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21 Secrets to Be a Happy Couple that’s Truly In Love & Envied by All

Have you ever seen a cute couple in public and wished that you had what they have? Check out these secrets to become a happy couple that’s envied by all!

how to be a happy couple

Happy couples are the epitome of romance. They’re like the kings and queens of senior proms. Hate them? Love them? It doesn’t matter. At the end of the day, they’re still wearing crowns, and you still want to be them. But what if you and your partner can be that couple?

It’s actually not that hard.

Firstly, you need to learn how to be happy in a relationship. True happiness cannot be faked. If you can’t be happy on the inside, it’s impossible to rub any happy aura off on other couples.

Once you know how to really be happy, it’s time to show it to the world.

How to be a happy couple that is awed and admired

Letting the world know that you’re a happy couple is a lot like starting your own business. You may be doing great, but other people might need more convincing than just your words.

Use these happy couple tips and let the world know just how happy and sappy both of you actually are.

1. Work out together

Working out together is great for many things. Both of you will live longer and look better, a lot better. Regular workouts will make your skin glow with endorphin radiance, and it’s perfect for your mental health.

If you’re an unmotivated individual, it’s great to have a partner to help you keep up with your workout routine. Think about those couples who assist and hype each other up in the gym. Think about all those cute gym mirror selfies you can take with your partner while looking healthy and fit!

And honestly, no one can ignore an attractive and healthy couple! [Read: 28 easy ways to get motivated to exercise and stick to it]

2. Go for walks

Walking down the street while holding hands is the best and most subtle way to flaunt your happy relationship. All you need to do is enjoy each other company and share stories and laughter, and anyone who walks by will see that light emanating from both of your faces.

A happy couple can make the most ordinary activity become so special. You’ll definitely turn heads as you walk around town hand in hand.

3. Get cozy in public

Hold hands all the time and get cozy wherever you can and whenever you want. Don’t worry about annoying other people around you as long as you’re not causing any disturbance.

We can’t help but stare with envy when we see a happy couple in public, the girl resting her head on the guy’s shoulder, them holding hands. In that moment, it seems like they’re the only two people in their world and everyone else just fades away.

Being comfortable with each other when you’re surrounded by others is a great sign of a happy relationship. I think it’s truly beautiful. [Read: Public display of affection – How to do it, PDA etiquette and 26 must-follow rules]

4. Compliment and thank each other all the time

If you feel grateful for your partner, let them know. If your partner looks pretty trying on a new dress at a store, let them know. Everyone loves getting compliments, especially getting compliments when there are witnesses. You’ll make your partner happy and at the same time, show people how much they mean to you.

Who knows? Maybe other couples who don’t treat each other right will learn something when they see how much you and your partner appreciate and respect each other. [Read: 46 cute ways to be romantic without being cheesy]

5. Don’t argue in front of others

Not every couple can be happy all the time. There will be disagreements and even arguments, but those problems are between you two, don’t make them everyone else’s problems.

Arguing with your partner in front of others doesn’t make your relationship seem passionate and authentic; it only makes you the topic for everyone to joke about behind your back.

Also, it would show that you two clearly show no respect for each other because you’re willing to expose and embarrass each other in front of others. [Read: 21 secret signs of a relationship that’s about to go bad]

6. Use inside jokes

Don’t hesitate to use inside jokes with each other when you’re with your friends or family. It’s cute to have a little moment for yourselves among a large group of people.

Say something that only you two can understand, then laugh about it and leave others to try to figure out what that means.

It shows that you two have your own secret language that you don’t share with anyone else and that you understand each other more than anyone can.

7. Have awesome sex

Yeah, sex is always right there at the top for happy couples. It determines how compatible you two are. If you and your friends often share stories about each other’s sex life, why not let the word slip about how sexy and fun yours is?

You’ll feel a lot merrier when you get to be vocal about your own great experiences, and you may even help your friends by giving them advice to improve their bad experiences. Most importantly, your partner will be really happy to find out how you praise them with your close friends. [Read: 30 sexy ways to spice up your sex life]

8. Greet each other warmly

When you walk toward each other at the end of the day, greet each warmly with a happy hello and a big hug. Do the same when you’re meeting at a party or restaurant after work.

The state of your relationship is most evident in your little open interactions. Show your colleagues and friends that even after all this time, you still get excited when you spot your partner in the crowd, and their eyes still light up when you enter a room, just like love at first sight.

9. Don’t speak ill of each other

Everyone likes to complain when things get hard; it tends to make us feel less stressed out. And when you and your partner are going through a rough patch, it’s normal to feel like you want to vent with someone.

Don’t hold back your feelings, because there are things that you should talk to people about, but do not turn on your partner if they’ve done nothing wrong to you.

Happy couples don’t speak ill of each other. It’s not fair for your partner if you go around telling people about their bad habits when you’re mad. It only shows that you don’t trust or have any respect for someone you’re supposed to love.

Happy couples fight together, not each other. [Read: Relationship arguments and 25 dos and don’ts you must always remember]

10. Be charming together

Charm isn’t just a trait that’s used to smooth talk the opposite sex. Charm is something that makes you look sexy and admirable.

Behave like perfect hosts or guests when you go out together. Stand together in each other’s arms and awe all other couples with your wit, charm, and charisma. Be friendly and open, not judgmental and rude. These things will draw people’s attention to you.

Think about how royal couples act in public. Have you ever seen William and Kate be hostile towards others? [Read: How to be charming and liked by everyone]

11. Be honest with each other

Honesty is the number one rule for a healthy and happy relationship. Always. Be. Honest.

Don’t lie to your partner about where you’re going or who you’re with. Don’t ask your friends to lie for you. Don’t tell your friends everything, and keep your partner in the loop about your life.

If a friend of yours knows more about your life than your partner, you’re doing it wrong. And trust us, that friend also knows that, too. [Read: Emotional affair – What it is, the stages, and 24 signs most couples just don’t see]

12. Check on them regularly

If your girlfriend is having a girls’ night out, text her to check if she’s having a good time. It doesn’t mean you should spam your partner with a hundred text messages and calls.

One or two texts are enough, because they should be allowed to have their own fun, too.

But when you check on them when they’re with others, it shows that you think about them constantly and care for them.

13. Be friends with their friends

Everyone wants a partner who can get along well with their friends. So always be nice and respectful to your partner’s friends.

You know your relationship is strong when you can tag along with your partner’s friend group without feeling left out. And it’ll show others that you two are proud of each other and aren’t afraid to show each other off with your close ones.

14. Give each other space

A secure relationship is not a codependent relationship. It’s impressive and admirable that you two can be your own persons outside of your relationship.

It’s inspiring to see a relationship so strong and healthy that the two people don’t need to be together 24/7 or even see each other every day to be in love.

You can still feel the love when they’re together because they focus on working on themselves individually, and by doing so, they gain the confidence to shine together. [Read: 15 ways to give space in a relationship and feel more loved while growing as individuals]

15. Indulge in romantic gestures

Buy little gifts for each other now and then to keep the romance alive. Indulge in happy gestures and treat each other with a lot of love and respect, no matter where you are.

Always remember to give your partner the first preference, be it while listening to opinions while hanging out with friends or while pulling a chair back for the women around. [Read: 67 sweet but small romantic gestures for everyday life that show love in the biggest way]

16. Don’t brag about each other too much

Saying “you know… my boyfriend/girlfriend is the best boyfriend/girlfriend in the world” is so corny and wannabe. And when people hear that line, they’d just think you’re a lying braggart.

Happy couples never claim to be happy couples. Unhappy couples use that line to try and convince themselves that they’re in a perfect relationship.

Avoid speaking highly of your partner’s romantic capabilities to others. Let others watch and make their own happy assumptions.

And as long as you’re using all these tips here, they’d definitely be convinced deep inside that the both of you are the perfect definition of a happy couple. [Read: 30 relationship rules for successful love]

17. Don’t try to copy other couples

Every relationship is different. Even in a lifetime, we don’t experience the same love twice. So never try to force your relationship to become exactly like someone else’s. Let it happen naturally.

Your partner doesn’t have to say the exact same things someone else’s partner said to them. You don’t have to dress the same way someone else’s partner dresses for your partner to find you attractive.

There are no guidelines to becoming a perfect couple. You can be the perfect couple to some and not others, and that’s okay. People can tell when something is fake, so just be yourselves and love each other the way you’re most comfortable with.

18. Be supportive

Who doesn’t want a supportive partner in their life? Who doesn’t like to gloat about how their partner always has their back in everything they do?

A lot of people will envy you if you tell them your partner is supportive of your dreams, goals, and life decisions.

Not many people have partners who stand by them even when there’s a risk that they might fail. Remember, you two should always be on the same team. [Read: 17 signs of a supportive partner who encourages you and your goals]

19. Say ‘I love you’ through actions

Actions speak louder than words. Let the world know you love them without repeatedly saying you love them.

Give your partner your full focus when they’re talking to you or need you. Remember *and set reminders if needed* anniversaries and special occasions. Listen without giving lectures and advice. Help them around the house. Be kind to their family.

Trust me, these little things will make people talk, and they will envy your relationship because it’s not easy to have a partner who shows love in every little thing they do. [Read: 25 love-filled ways to say “I appreciate you” without using words]

20. Be each other’s best friend

When you see a couple interact, you can tell if they’re each other’s best friends or worst enemies. And you don’t want people to think you don’t like each other or don’t know each other as much as others do.

Your partner should be your best friend, and you should feel like they are your best friend. They should be one of the first people you run to when things get rough. Begin saying ‘we’ instead of ‘I.’ People will start gushing about how solid and secure your bond is.

21. Don’t fake it

People can tell when you’re not being genuine. You may think you can fool your friends and others into believing you’re a happy couple when you’re not, but happiness has its own face and you cannot fake it.

And even if there are people who believe you, what is the point if you’re not happy inside? Would it be worth it to receive praises at a party, then sit together in heartwrenching silence on the car ride home?

It’s not hard to become the couple people love to envy. Just be true to your partner and to yourself, and others will feel the positive energy you two exude when you’re together. Once you’ve mastered these tips on how to be a happy couple, both of you will be beaming all the time!

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