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Like a Virgin: How to Spruce Up Your Honeymoon Sex

Honeymoon sex used to be the first time a couple made love. But if your wedding night isn’t your first time, here’s how to spruce it up.

honeymoon sex

Ah, honeymoon sex. The reason why it’s so special is because having sex the night of your wedding was supposed to be, well, the first time. Not many people wait until they get married anymore to have a sexual encounter with either their mate.
Although exciting enough on its own *I mean it is the first time you are having sex as husband and wife*, it just may not seem as life-altering as it did in the day when sex before marriage was a major no-no.
How to spruce up your honeymoon sex
If you want to make honeymoon sex special and not just mere sex with rings on, there are ways that you can make it spectacular and something new and eventful. Try these 10 tips to make your honeymoon sex something that is truly unforgettable.
#1 Stop having sex for a certain period of time before the wedding. Nothing can make you more excited for one another than the anticipation of sex. If you want to make your honeymoon sex outstanding, then decide together to abstain from sex for an amount of time before getting married.
I don’t mean like two days, or a week. To make it something as desirous as it used to be back in the day when you met on your wedding nights as virgins, put some real abstinence time on it. The longer you go without, the more tension you will have to release. [Read: Ways to make married sex feel like a one night stand]
#2 Try something new. Talk about sexual fantasies with each other before the wedding and find out what it is that your mate has always wanted to try.
Forget about the wedding gift of a watch or earrings and give them their special fantasy as a wedding gift. It is an excellent way to have some honeymoon sex excitement and a fabulous way to be vulnerable with each other and create marriage intimacy.
#3 Bring along toys. Bring along a toy for each day you spend away. Trying something new while you are on your honeymoon and away from the doldrum of your personal bedrooms can really spice things up.
There are a ton of sexual toys to choose from online. Or have a fun day shopping with your bridesmaids to get ready for your time away. [Read: The truth about sex after marriage – better or worse?]
#4 Use props. If you are going to an exotic destination, why not act exotically? Use foods to paint and lick off of each other. Melted chocolate, whipped cream, or caramel all taste awesome when they are licked off of body parts… kind of like the sweet with the salty.
#5 Bring back memories from your time away. Remember the couple who used to hold you captive looking through the photo album of their awesome vacation? That is not what I am talking about here. If you want to make honeymoon sex spectacular, why not get it on film?
Hey, you taped the wedding, why not tape the other events too! Just plan ahead, if you really want to make a honeymoon sex video to watch together as you grow old. But it is going to take more than just your iPhone.
Be even more careful if you do use your iPhone. That video is not something that you want to mistakenly post to Snapchat! [Read: Things a sex vacation can do for your love life]
#6 Try a new position or two. Sure, missionary is kind of your thing. But if you are on vacation, be as crazy as you want to be. Who cares if the walls are thin. Honeymoon sex is about letting it all out!
Try new poses like Twirl-a-girl, the mermaid *fitting if you are by the sea*, or rock-a-bye booty. If you don’t know what those are, Google them. There are probably some new positions you didn’t even know bodies could get into together.
#7 Watch porn together. Okay, so you are going to be sharing a lot of time together watching television. And, girls, I will let you know right now, the majority of them are going to be the ESPN or the Discovery Channel.
Your honeymoon is the perfect time to watch something fun and exciting together. Try to choose something that has a little of something that turns you both on. Since you are husband and wife, it is time to let the secrets out and share some fantasies.
Although just as a suggestion, you may want to hold onto some of them. The rest of your life is a pretty long time to go if you spill it all at once. [Read: 50 kinky ideas for a sexy relationship]
#8 Spend a 24-hour naked-a-thon. Set one day aside and make it a 24-hour no-clothes day. There aren’t going to be many whole days in your future where you can lie around naked all day having sex.
Life has a way of getting in the way of really good intentions. Before you know it, you will have bills, extended family, and potentially kids. So the days when you can lay in bed without clothes, run around the room naked, or have sex as many times as physically possible, may become harder to come by.
Instead of thinking you have to see the sites, take a whole day to see nothing but the sight of the person you love in the nude. Just don’t forget about room service.
#9 Have honeymoon sex on the beach. How many times have you heard someone order that shot in a bar? It is your honeymoon and time to live it up! [Read: Sexy love on the beach for couples]
If you are lucky enough to make it to a secluded place, throw caution to the wind and have sex outside under the stars, or even on the beach. You may never have the chance again. Going for it is what honeymoon sex is all about.
#10 Take time to find the erogenous zones. There are no schedules to keep, plans to be made, and the seating chart has already been sat in. Honeymoon sex should be about slowing the world down and getting to know each other as husband and wife. Take the time to really get to know what feels good to your mate and to yourself.
You don’t have to get up for work, so take the time to get a feel for every inch of each other. It is during those first few years of marriage when you are going to need to know how to make each other feel good.
Find out the things that make each other tick by taking the time as husband and wife to learn to please one another for a lifetime.
[Read: 10 erogenous zones that drive women wild in bed]
A honeymoon is about solidifying a marriage once the nuptials are said. It can be a really amazing and exciting time to be vulnerable and honest. And having hot honeymoon sex is just the right thing start your lives out together.

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