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33 Awesome Date Ideas Every Couple Should Try

Running out of ideas for a fun-filled date? Worry no more, because we’ve got some fantastic date ideas that every type of couple can choose from!

33 awesome date ideas

We’re not saying you and your partner are getting bored with dinner and a movie. But sometimes, it’s just nice to jazz things up a little bit. Step out of your comfort zone, and do something fun. If you don’t actually end up having fun, at least you can say that you at least gave it a shot! New things keep relationships fresh and interesting, and they’re the best way to get to know your partner even better!

Date night ideas to try with your partner

Every couple is different, which is why I chose to organize these date ideas based on what each couple is into. Mix, match or try them all, and no one will ever say that you go out on boring dates!

Movies and TV Dates

#1 Watch a movie that will really get you thinking. Something along the lines of Inception, Fight Club or The Matrix can get you into a philosophical or existential debate.

#2 Geek out on your next movie date. Do a marathon of the Lord of the Rings or Star Wars. But don’t just watch it in your jammies, wear signature geek gear like costumes, fan shirts or eat popcorn out of a Yoda bowl!

#3 Try out an artsy movie. Yes, this may not be your thing. But artsy movies are known for nice ambient or sensual soundtracks, which would make for some awesome background music when you want to get frisky.

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Music Madness

#4 Check out a live band in a small venue to really feel the music without having to squeeze through a huge throng of people.

#5 Watch a cover band that plays renditions of songs you know and love. You’d be surprised at how bands can come up with a ska-punk rendition of R. Kelly’s “I Believe I Can Fly!”

#6 For couples who like relaxing music in a classy bar, you’ll love jazz bars! Just imagine the sound of the sax and the sensual voice of the vocalist, and you’re sure to get in the mood.

#7 Take a trip down memory lane by creating a playlist of old favorites that you can play as you hang out at home.

#8 If you love to sing, then you’ll definitely love Karaoke! Don’t worry, you don’t have to be a great singer. Just grab the mic, pick your jam and belt it out a la Mariah!

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Hobbies, Old and New

#9 Try a DIY project. It can be as simple as teaching each other how to work with loom bands or as complex as creating a full-on piece of functional furniture! Just watch the noise as your neighbors may not appreciate hearing a hacksaw all night.

#10 Take a night class. Many colleges offer short courses for those who are working. Squeeze into the roster and pick an interesting class to enroll in.

#11 Get nostalgic and play some childhood games like Monopoly, Snakes and Ladders, or even chess.

Fun for Fit Couples

#12 Go for a night swim. Skip the SPF and dive right into a nighttime pool for some peaceful swim time.

#13 Try a fun new workout like Zumba, Jazzercise or just plain old cardio. The endorphins you release after the workout are a great prelude to a night of long-lasting loving.

#14 Dance! There are tons of tutorials on YouTube that teach you the basics of different dances from folk to ballroom to contemporary.

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Food Galore

#15 Got a globe at home? Great. Give it a spin, and the first country you point to will tell you which cuisine you should try out. Don’t have a restaurant that serves that cuisine? No worries, whip it up yourselves with some help from online tutorials!

#16 Try a fusion restaurant. Who knows, maybe the Italian-Chinese combo will actually taste absolutely scrumptious!

#17 Try your hand at baking. Not everyone is made to be a pastry chef. But you can’t possibly be so inept in the kitchen that both of you will botch a batch of by-the-box brownies! Give it a try. Even if the results are disastrous, you can just call it “practice.”

#18 Pick up some treats from a chocolatier and do the tasting at home. Nothing beats eating delicious and exotic chocolates with the one you love.

#19 Visit your local brewery. There are breweries that double as bars or pubs in the evening. Try out their special brews and you just might find your new favorite beer.

#20 So maybe cooking and baking aren’t your thing. Then you just might have a shot in the world of liquor. Whip up some of your favorite cocktails with your honey and see who can make a mean margarita or authentic-tasting sangria.

Get Cultured

#21 Visit a museum or an art exhibit. Whether you like classic works of art or performance art or modern art, there’s sure to be a gallery or exhibit happening somewhere in the city. Just schedule the date and save that night for an artistic adventure.

#22 Again, pick a random country and take your date there. We’re not saying book a flight! What we mean is turn your home into a cozy nook fit for that country. For example, you can choose Korea and order some Korean takeout, watch Korean movies and maybe even dance to a few K-pop tunes.

#23 Watch a play. There isn’t a song called “Music of the Night” for nothing! There are lots of plays, whether independent or big-budget, that drop by the city from time to time. There’s no excuse for not seeing some classics like Les Miserables, Hamlet or Cats!

#24 Nighttime sporting events, anyone? Not all sporting events happen in broad daylight; sometimes it’s more exciting to see the game with floodlights!

#25 Do some night photography. Natural light may be great for portraits, but having an evening pictorial is not only more dramatic, but it can also be more elegant. Posing beneath a streetlamp or taking long exposure shot of the city lights can bring about wonderful effects.

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Be Super Spontaneous

#26 Take the late train and go someplace you’ve never been to in the city. Just make sure you pack a map and pick a place that’s relatively safe for tourists.

#27 Go on a little road trip. With a car, you can explore even more romantic spots within your city. You can see your city from atop a hill or wander off into the bay for a really romantic date. Pack a few sandwiches and a bottle of wine, and you’re all set!

#28 Surprise your partner with flowers and a song. Show up at her place wielding a minus-one track of your song and some flowers to get her all giggly like a schoolgirl. Even if you’re a girl, who says you can’t serenade your sweetheart?

#29 Hang out at a theme park. You’ll never run out of things to do there! If neither of you are daredevils, that’s what the carousel and bump cars are for. Love heights and speed? Get on the highest rollercoaster they’ve got!

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Sexy and Sensual

#30 Not everyone is a fan of leaving the house for dates. To keep the romance alive, use some sensual bath salts, candles and flower petals in the bath. No one will be able to resist that after a long tiring day at work!

#31 Greet your honey in an apron and nothing more. Whip up a meal, but once your honey’s on his way home, ditch your clothes except for the apron. In these times, dessert can come before dinner.

#32 Play with a pair of sexy dice that will tell you where to lick, suck, kiss and fondle your partner. These are available at almost any party favor shop. And while you’re there, you can pick up a few other games too!

#33 List down your sensual bucket list. Each of you can write them down, and then you can compare notes later. If you’ve got items on your list that match your partner’s, then you know what to do on your next date night.

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A fun-filled date with your partner doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming. With these ideas, you’ll never run out of exciting new things to try and enjoy!

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