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15 Very Subtle Signs of Infidelity that Most Of Us Miss So Easily

There’s something going on in your relationship, but you’re not sure what it is. Don’t jump to conclusions until you look at the signs of infidelity.

signs of infidelity

You’ve been with your partner for a while, and things were going well… until recently. You’ve noticed a slight behavioral change, yet you can’t pinpoint exactly what’s going on. But something deep inside you is hinting towards the signs of infidelity.

To be honest, it’s a common reaction when we notice our partners  behaving strangely. We tend to automatically assume it’s because of us that they’re acting like this. But before you start to have a panic attack and think your partner is seeing someone else, it’s important you take a look at the signs of infidelity first.

Just because your partner is acting a little off doesn’t mean they’re cheating on you. They could be stressed, having issues with their family, or you might going through a rough time as a couple. But that doesn’t mean they’re cheating on you.

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On the other hand, people do cheat, and it’s something we’re all hyper-aware of now. However, you should look at the subtle signs of infidelity before accusing your partner of cheating.

The 15 subtle signs of infidelity that point to a cheating partner

After looking at these signs, if you feel they match up with your partner, then sit down and talk to them about how you’re feeling.

When someone cheats, you’ll know.

#1 You have a gut feeling. There’s something inside of you telling you that something is off. Of course, it doesn’t mean they’re cheating. But it’s a sign that your relationship isn’t in sync right now. Whatever the issue, talk to your partner about it and see what’s going on. [Read: Why something feels off in your relationship and how to sniff out the cause]

#2 They’re routinely MIA. Recently, they’ve become unreachable. You don’t know where your partner is for hours at a time. And they give you lame excuses like there wasn’t any reception or their phone had no battery.

#3 There’s an emotional disconnection. You used to be able to have deep conversations with your partner, but they seem to have come to a halt. Your partner isn’t interested in hearing about your day or any of the problems you face. This is weird because they used to be emotionally invested in the relationship. [Read: 18 emotions you just shouldn’t feel in a healthy relationship]

#4 They changed their passwords on all their devices. Your partner probably knows the passwords to your devices but doesn’t feel the need to snoop through your phone. However, if they suddenly change their password, you should wonder why. You weren’t looking through their phone in the first place, so why change the password?

#5 They stop using “we.” When they spoke about doing things, they would say, “we.” But now, when they talk, they only use the singular “I.” When we use the word “we,” it’s because we see ourselves as a part of a team. But when someone’s cheating, they remove themselves from the partnership. [Confession: 5 heartfelt reasons why I will never ever cheat]

#6 They mention one person very often. In conversation, they talk about one specific person more than anything. At first, it made you feel that maybe you’re just overreacting, but as other signs pop up, you see a scary pattern form.

#7 They’ve changed the way they look. Your partner has suddenly decided to change the way they look. It was a drastic change too. They got a new haircut, bought new clothes, and are really trying to look nice. Now, this wouldn’t be odd, but it came out of the blue without any explanation. [Read: Why do men cheat? The 3 big reasons and 27 convincing excuses]

#8 They give elaborate stories on where they were. They weren’t home all day, and you asked them what happened. The story you received was good enough to be a screenplay. Their stories to back up where they were are elaborate and very descriptive. If you ask them to repeat the story a couple of hours later, they probably will make mistakes.

#9 Their friends behave strangely around you. Not only have you noticed a change in your partner’s behavior, but their friends also act a little off. They’re not as open as they used to be and are a bit hesitant to say anything around you. Sounds like they’re trying to hide something. [Read: Is your partner being sneaky in your relationship? Is it a bad thing?]

#10 They never leave their cell phone alone. In a trusting relationship, you’re not worried about your partner seeing your phone. Because you trust each other. However, your partner takes their phone everywhere. They don’t let their phone out of their sight for one second. [Read: Why do women cheat? 16 reasons why your girl might cheat on you]

#11 They want to have more sex or no sex. People who are cheating either compensate for their infidelity by having more sex with their partner or completely cutting off sex. This is because they feel guilty for what they’re doing behind your back.

#12 There are unexplained bills. When looking at your credit card or phone bills, you’ve noticed unexplainable charges. Maybe there was a purchase to a lingerie store or drinks at a bar that you didn’t purchase. If you see unknown purchases on your bill, well, ask yourself, who’s making these purchases and why? [Confession: I cheated on my boyfriend and feel so much better]

#13 They’ve become flaky. They used to make plans with you and stick to them, that’s what a healthy relationship consists of. But now, they seem not to be able to hold onto plans. They cancel at the last minute or refuse to solidify any plans in advance.

#14 They start arguments. You never used to argue that much. Sure, you had your disagreements, but they were pretty minor. However, you notice your partner now arguing with you over things that they wouldn’t usually. When someone is cheating, they feel guilty and must transfer the shame elsewhere. [Read: How to know the signs of when a relationship just isn’t working out]

#15 You don’t appear on their social media. Your partner used to post photos with you together, but it’s suddenly stopped. Now, it’s a lot of photos of just themselves, and you’re nowhere to be seen. If they were never on social media but suddenly are posting a lot of selfies, it’s a bit strange.

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If you see many of these subtle signs of infidelity happening in your relationship, it’s time you talked to your partner and found out the truth.

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