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How to Stop Crying: Heal Yourself and Find Your Happiness Again

If you’re someone who has been suffering from sadness and tears for what seems like forever, here’s how to stop crying and feel happy from within again.

how to stop crying

Not everyone can live their lives under umbrellas of sunshine and happiness. Truth be told, we all get down on ourselves sometimes, and it’s hard to climb out of a deep sadness that has consumed you with tears. Some of us have an even harder time than others and just can’t stop crying at all. We’ve all been there a time or two, but if you want to break out of the rut, here’s how to stop crying and feel happy again.

When you seem to be stuck in a seemingly never-ending loop of crying and sadness, it’s hard to believe that you could ever be happy again. However, you definitely can be, and that’s why I’m here… to help you find happiness again.

Why do people cry?

I’m sure you all might be rolling your eyes at this and thinking, “Because they’re sad. Duh.” But I’ll let you in on a little secret, just being sad doesn’t mean you’ll cry. You can be sad for all kinds of reasons and never shed a single tear.

You have to be affected in such a strong way that it sends your body into its fight or flight response. Basically, if you become so sad or frustrated or stressed about something that it’s taking a physical toll on your body, you’ll cry. [Read: When a woman is crying – A gentleman’s do’s and don’ts]

How to stop crying and heal yourself form within

Some of us are much more sensitive than others. This means that while some people can be JUST as sad, they won’t cry, while others can’t even see because the tears are blurring their vision. If you’re the latter, you probably want to know how to stop crying and become happy again.

It might not be easy to do, but you can do it. If you’re looking for a way to stop crying and be happy again, here are some tips to get you there.

#1 Address any issues. If you’re so sad that you got to the point of crying endlessly over something, then there’s an issue you have to address. It doesn’t matter what you’re crying about, you have to figure out what the problem is and start fixing it.

Only then can you truly stop crying about this single thing. If you just wait out the tears until you can no longer cry before getting on with your day, you’ll only end up in tears over the same thing at a different time – probably later that night. [Read: 19 signs of emotional damage and ways to get past them]

#2 Remove yourself from harmful situations. If you keep putting yourself in a position to be hurt to the point where you’re so unhappy that you cry every day, you need to get out of that situation. If there’s a person harming you emotionally, get away from them.

This may not be the easiest thing to do, but after the initial shock and heartache of removing yourself from a person’s presence or a situation, you’ll feel so much better, and you’ll be able to find happiness again. [Read: 15 ways to spot and stop selfish people from hurting you]

#3 Stay away from triggers. If you know there are certain places or people or things that open the floodgates and send you into a fit of hysteric tears, avoid them. Sometimes there are things that are so painful that you can’t ever get rid of them completely, and being around them will make you cry.

Stay away from those things at all costs if you want to know how to stop crying and be happy again. If you’re always being reminded of those painful things, you’ll never be able to heal and move forward with finding your happiness.

#4 Find a distraction. The very best way to stop crying when you need a quick fix is to find a distraction. You can turn on your favorite TV show, call up a friend, or even just go out for a walk.

Finding something to take your mind off the one thing that keeps bringing you to tears will help you figure out how to stop crying and be happy again. The key to this is to do something that requires you to think a lot so your mind won’t be able to wander back to the one thing that keeps making you cry.

#5 Slow your breathing. Taking deep breaths can help you stop crying just because it calms down your entire body. When you’re in a fit of tears, your body is usually in a fight or flight response – and that means your adrenaline is pumping along with your heart and lungs.

Therefore, if you calm your body down, it won’t need to cry. This allows you to start thinking straight, and you’re able to reason with yourself in order to stop crying and start working toward being happy. [Read: How to be emotionally stable and find your zone of perfect calmness]

#6 Find the one thing that cheers you up and go to it. We all have that one thing or person who can cheer us up in a second. If you know who or what this is, and know without a doubt that it’ll make you happy and stop the tears from flowing, go to it.

Call up your friend, turn on that movie, or cuddle up with your dog, if that’s what will stop the tears. Cheering yourself up and forcing happiness through the tears is what will help you figure out how to stop crying. [Read: 21 quick ways to cheer yourself up and find inner happiness]

#7 Change your train of thought. This takes a lot of practice, but it’s a great way to stop crying. If you can, just redirect your thoughts to something else in order to stop crying. Stop thinking about the one thing that’s causing all the tears. It’s not easy to do, but when you master it, you’ll be able to prevent the tears from flowing in the first place.

#8 Think about the positives of the situation. Some situations are terrible and if you cry about it, you’re really only dwelling on all the negatives. Try thinking about the positives that come from the situation.

No matter how little they are, the good things have a way of breaking through the tears and halting them. So force yourself to think about the positive in any bad situation, and then you’ll know how to stop crying.

#9 Make a list of things to do. I know this can seem like it’s unrelated to finding happiness and stopping the tears from overflowing, but it will work! Get out a piece of paper and write down a list of things you have to do.

They can be anything from cleaning, to a shopping list, and even a list of small goals you want to accomplish. This will force your mind away from the sadness and re-direct it to all of the things you want to accomplish. [Read: How to get a life and actually start living the life you want]

#10 Talk to someone you trust. Sometimes the only thing you can do is vent to someone. Go call up someone you trust and just talk to them about everything you’re feeling and let the tears fall.

You’ll quickly find that they can be comforting, supportive, and can even help you see that there is no need for tears in your situation. They’ll help teach you how to stop crying and then you will find your happiness again.

[Read: Don’t shed a tear! 14 ways to stop yourself from crying immediately]

Crying is a natural human reaction to a tough time, but that doesn’t mean we want to cry! If you really want to know how to stop crying and be happy again, these tips will help get you there.

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