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5 Signs that Lead to a Break Up

When you’re in love or in a difficult relationship, it’s easy to overlook the glaring signs of a bad relationship. You may want to try and make it work, but is the damage done already?

signs that lead to a breakup

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‘Are you going to break up?’ is a brutal question to ask someone, especially if you don’t want to accept that you’ve failed in a bond called marriage, or that you couldn’t sort the differences in a relationship. People would come to you and tell you that your relationship is taking you nowhere, and they would pester you to walk away, but you may only end up hating those well wishers.

They may be right, however hard it is for you to accept it. Here are a few signs you should consider and see if you’re stuck in a relationship that’s beyond repair. If you feel you are enveloped in situations that are similar to these, it may be time for you to pack up and leave.

Lack of Happiness

When you’re happy, it shows. Likewise, when you’re sad, that shows too. You need to face the issues and make up your mind. Let’s face it, if you’re not happy in the relationship, big chances are, your partner too isn’t happy.

Lack of Communication

Everyone has different communication styles, and you may just not be able to help each other communicate better. If the both of you don’t feel happy talking about your own problems with each other, but prefer talking it out with someone else, nothing can help you.

Lack of Together Time

You may still have a sizzling time in bed, but you don’t talk to your partner. You prefer to spend time with other people to avoid being alone together.

Lack of Perfection

When you’re in love, you’re partner pretty much is the finest person there is on the planet. People who are in love overlook minor annoyances and see the bigger picture, but if you’re not able to that, there is obviously something wrong.

Lack of the Feel Good Relationship

Think about how it felt when you first fell in love with your partner. If this feeling is lacking, you may want to take a deeper look at your relationship.

It’s never easy to leave someone who meant so much to you, nor is it appropriate to leave a relationship. But if you’ve tried everything you possibly could and yet, you suffer and find the relationship draining you, then there is no doubt that you should walk out as fast as you can. And the break up will hurt. It will hurt a lot, but that is just something you can’t skip from.

But rest assured, the bittersweet pain will feel a lot better than the misery you have to put up with in a broken relationship.

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