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10 Quick Pick-Me-Ups for the Recently Heartbroken

Instead of wallowing in misery, why not give yourself a pampering treat to get out of the post-breakup slump? Here are some ideas.

pick me ups for the broken hearted

There is no easy way to heal a broken heart. You just really have to go through the whole process of patching yourself back up. However, that doesn’t mean you should be wallowing in misery 24/7. In fact, one of the ways to help you get over your recent heartbreak is by slowly trying to enjoy life again.

Of course, you may think that you won’t even be able to form a smile, when you’re still getting over a breakup. At the start, this may seem true. But in time, you’ll find yourself looking for little activities that would cheer you up.

These activities may seem like small momentary pleasures. But it’s these quick bursts of happiness that can help urge you out of that dark place and into a more optimistic and sunny phase. And before you know it, after the healing process and exerting a genuine effort to move on, your heartbreak won’t seem like that big of a deal anymore.

How to cheer yourself up post-breakup

The little pleasures in life may just be the key to finding happiness once again. Here are a few ways you can uplift your mood, even for just a little while.

#1 Pamper yourself. There’s no salve or painkiller designed to remedy the pain in one’s heart. So the next best thing you can do is upgrade the way you take care of your body by pampering it. One of the most pleasurable yet simple things you can do is have a long, luxurious bath. Use up all those special bath salts you’ve been saving. Languish in the tub for an entire hour with some good music and scented candles.

If you’d prefer something different, or long baths just aren’t your thing, you can always go to a spa to have a full body massage. The stress that comes with a broken heart manifests itself onto your body, so what better way to get rid of it than with the firm hands of a talented masseuse? Top that off with a foot soak or a couple of minutes in the sauna and you’ve already spent about two hours giving your body some much needed love. [Read: 8 ways to stay busy after a breakup]

#2 Have a makeover. Looking into the mirror and seeing puffy, swollen eyes may just make you even more depressed. And just because you feel miserable, doesn’t mean you have to look miserable, too. Don’t wear your sadness on your sleeves! Put in a genuine effort to look great, so that you’ll start to feel just a teensy bit better.

Lots of women have makeover rituals saved up for times when they’re feeling depressed. These usually include getting a hair treatment or a haircut, paired off with a manicure and pedicure combo. Once your hair and nails are in tip top shape, you can go even further by trying to put on some makeup to cover up those puffy bags.

You can also wear your sexiest or most elegant outfit to give you an instant confidence boost. Top all this hotness off with a smile, and you’ll start to feel better in a snap.

#3 Post an awesome selfie. Once you’ve got the makeover out of the way, why not commemorate this moment by snapping a photo? Post it online and show the world how lovely you can be, despite your sadness.

People may even remind you just how awesome you are by liking your photo. It may just be a bunch of clicks. But those clicks from people who know you would show you that there are people who appreciate you. It’s a tiny ego boost, but an ego boost nonetheless.

#4 Go on a shopping spree. This isn’t something we recommend for those who need to get a hold of their finances. But if you’ve got some extra cash to spare, now would be the perfect time to splurge on something you’ve always wanted to buy.

Whenever we buy something we really like, our brains are hard-wired to give us a surge of feel-good hormones. Even if it’s a momentary boost, it’s still a great feeling that helps you forget, at least for a while, about your heartbreak. [Read: 14 quick stress busters to recharge your mind]

#5 Indulge in some comfort food. What’s that one dish that you’d eat whenever you’re celebrating a momentous occasion? Sushi? A hearty pasta dish? Oysters? Whatever it is, go to the nearest restaurant that serves it, and order just that.

It’s physically impossible to be unhappy when you’re munching on your favorite dish. And don’t worry about the calories or how many grams of fat it contains. You’re going through a tough time. You deserve some slack! Just don’t go overboard by doing this continually for a week.

#6 Watch an awesome movie. Get your hands off that “The Notebook” DVD. You can’t be watching that in your condition! We’re trying to avoid anything that’s going to remind you of the good times with your ex. That would only make you realize that they’re no longer there to recreate all those romantic moments with.

Instead, what you may want to watch is something lightly entertaining or mentally engaging. Mystery flicks or inspirational movies are a good choice for those who aren’t very into comedy. But if you are into more outright funny stuff, go for it! [Read: 10 movies you can enjoy alone or with friends]

#7 Volunteer. When you’re faced with people who are dealing with bigger problems than your own, you’ll realize that it won’t be so hard to get through your own ordeal. It’s said that when people are sad, they tend to be more compassionate and generous.

So what better way for you to have a better outlet for your feelings than to do a bit of charity work? And you don’t even need to leave your city. You can just drop off some goods at your local charity center or buy lunch for a homeless man in the area. [Read: 5 ways volunteering can help you deal with your sadness]

#8 Call your mom or someone who deeply cares for you. You don’t even have to tell them that you’re going through an ordeal. Sometimes simply hearing the caring voice of someone who loves you is enough. It reminds you that even if your significant other is gone, there’s still someone out there who can give you love, even if it’s not the romantic type you crave.

The people who care for you may even be able to notice the hint of sadness in your voice, and would then try a little harder to cheer you up over the phone. A few minutes in a genuine conversation with someone who loves you not only relieves stress, but it can also lighten up your mood for the rest of the day.

#9 Hang out with your friends. Downing a couple of rounds of shots may not be a good idea, especially if you’re nursing a recently broken heart. You might just end up ranting and raving and crying the entire night. Instead, what you can do is catch up with a couple of friends over coffee or lunch. Listen to how their lives are going and share a few tidbits of how things are with you.

When you’ve just gotten your heart broken, you may not be in the mood to hang out with people. But take a moment to try and go out there. You may think that you’ll end up having a miserable time, but once your friends start laughing about their latest antics, the lighthearted laughter can be pretty contagious! [Read: 8 friends you need in your life]

#10 Have a good, long cry. The heavy feeling in your chest may sometimes be lifted, if you just give in to the sadness and just cry your eyes out. You may have been trying so hard to keep it together that you forget that you don’t need to put up a strong face when you’re alone. Put on a sad tune, cry on your pillow, and just let it out. Once you get tired of crying, you would start to feel a bit of the weight lifting off your chest.

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There’s no shortcut to healing a broken heart. But these quick fixes may just make the healing process so much more bearable.

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