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25 Reasons to Love Someone and Hold onto Them Forever

Love is a very complicated thing. Usually, there are signals early on in a relationship to indicate reasons to love someone and hold onto them forever.

reasons to love someone

There are all sorts of reasons to love someone. People come into, and sometimes out, of our lives during different stages, making a small or enormous impact. And sometimes, you must kiss a lot of frogs to find your prince. What happens if you are unsure about whether they will ever turn into your happily ever after?

The hardest thing about love is that it is never perfect or easy. When you love someone, you give a little of yourself to get all of them. This leaves you feeling vulnerable. Letting go and taking a leap of faith to love someone forever is a huge commitment. Having doubts even in the most incredible circumstances is normal.

The best reasons to love someone – Should you commit or call it quits?

Before you make a commitment to someone, ensure they are willing to commit to you. Some things foster a loving and kind relationship between two people that can’t be fabricated or faked.

Going the distance involves being unconditional, unassuming, and respect *at times difficult*. Because you can’t foresee all you will endure as a couple, these signs from the start indicate if the person you are with is someone to love forever.

These 25 reasons to love someone is a sign that love is meant to be, minimizes any argument, helps you get through the tough times you are likely to encounter, and signals you are made to be together forever.

#1 They look past your idiosyncrasies. It isn’t about someone being able to look past your idiosyncrasies or loving you despite them. The person to hold onto and love forever loves you because of them. It is in those silly and quirky things you do that they find you most lovable. [Read: Real soul mates: 20 signs you’ve met the love of your life]

#2 They do things without being asked. If you notice your partner does little things for you without you asking, then you know they pay attention to your needs. It isn’t about flowers on Valentine’s Day. It is about finding your dirty car washed, or the keys you couldn’t find, found and sitting by the door. The small things are the ones that mean the most.

#3 Even when they smell, you love them. If you can stand their morning breath, post-workout stink, or yard-work-all-day odor, that says a lot. If you aren’t turned off by their most disgusting periods, hold onto them.

#4 You tell them anything. There are some things too embarrassing to tell anyone. If you find you confide even those things in the person you love, hold onto them forever. That is a signal you feel unconditional love, which is key to a happy union. [Read: How to know when you’re in love: 50 signs you can’t ignore]

#5 You want to look nice for them. If five months into the relationship you don’t care about the way that you look when with them, it may not be the best situation. Finding someone who you always want to strive to be the best you when with them, says something about your relationship.

#6 You like their family. You don’t just marry a person. You marry their family. If you don’t like their parents, or their family makes you miserable while dating, it puts a lot of strain on your marriage. Think carefully about the extended people in your significant other’s life.

#7 You have the same political affiliation. It may seem entirely unrelated, but having the same political ideology is a predictor of the success of a relationship. The way that you think politically becomes a hot button as you get older. Being on the same page helps to strengthen your relationship over time. [Read: 9 relationship stages all couples go through in their relationship]

#8 You have the same idea of how your family looks. If you want two children and so do they, then you will disagree less about your future than if they want eight and you want none. Finding someone who wants similar things for the future is a sure sign you are probably meant to be together forever.

#9 You have the same religious preference. You may not attend church every Sunday, but having a similar religious ideology is important.

It may not seem like a big deal when you first fall in love, but having a family and children means you make decisions about what to teach them. Having the same beliefs about what goes on after you leave this earth may be more important than you know. [Read: 14 unrealistic expectations that can ruin your love life]

#10 You share the same hobbies. Having similar interests means you never run out of things to do together. A couch potato and an adventurer are going to have a much harder time getting settled in together then if you both want to climb Mount Everest.

#11 They are your emergency contact. When filling out paperwork at the doctor’s, there is always the box that says “emergency contact.” Are they the first person you think of? The person you should hold onto forever is the first person you want running to soothe you in an emergency of any type.

#12 When something great happens, you want to call them. Think about when something amazing happens to you, who is the first person you think about to share it with? The person who you know delights in your accomplishments and good news, is the person who supports and cares about you most. Hold onto them.

#13 When something bad happens, you want to put your head on their shoulder. When something sad or miserable happens to you, the person you hold onto is the one who you know not only cares, but will be there to soothe your wounds and make you feel better. Someone who knows just the right thing to say to pick you up is the person to stay with forever. [Read: Does true love exist? 10 signs that might make you a believer]

#14 The person you want to spend your free night with. If you have an unexpected free night, the person you stay with forever is the first person you think to spend the additional time with. It isn’t about not being able to get enough of them like at the beginning of the relationship. It is about wanting to spend time with them every chance you get.

#15 You defend them valiantly. You know how you cut your family down, but no one else better? The person you love forever is someone you defend just as earnestly. You also know they will do the same for you. If they have your back and you have their back, you will always be a force to reckon with. [Read: How to be the power couple all your friends are jealous of]

#16 You want to see them happy. If you think of things to do to make them happy throughout the day, then they are someone you think worthy of the extra effort.

#17 You can talk to them about anything. Communication is key. If you find conversation never lacks or that you are comfortable enough to sit without saying anything, hang onto them. Being able to voice a concern without fear of their reaction is also an excellent sign you should be together.

#18 They know when you are upset. If you don’t even have to say a word, and your significant other senses you are upset, love them forever. Being on the same “wavelength” or tuned into each other’s feelings is a rare thing few couples share. If they ask you what is wrong before you speak up, they are a keeper.

#19 Trust. If you know they would never lie, steal, or cheat on you, that is worth its weight in gold. Trusting another person wholly is the key to a successful relationship. [Read: Relationship without trust: Can *or should it* last?]

#20 They remember important dates. The person who remembers an anniversary, your birthday, or even the day Kurt Cobain died because it matters to you, is a person to hold onto. Caring enough to take note and try to make certain days a big deal, is a signal they keep you on their mind.

#21 They include you. If they always try to add you to their lives, it shows their willingness to share everything with you. Asking you to do things you may not necessarily want to do like hunting or shopping, is a beautiful gesture and lets you know they want you to be included no matter what it is.

#22 If something bothers you, they stop doing it. If there are things about the person you are with that bothers you and you have made it known, but they continue to do it, then they probably care little about keeping the peace or respecting your needs. Find someone willing to meet you somewhere in the middle to find a resolution to problems is worth their weight in gold. [Read: 25 signs he loves you even if he doesn’t say it out loud]

#23 They don’t ask of you what they aren’t willing to do themselves. If the person you love wouldn’t ask something of you that they wouldn’t be willing to do themselves, then they are worth holding onto forever. Sacrifice is a two-way street. If only one sacrifices, there is potential for resentment.

#24 They not only talk nicely to you, they say nice things about you. Finding someone who speaks highly of you when you are around and especially when you are not, is not always easy. It is nice for someone to say nice things to you, but even better when you hear they have been saying nice things about you to others. [Read: 16 ways to show your appreciation for someone you love]

#25 They keep things between the two of you. Everyone needs to vent occasionally to a friend or a family member, but you want someone who will know when not to say things outside of your relationship. There should be a certain sacredness to what you say to each other as a couple and the struggles you encounter.

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There is no such thing as the perfect human being, but there is such a thing as the perfect human being for you. It isn’t in their perfection, but their perfect imperfection that makes them someone to love and hold onto forever.

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