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25 Hobbies for Couples that Want to Have More Fun Together

Being in a relationship can get boring if you’re not actively trying to have fun together. These hobbies for couples will make that so much easier.

Hobbies for Couples

Having fun with your significant other is essential for making your relationship last. When you get out of the honeymoon phase, it can feel as though your relationship slows down and gets a bit boring. Which is why some hobbies for couples will help you have a lot more fun.

You both have your individual hobbies but what you need are hobbies together, too. Not only will you be able to appreciate each other on different levels but it also keeps your relationship fresh and fun.

How having hobbies together can make your relationship stronger

What people stop doing after the initial honeymoon phase is bonding. When you first meet and get really excited, you ask all sorts of questions and go on tons of fun dates that furthers your connection.

However, after a while, you don’t do those things and the connection you have suffers a lot. You need to continuously be building upon your relationship if you want it to last.

And that’s exactly what hobbies for couples do. You connect on a new level, learn new things, and it makes your relationship stronger. Plus, you have something new to bond over that’s not just each other. [Read: 8 problems that can make your relationship stronger]

Hobbies for couples who want to have a lot more fun

If you’re looking for new date ideas or just want to do something fun together, these hobbies for couples are definitely the way to go. Try a few of them out and stick to one both of you like best.

#1 Ballroom dancing. If this doesn’t make your relationship stronger, nothing will. You don’t have to be the best dancer in order to take ballroom dancing lessons. In fact, it’s more fun if you suck at it! This puts your teamwork to the test and can increase your intimacy.

#2 Couples bowling. If you have a few friends in relationships, join a couples bowling league. It’s a fun way to get out of the house and enjoy one another’s company. [Read: 8 little habits that bring couples closer together]

#3 Community theater. This might require a love of the stage and acting, but if you both enjoy those things it’s a really fun way to spend time together and take on other roles.

#4 Gardening. Yes, this does require some work but it can actually be really fun. You can garden for fun with flowers and such or you can plant and grow your own food. Learning this essential life skill is rewarding and fun.

#5 Rock climbing. Since you need two people to go rock climbing anyway, having your lover tag along will be really fun. You’ll get a workout in and get to spend time together. [Read: How to keep your dates exciting]

#6 Cooking classes. This is one of the more popular hobbies for couples. You can take a ton of different cooking classes but it’s another awesome way to build up your teamwork skills and have some delicious food, too.

#7 Animal shelter volunteering. Need I say more? It’s fun, helpful, and you can play with tons of animals, which is especially awesome if you can’t have a pet yet.

#8 Hiking. If you’re the outdoorsy type, this one is a must. Being able to enjoy nature and wildlife together can be really beneficial to your relationship. [Read: Fun and romantic summer date ideas to try with your lover]

#9 Photography. This will bring out your creative side and also help the two of you bond. You can even compare pictures and swap tips you’ve learned.

#10 Astronomy. The sky, space, and stars are all amazing. If both of you share a love of those things, investing in a telescope and charting the stars will be perfect because it can be both educational and romantic.

#11 Extreme camping. Basically, you head out into the wilderness and survive without electricity or running water. It’s really fun and can teach you a lot about one another. [Read: 10 foolproof tips for dating a nature lover]

#12 Blogging. Why not start a blog? You can think of a theme, get a website, and both contribute just for fun.

#13 Collecting things. Having a lot of the same thing means you can actually collect them. This can be hats, coins, antiques, and really anything that you both can go out and bond over.

#14 Kayaking. This is really fun and you can do it together in a single kayak or separately. Either way, you’ll spend some relaxing time doing something you both enjoy.

#15 Fishing. There’s nothing better than being able to escape with your partner and relax while fishing. If you both think you’d enjoy it, give it a shot together. [Read: 14 ways to impress her on the first date]

#16 Canoeing. This is a lot more fun than kayaking because it requires less work and there’s more room for the both of you. You can have picnics in canoes while enjoying the view of the lake, ocean, or river.

#17 Surfing. If you want to try something new or both already like surfing, do it together! You’ll be getting a workout, catching some rays, and laughing at each other’s wipe outs.

#18 Tennis. This is a very classic hobby for couples. You can play against one another for some friendly competition and you can play together against other couples. Either way, you’ll bond and have a lot of fun. [Read: The best way to workout together and feel closer]

#19 Painting. Whether or not you’re both creative doesn’t matter. Painting can be really fun and who knows? Maybe you’ll get into a paint fight that ends with both of you without clothes.

#20 Sculpting. This isn’t a hobby many couples do but it can actually be really, really fun. Go to a pottery class and learn the ropes before taking it home and doing it regularly.

#21 Wine making. Not only is making wine really fun and requires some teamwork, drinking said wine together on a date night is even more fun. [Read: Try these fun drinking games for two]

#22 Biking. This is one of the easier hobbies for couples that’ll actually help you stay in great shape. Bonding together in this way will help both of you appreciate the other’s hard work, too. Because biking can be really hard.

#23 Working out. You know what they say, the couple that works out together, stays together. This not only keeps you both in great shape, but being more active has been known to boost your sex drive, too. [Read: 25 inspiring tips to get motivated to work out]

#24 Learning a new language. This is beneficial in so many ways. It can also be really fun to work together and learn something you can use with each other, too.

#25 DIY or flipping thrift store finds. This is a super popular hobby for couples that can also earn you a few extra bucks in the bank. Find some run down furniture at thrift stores and turn them into DIY projects for a fun thing to do together. Flip them into awesome works of art and sell them for more than you paid!

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Increasing the bond you have with your partner is really important for building a strong, lasting relationship. These hobbies for couples can help you do just that.

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