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20 Breakup Songs You Can Use to Break Up with Somebody

For the musically inclined, breaking up is as easy as pressing play. Here are some songs you can use to break things off gently with your partner.

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As insensitive as it sounds to break up with somebody using a song, it’s actually pretty useful. A song has everything you need to say, and it’s got the music to ease any pain that accompanies the words.

If you can express your sentiment without needing music, good for you! But there are some people who just can’t say the words, but a song might just help them send the right message, or at least get the break up conversation started.

Why breaking up with a song is a good idea

Most people would disagree that using music to break up with somebody is a good idea. Some think it’s cowardly or tacky, but it works in different ways. If a person doesn’t know how to explain their reasons for leaving, a song might help them let their partner understand things better.

For those who love music, it might be a way to ease the process and give them an insight that’s hard to deliver personally. Of course, you’ll have to discuss things thoroughly like the adults that you are, but putting things in perspective using a song might make the transition easier.

How to deliver the breakup song

You can’t just whip out your speakers and start playing the breakup song at full volume while your partner sits next to you like a deer caught in the headlights. You have to set it up properly, so that your partner will understand the gravity of the situation.

#1 The drive home. Have a talk about what the problem is while you’re driving home. And when the awkward silence hovers over you, start playing your breakup song.

#2 Post the song on social media. Okay, so this a little more public, but a song can be a subtle prelude to the breakup talk. Just post the song on your profile sans captions, and wait for your partner to take the hint and initiate “the talk.”

#3 Send a CD… or a Spotify track/YouTube link. It’s more private, and that’s always good when it comes to breakups. When your partner asks you why you sent them this particularly sad *or angry* song, whip out the “we need to talk” card. [Read: How to break up with someone without hurting them]

Songs that will help you break up with somebody

Now that we’ve established that you’re not just going to break up with a song and be done with it, here are some tunes to help make the process a little less confusing and a bit more enlightening.

#1 You Used to Love Me by Faith Evans. When the love just isn’t there anymore, and you can’t do anything else but let go.

Best Line: I couldn’t let you walk around thinking it was okay to let me down.

#2 Skin by Alexz Johnson. You’re in a very painful situation, and you need all the help you can get to leave. Maybe a song will do the trick.

Best Line: When I look in your eyes, I don’t see mine.

#3 Neither One of Us (Wants to Be the First to Say Goodbye) by Gladys Knight and The Pips. Things are obviously not okay, but it’s difficult to say the words. The worst part is that your partner knows it too.

Best Line: So we go on, go on together, living a lie.

#4 Me, Myself & I by Beyoncé. What’s a better breakup song than something from the Queen B herself? If you know that you deserve better, then it’s time to focus on the real star of the show – YOU.

Best Line: I know that I will never disappoint myself.

#5 Impossible by Shontelle. Sometimes, we have to admit to ourselves that we made the mistake of falling in love with the wrong person.

Best Line: Falling out of love is hard, falling for betrayal is worse.

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#6 Kiss and Say Goodbye by The Manhattans. Breakups are difficult, but some are lucky to have at least one more chance to say goodbye.

Best Line: Please darling, don’t you cry. Let’s just kiss and say goodbye.

#7 Leave Right Now by Will Young. The toughest thing about breaking up is sticking to that decision and never looking back.

Best Line: Somebody better show me out, before I fall any deeper.

#8 Goodbye to You by Michelle Branch. Breaking up gets harder every time you think about the person you’re about to leave. But you know that it’s what you have to do.

Best Line: You were the one I loved, the one thing that I tried to hold on to.

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#9 Final Hour by Vivian Green. Some relationships take a lot out of you, but you soon realize that you have the power to stop it.

Best Line: Never again will I give the power to be me and be free.

#10 Fading by Rihanna. It comes as a surprise when you realize that your feelings have been slowly waning, until there’s nothing left but the resolve to get out of the situation.

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Best Line: Saw you turn into a ghost right in front of my eyes.

#11 Broken by Leona Lewis. Pain can’t be described so easily, but when it’s too much, it can manifest in so many ways – the worst being a broken heart.

Best Line: I’m putting back together my heart.

#12 Don’t Speak by No Doubt. Excuses are only useful when there’s a point to them.

Best Line: I don’t need your reasons.

#13 The Ex-Factor by Lauryn Hill. As much as you want to leave, there are some who will do whatever it takes to make you stay. That’s why you have to take the first step, and tell them that it’s time to let go.

Best Line: You let go, and I’ll let go, too.

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#14 Used to Love U by John Legend. There comes a time when you realize that what you’re doing will never be enough for the person you love.

Best Line: Realized that I just don’t love you, not like I used to.

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#15 Two Weeks Notice by Fantasia Barrino. Deciding to leave is one small step, but it’s definitely a big one.

Best Line: Because I did my best. Now, it’s ended.

#16 Tonight I’m Getting Over You by Carly Rae Jepsen. The best way to get over somebody is to do it immediately after a breakup. This is exactly the message you should send someone who doesn’t deserve your attention.

Best Line: I’ll keep dancing ‘til the morning with someone new. [Read: 13 rebound sex questions to know if you’re ready for it]

#17 These Boots Were Made For Walking by Nancy Sinatra. This song is classy as hell, and you don’t even have to explain the meaning. You’ve got the boots, and now you’re walking.

Best Line: These boots are made for walking and that’s just what they’ll do.

#18 Leave (Get Out) by Jojo. The lyrics of these songs have been very obvious, but nothing says get out of my life like a song that’s as honest as this one.

Best Line: I can’t wait for you to be gone.

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#19 Irreplaceable by Beyoncé. There’s no point in replacing someone you never wanted in the first place. So, tell that fool to go ahead and get gone.

Best Line: So since I’m not your everything, how about I’ll be nothing, nothing at all to you?

#20 This Love (Will Be Your Downfall) by Ellie Goulding. For the love that could have been, but cannot last.

Best Line: I don’t see a reason why we can’t just be apart.

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Songs are just thoughts said with music. Don’t belittle the sentiment, just because it’s lyrical. The feelings are just the same, no matter what medium they were delivered in. So if you’re looking to break up with someone through music, this list has got you covered.

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