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33 Dirty, Cute & Funny Relationship Goals All Couples Must Focus On

If you’re focused on relationship goals only, surely you’re missing out on the whole experience of being with someone you care about? Stay present instead! 

dirty cute funny relationship goals

Every relationship is different, and we certainly shouldn’t focus too much on comparisons with other couples. So what if Sally and Mark from down the road have just got engaged and they’ve only been together six months, and you’ve been together four years? Your relationship goals should be things you achieve through spending time together naturally. Not things you push yourselves to achieve because another couple have.

There is no timeline to a relationship. You certainly shouldn’t put pressure on yourselves, or feel lacking, because you’re not hitting the same so-called milestones as them!

What you can do, is look toward these cute, funny, dirty, and downright achievable relationship goals, to prove that you’re making progress at your own pace. [Read: Types of relationships – 26 ways to define your love life]

Enjoy your relationship and let things progress naturally

There are a lot of things you should want in a relationship. Having fun together, getting comfortable, and trusting one another are among the best goals to have. But you also want to have some cute and funny relationship goals to aim for.

Because if your relationship is serious all the time, it’ll get boring. Therefore, you have to be able to open up and get a lot more comfortable. And that means you’ll be faced with some embarrassing and actually funny moments together.

You also need to look toward some dirty relationship goals too – let’s be honest, being a little dirty together is so much fun!

Put simply, you need to mix things up, enjoy your time together, and simply let things move at the pace they’re supposed to move at. Don’t allow your relationship to become static and let things. It might sound like a contradiction, but it’s far easier in practice!

Relationship goals are nothing but guidelines; they’re not hard and fast markers to hit. [Read: How to have a good relationship that gets better with each day]

Social media’s role in relationships and relationship goals

You may look at all of those social media accounts and think that that’s what you need in order to be happy in your relationship. The truth is that social media has ruined what a healthy and happy relationship really looks like!

More and more people are reporting that social media actually causes hardships in their relationships. You might be jealous that your boyfriend isn’t acting like these Instagram boyfriends, or that your girlfriend doesn’t do all of the things that those other girls online are doing for their boyfriends.

Social media makes us compare ourselves to others, but what you see is rarely the true or whole story. You don’t know that the happy-looking couple is really happy. [Read: Instagram envy and how to keep things real when you feel envious]

For all you know, they may have been arguing before that photograph was taken! Social media is nothing but an illusion and by comparing your relationship to something you see on Instagram or Facebook, you’re falling for the trick. [Read: Why social media is killing your relationship]

The real relationship goals you need to have

Throw away all you’ve ever seen about “real” relationship goals. Those photos of couples standing on a beach holding hands as the sun sets over a mountainous horizon are not what makes for a happy relationship.

These relationship goals are what you should have. This is what you should strive for when it comes to your significant other. Just think about what your grandparents valued in a relationship—those are the true relationship goals, and here are our favorites. [Read: How to better a relationship and improve your love life]

1. Having true trust

Forget about holding each other’s hands overlooking a mountainous terrain. Real relationship goals are being able to be at the top of that mountain and trusting that the person you’re with would never let you fall over the edge.

Trust is the most important relationship goal that we all need, yet it is the most forgotten. [Read: How to build trust in a relationship and make it last]

2. Being honest with each other

We’re not talking about never, ever telling a little white lie. We’re talking about being able to go to your partner and be honest about all of the big things in life.

Real relationship goals include being open and honest with your partner about whatever you have to say, knowing that they’ll hear you out every time.

3. Open communication

We don’t care how many cutesy pictures you take and post online, if you can’t communicate how you feel, then your relationship is doomed.

Ultimate relationship goals include being able to openly speak your mind and tell your partner how you feel about anything. [Read: A guide on effective communication in a relationship]

4. Caring about each other’s safety

In order to have a healthy and happy relationship, you have to feel safe and protected by your partner. This is definitely one of the most important relationship goals, because if you don’t feel this way with someone, how can you ever let loose and enjoy yourself? Caring about someone’s safety is caring about their life.

5. Caring about one another’s happiness more than your own

When your partner’s happiness means more than yours, that’s when you know it’s real. That doesn’t mean you should always put yourself last.

For example, if your partner tells you that they desperately want to go traveling and you know you can’t go, you would tell them to go for it. It would hurt you, but you know it would make them happy. [Read: 16 things you need to give up to have a happier life]

6. Reserving time to spend together

Sometimes, spending time together doesn’t come naturally— you need to make the time.

Real relationship goals mean reserving special date nights to spend with each other so that you never forget how to enjoy each other’s company. This is one of the cute relationship goals that every couple should aim for.

7. Reserving time to spend apart

Every relationship needs to have time to miss each other. Your relationship goals should include knowing this and being able to make time for yourself.

It’s okay—and actually very healthy—not to always be right with your partner every second of every day. [Read: How to give space in a relationship without drifting apart]

8. Enjoying spending time with each other’s friends

You spend the majority of your time with your significant other, but you spend the rest of your time either alone or with your friends.

If your relationship goals include spending a healthy amount of time with both of your friend groups, then you’re absolutely on the right track to a happy relationship.

9. Caring for each other’s family as your own

This is one of the cute relationship goals that set the best relationships apart. You should care about your partner’s family as if they were your own. You should care about their safety and wellbeing just as much as you do for your own family, and you would hope that they feel the same.

Relationship goals are knowing that whomever you’re with will not only care about you, but care about your family as well, especially if they see themselves eventually becoming a part of your family. [Read: How to not screw up when you meet the parents for the first time]

10. Supporting each other’s dreams

Now, your dreams and aspirations are the driving force that makes you happy in life and that motivates you to do what you love.

You need someone there to support those dreams because, without support, you will feel defeated and may even give up. Your relationship goals should include supporting each other’s lifelong aspirations. [Read: Love or career – How to make the right choice]

11. Being able to argue

Arguing is not the same as getting into actual fights, mind you. It is voicing an opinion that doesn’t necessarily match your partner’s.

Arguing should be a part of your relationship goals because it not only helps you to understand how the other person thinks and feels, but also strengthens your relationship. You can be two different people and still have a successful relationship. [Read: How to fight fair in a relationship and grow closer]

12. Working as a team

When you’re in a committed relationship, you now have to work as a team to accomplish what you want in life, and to help your partner succeed in what he or she strives to do. This is one of the cute relationship goals to aim for.

You take on someone else’s goals, support them when they need it, and help them see their goals become a reality. [Read: 50 quick questions to test your relationship compatibility instantly]

13. Being best friends

Real cute relationship goals mean being in love with your best friend. You enjoy their company, want to share everything with them, and want to have fun together—just like two best friends should. [Read: 17 clear signs you should be dating your best friend]

14. Being able to fart in front of each other

Let’s be real, you know your relationship is on the next level when you can do this.

You’re comfortable enough together to just let one rip and maybe even laugh about it. Because that’s just natural. This is one of the funny relationship goals to strive toward because it means you’re super comfortable together. [Read: The 20 cutest, adorably awkward moments in a new relationship everyone has to go through]

15. Being able to talk about bodily functions together

Moving on from the last goal – things happen. That’s life and you have to be able to talk to someone about them. And sometimes they’re really funny things that go on and you want to be able to laugh with them.

Having the type of relationship where you can tell them anything and know they won’t judge you but instead laugh with you is the best thing. Where funny relationship goals are concerned, it’s about being as real as you can be and embracing it. [Read: 15 signs of a committed relationship you should look out for]

16. Keeping your promises to each other

Breaking promises is the fastest way to lose someone’s trust. Relationship goals mean knowing that when your partner promises something, they’ll follow through with it.

On the flip side, it also means that you will keep your promises when you make them. [Read: The 20 things happy couples never do in a relationship]

17. Loving each other at your worst

Whether that means makeup-free, hair a mess, sick as dog, or when you’re a complete grump who just spews out insults at every turn, real relationship goals are being able to love each other at your worst.

Nobody is perfect, and you have to know that even if you’re being a terrible person, you’ve still got someone to stand by your side.

18. Being able to look like a mess together

We all have those days where we just don’t want to shower or even change out of pajamas. Then we proceed to eat nothing but junk and look like a hot mess all day long.

The best types of relationships are when you can do that together. The funny thing is that you’re “supposed” to look great for your significant other but it’s the best when you don’t even have to.

19. Being able to laugh at nothing together

Do you know what’s one of the most genuine funny relationship goals? Being able to laugh and laugh for absolutely no reason.

It’s like the smallest thing can set you both off and you continue laughing until you don’t even know why you’re laughing anymore. It’s fun, funny, and shows you have a great relationship.

20. Wearing matching pajamas and having a movie night together

Not only is this funny and goofy, it’s also super fun. You get to kick back and do nothing all night while in matching pajamas.

There aren’t too many couples who are at this level. One or the other will complain about the matching set of pajamas and just want to avoid it altogether. If you and your partner can do this, you’re goals. [Read: 32 awesome sleepover ideas for a fun night together]

21. Being able to make fun of each other

Every couple has got to be able to tease each other without getting offended and hurt by it. Making funny jokes about one another is definitely relationship goals.

The thing to remember with this, however, is that something that one person doesn’t think is that bad can really hurt the other. So you have to know each other really well in order to tease and poke fun without injuring your egos.

22. Embracing your inner nerd together

If there’s one really funny and adorable thing some couples do together, it’s getting dressed up in your favorite nerdy costumes and just having a great time together. It’s not only a great way to bond, but it shows how great your connection is.

This is definitely a funny relationship goal for a lot of reasons. It’s funny for other people to see, you’ll both have a blast, and it just creates a deeper connection between the two of you. [Read: 18 pros and cons of dating a nerd you need to know]

23. Being able to hang out naked together without the sex part

We’ll be honest: clothes are super annoying. And in the summer, they can be downright mood-ruining. It’s really funny when you can just get naked and hang out while everything… hangs out.

Nothing is awkward and you can just enjoy each other’s company while being naked. It shows a level of comfort in yourselves and even in your sex life where you can just sit back naked and not have sex.

24. Being able to binge your favorite junk foods together without insecurity

And we’re not just talking about eating some bad food and calling it a night. I’m talking about stuffing your face until it’s no longer attractive, but still being attracted to each other.

It’s funny, cute, and just a great time. You should always be able to do that in a relationship and have it be judgment-free. It just shows how strong your connection is. [Read: 30 fun date ideas that’ll leave them wanting more]

25. Seeing the world with the one you love

Heading to new places and seeing the world one destination at a time with the one you love is something very special indeed.

You’re making memories, and you’re experiencing new things for the first time together. This will only strengthen your bond and of course, give you plenty of material for amazing Instagrammable photos to make everyone back home jealous!

It doesn’t have to be about far-flung destinations, it can be something as small as heading to the next city for a weekend away. It’s basically about seeing somewhere new, but doing it together, as a couple. [Read: How soon is too soon to start traveling with your partner]

26. Finally reaching the ‘take me as I am’ phase

Is there anything more wonderful than feeling 100% comfortable with a new beau? You can wear what you want, eat what you want, not wear makeup, and it doesn’t matter, because you feel completely safe in the knowledge that they love you no matter what.

Whilst it might take a little time to actually reach this phase, when you get there, it’s one of the best feelings you will have in your relationship. [Read: The 9 relationship stages all couples go through in their relationship timeline]

27. A tender kiss on the forehead

Okay, we’ve done huge gestures and cute relationship goals like trips away, but it can be something as small and tender as a kiss on the forehead.

A kiss here isn’t just a kiss, it’s certainly not a peck on the cheek, but it is a warm, tender, and gentle moment that whispers far more than you will know at the time. It says ‘I love you’, it says ‘you’re mine’, it says ‘I adore you’.

If your sweetheart starts kissing you on the forehead, it’s a great sign and one of the cute relationship goals to aim toward. [Read: What a forehead kiss actually means and why it’s so special to everyone]

28. Passionate debates and no offense taken

It’s a great feeling when you can debate on a particular subject, e.g. something going on in the news, and something you feel passionate about, and know that you’re not going to be judged on your views.

Nobody is going to take offense and that’s a great milestone When you reach that point in your relationship, you’re really hitting those cute relationship goals. You have the safe feeling of being able to talk about whatever you want and it’s something money certainly can’t buy.

Of course, remember that this works both ways, and you have to be equally as respectful and accepting of your partner’s views too! [Read: Relationship milestones and 15 highlights you should be proud of]

29. The unapologetic Netflix binge!

Sitting in your pajamas all day, or even in bed with the duvet for total coziness, hooked up to the TV or laptop, and Netflix on repeat, is the single best way to spend quality time together.

You’re cuddling, you don’t have your phones for distraction, and who knows where it might lead in the heat of the moment?

Netflix and chill might be the dating equivalent of a suggestion of a hook up, but Netflix and lazy binge is our number 1 favorite relationship goal! [Read: 15 romantic gestures in a new relationship new couples must learn]

30. Hand holding for no reason whatsoever

If you notice that you’re walking down the street, sitting in the car, or generally lazing on the sofa and their hand works its way into yours, you’re hitting one of the best cute relationship goals around.

This shows gentleness, protectiveness, and it shows love. Of course, it could also show others that you’re taken, but when that is done in a quiet and understated way such as this, surely that’s just as cute too?

31. You’re the one your partner goes to when they’re upset

If you’re the one your new love comes to when they’re upset about something, you’re special. Most people don’t let their emotional guards down easily in general, and if you’re seeing your partner with their guard down, that is a tender moment that you need to handle carefully, but one you need to smile about on the inside because of what it means.

This is one of the cute relationship goals we’re talking about, and one which might be upsetting in terms of seeing your partner down, but the fact they trust you enough to reveal their emotional side is a positive sign for your relationship.[Read: Relationship closeness inventory – 20 signs to test your intimacy]

32. Talking about your fantasies, and acting them out

Everyone has a sexual fantasy or two. But, have you ever shared yours?

When you feel comfortable enough to tell your partner your biggest sexual fantasies, that’s when you’ve hit relationship goals territory. And, if you’re able to start trying to act them out, well, you’ve gone over and above dirty relationship goals too! [Read: Top 50 kinky sex ideas worth trying together at least once in your lifetime]

33. Feeling totally comfortable in bed with your partner

Now, you shouldn’t be in bed with anyone if you’re not comfortable, of course, but there’s always that voice in your head that wonders what they think about your body, isn’t there?

When you reach the point where you’re totally comfortable being naked in bed with your partner and you’re able to focus solely on the pleasure you’re creating, that’s when you’re total relationship goals.

How many relationship goals have you ticked off?

Remember, this is not a contest! There is no ticking clock telling you when you need to have achieved anything by, and you should always go at your own pace.

But, looking at the list we’ve just talked about, how many have you ticked off so far? [Read: 13 relationship mistakes new couples make all the time]

If you’ve achieved any of them, you’ll know how wonderful it is to feel that close to someone, especially if you have real feelings for them. When someone opens up to you and shows you affection, it isn’t always done verbally, and it’s often a case of looking for small clues. E.g. the kiss on the forehead, or the random handholding.

Make sure that you’re showing your new partner the same signs of affection too!

It can be all too easy to look for it coming from the other person, but forget that relationships are a two-way street. We need to be natural with our affection when we feel strongly about another person.

[Read: 30 relationship rules and tips to experience the best love life you ever can]

Forget everything you think you know about social media based relationship goals. These are the real relationship goals that you really need to have in order to have a happy and successful partnership together!

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