stressful and being in a new place can cause some tension. If you can handle a weekend away together you can handle a lot. [Read: Why traveling can be the greatest test of your compatibility]

#11 First fight. Once you spend 72 hours together with no breaks, tensions can run high. You may get annoyed at things you have never even noticed before. You may snap out of frustration or say something you regret because you were hungry or exhausted.

The first fight is a milestone for a new relationship. Once you have had a fight or a disagreement and gotten over it, you become even closer because you know you can handle the times where things aren’t perfect. 

#12 Makeup sex. The adrenaline of a fight, even a minor and immature one can bring a lot of feelings to the surface. And physical passion is often one of those feelings.

Once you have ended your fight and apologized, the makeup sex is the moment you both realize I would rather fight with this person than not fight with someone else. [Read: The art of make up sex – Your guide to do it right]

#13 Shorthand. This may sound super professional and boring, but it is one of my personal favorite parts of a new relationship. That is probably because it is getting to the point where it is no longer new.

Having a shorthand with one another gives your relationship a level of comfort and intimacy you may have with your closest friends and family. You may use certain nicknames or jokes. That connection only you share is so intimate. It is not just a sign of a new relationship, but sign it is getting good. [Read: The stages of dating for a successful relationship]

#14 Farting. Finally the bodily functions. Whether farting, going #2 in each other’s bathrooms, or popping each other’s pimples. All of these things become normal and comfortable once your relationship goes from new to long term.

That is what makes this the final stage of a new relationship.

[Read: 13 weird, unique ways to build intimacy in a new relationship]

How many of these stages of a new relationship have you noticed in yours? Only a few? All of them?

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