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How to Fall in Love Again after a Break Up

You don’t have to fall in love immediately after a break up, but you need to accept the end. Read how to fall in love again after a break up to get back on your feet in no time and have a happier life.

fall in love again

Click here to read the first few steps on how to love again after being hurt.

Not all break ups hurt, but the ones that hurt can hurt bad.

If you’re suffering from a painful heartbreak, take solace in the fact that you at least had a chance to experience love at its purest best, even if it didn’t last as long as you wanted it to.

Knowing how to fall in love again doesn’t ever mean you should just jump from one relationship to another.

But by preparing yourself for love, it shows that you haven’t given up on finding it again.

A relationship can end when you least expect it, but that’s no reason to hate love or believe it doesn’t exist.

Don’t convince yourself never to fall in love again.

By doing that, you’re not hardening yourself up.

You’re only clinging on to a memory of love that you once experienced. And the worst part here, it didn’t end well for you. So give love another chance to reveal itself when the time comes.

And when love does come knocking on your door, open it wide and fall in love all over again.

How to fall in love again after a break up

Learning to fall in love again is all about understanding the steps involved so you can heal yourself and feel better. You’ve read the first three baby steps you need to take. Here are the next few steps for you.

#4 Get back on your feet

Don’t feel guilty about dusting yourself off and getting back on your feet as soon as you can. Flirting with friends may have been the third step, but it would help you understand that the world can still be a happy place, even if you’re heartbroken.

Go on out and meet old friends and make new friends. The best way to get over a break up and prepare yourself to fall in love again is by learning to bring the excitement back into your life. Once you see all the nice, attractive people who are eager to be with you, you’d have a lot of happy thoughts replacing the sad thoughts in no time.

#5 Fall in love with yourself

Break ups can be ego shattering especially if you’ve been dumped rather unceremoniously. [Read: A break up on facebook can end a life]

But learn to move on. You can’t please everyone in the world. And you can’t make every single person fall madly in love with you. But there’s one person who can love you no matter what, and that’s you! [Read: How to love yourself]

Grow your confidence and become a better person. You’ll attract much more dating potentials, and big chances are, they’re going to be a lot better than that loser of an ex you had. You may not think your ex is bad now, but you’ll see the flaws when you get over you ex.

#6 Get back into the dating game

Everyone likes a bit of attention from the opposite sex. You may not be looking for love immediately after a break up, but you would definitely want to fall in love again sometime, wouldn’t you?

When you were in a relationship, you couldn’t really flirt with anyone without thinking twice. But hey, now you can. You don’t need to look desperately for “the one” right from the start. Have fun dating new people and getting touchy feely with a few others. That special one will walk right into your life when you’re having the best time of your life, and make it a lot better.

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#7 Your old relationship was an experience

Now, if you want to know how to fall in love again, you can’t shut out the memories of your old relationship. Instead, learn from it and use it as an experience to make yourself a better chooser of partners.

Always understand that you may have experienced a bad relationship and everyone around you may have terrible relationship stories too, but that doesn’t mean love is a bad thing. Perhaps, you’re surrounded by an unlucky few who aren’t looking in the right places. [Read: How to meet the one]

#8 Put yourself out in the playing friend

If you aren’t ready for love, you don’t need to fall in love again so soon. But put yourself out there and meet what the world has to offer to you. Jump into a rebound relationship with someone new (let them know it’s a rebound and not something serious), date a few people, flirt with new friends, and just have a ball!

Don’t go looking around desperately for love, instead just meet new people and see if you like spending time with them. Love has a way of surfacing when you least expect it, so look for a good time instead. Love will come along before you know it, just as long as you’re ready for it.

#9 It’s alright to remember your ex

When you’re walking out of a bad breakup and trying to fall in love again, it’s obvious that you’d be bothered by the memories of your past. At times, you may also be specifically looking for someone who reminds you of your ex, just so you can feel complete again.

Don’t remember your ex for all the wrong reasons. Remember your ex for the fact that they caused you more pain than you could bear, and you’re still trying to erase that memory and trying to replace it with new and happier memories. As long as you stay firm on your decision to never get back into that painful relationship, you will have the strength to avoid any let’s-get-back-together requests from your old flame.

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#10 Take that leap of faith

While you’re out there, ready to fall in love and having a great time meeting new people, you may just come across someone who sweeps you off your feet or makes time stand still. It may be a chance meeting or a fixed date, but when you do meet that person who makes you feel special and cared for all over again, make an effort to test the waters, now that you know how to fall in love again after a break up.

It may take a while or it may happen sooner than you think, but as long as you’re having a great life anyways, who’s complaining?

Take a leap of faith and take that chance on true love when you feel like you’ve met the one you’ve been looking for. After all, isn’t that what love is all about, taking chances?!

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Understanding how to fall in love again after a break up may seem unthinkable, but it’s far easier than what people give it credit for. Prepare yourself for a happy life, and love will find its own way into your life.

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