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Breaking Up and People’s Opinions

Many of us are more concerned about what other people would think about us, before deciding on a break up. But no matter what people around you say or do, you have to understand that you’re making a decision to better your life.

signs that lead to a breakup

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If you’ve spent years together, and have so many good memories of the past, it is definitely going to be hard. If you have children, then nothing can be worse, even for the kids. But if you’ve been going through rough times, and even though you tell yourself that it’s just the low tides of the relationship, you would only make things worse for yourself.

You could give yourself time, and get the help of a few counselors, but even if perseverance and time doesn’t help, things may just not work out for both of you in the long run.

Tell your partner that it’s not working out, and get your partner’s opinion on the relationship. Put aside any differences and try working it out. But even after all this, if you are not happy and there’s no longer any happiness at home, you should walk out.

It’s much healthier for you to find a relationship that works for you and gives you what you need rather than cling on to something that causes you dissatisfaction and pain. Life is too short to be putting up with things that don’t provide each other happiness, and the both of you would just be miserable.

People’s Opinions

This is one of the biggest things that people in broken relationships worry about – What would people think of me if I walk out?

Walking out may be a painful phase, and a few people might talk about you. A few may think you’re selfish, and a few others may even badmouth your or call you names. But ask yourself these questions. Did any of these ‘people’ come to help you while your mate cheated on you, or while your mate never cared about you? Did they care about you while you tried to make the relationship work? Or were they around to hug you when you were broken hearted and crying?


So why do you think you should care about what they think now? You know what you went through and you know how hard it was. No one else does. So it’s okay to let them call you names or think you’re selfish. You’ll be happier when you’re in a better relationship. Bad mouthing will not affect you in any way, a bad relationship will.

Everyone knows that there are bad relationships all around us. Many of your friends are involved in unhealthy relationships. A relationship should enhance your journey of life, not hinder it. The problem is, many people give up their journeys to take on someone else’s. It’s better to decide where you’re going, find others who are on their own paths and then see where you might fit together. And the next time around, give more thought to what you’re looking for before creating your relationships. That way you’re more likely have healthy relationships and end unhealthy ones quickly.

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